How to restore the level of insulin

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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To restore the level of insulin, little use of drugs. It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. Without this, the best drugs can not help you to the fullest. So, our steps to restore the insulin balance.

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How to eat right?

To the hormonal balance was at the level, you need to establish a diet. Food should be taken in small portions, rather than huge. These techniques should be distributed throughout the day - the total will be 5-6 times a day.

If you do not overload the body with fatty heavy food, distributing its volume throughout the day, insulin levels go down without any medications. At the same time, you will be able to cope with such a serious enemy as insulin resistance, that is, non-perception of it by the body.

Physical exercise

If a person does at least a minimum of sport (devotes walking to half an hour a day, does elementary exercise), the level of insulin decreases. Then fresh air and exercise allow glucose to accumulate in the muscles and give energy. When you sit or lie, glucose does not accumulate in the muscles, but in the blood, and instead of rising energy you have drowsiness, lethargy.

If you move and work at the computer to rest at least every hour, and the elevator is replaced by steps, you will do a good service to your body. Increased glucose level will cause the movement from the pancreas of insulin, and this will gradually reduce the body's resistance to insulin.

Where to start the load?

Doctors especially recommend people who have increased resistance to insulin, walking at a fast pace of at least 30 minutes. You can start small - with a 10-minute slow walk in the morning and before going to bed. So the body will gradually adjust to liberalism for glucose and cease to reject insulin. From this your vital energy will increase significantly.

How to adjust the work of the ovaries with the help of insulin

If you visited an endocrinologist, conducted tests and found that your body has an elevated level of insulin, you need to take immediate action. It is important to lower the level of insulin, so that the immunity of the body to glucose does not develop, which significantly worsens the human condition.

Forms of struggle with insulin immunity

Estradiol in the form of drugs in the plates - it is important to take in reasonable doses Progesterone (taken, only in the form of non-oral medications - they strongly affect the fluctuations in the level of sugars in the blood)

Do not take drugs that can increase the body's resistance to insulin - for example, mixed-type estrogens, progestins in synthetic form, combined progestins.

Do not use creams or tablets for contraception with a high content of progesterone, because it provokes fat accumulation, provokes the development of diabetes and increases the body's resistance to insulin.

Take medicines on the doctor's recommendation, which can increase the susceptibility of the body to insulin. This significantly reduces the risk of obesity.

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