How do hormones affect our weight?

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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In our body there are special substances - hormones that play a significant role in how quickly we lose weight or recover. In other words, they affect weight. What are these hormones?

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Estrogen - its three kinds

Estrogen is called the most female hormone. In fact, this is not one hormone, but three, which belong to the group of basic estrogens: estrone, estradiol and estriol. Doctors write that all these three hormones are equally necessary for our body. Especially in the age of 30 to 40 years.

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What is 17-beta-estradiol, or E2?

This is also a hormone from the estrogen group. It is produced by the ovaries. Women suffer from its lack especially during the menopause, when the production of beta-estradiol ceases almost completely. What role does estradiol play in the body?

Thanks to him, we are in a better mood, cheerfulness, vitality, our memory serves us right, and our thoughts run freely. We think logically, we work a lot, we concentrate instantly. Due to the normal level of estradiol, our pressure does not frighten others with unexpected jumps, bone tissue is dense, and the metabolic processes in the body are better not come up.

Thanks to a sufficient amount of estradiol, our sleep is calm, we do not suffer from insomnia, and sexual attraction also does not fail.

Lack of estradiol. Effects

If estradiol in the body is not enough, this leads to a decrease in the level of serotonin, which is rightly called the hormone of happiness. And here are the consequences: depression, anger at all and all, irritability for any reason, and even physically we feel not so hot. Any touch, wound or blow can be very painful.

Jokes aside: the lack of awareness in the body of estradiol and as a consequence - serotonin leads to a disruption of the entire gastrointestinal tract. Another symptom of estradiol deficiency may be insomnia and persistent obsessions about something that we could not even think of in a healthy mindset.

As a result: we start to improve rapidly, because the metabolism slows down. Normally it will be possible to come only if we take a deliberate decision to see a doctor and examine our hormonal background. Hormonal therapy will help raise the level of estradiol, and life will again play bright colors.

The word about estrone

Estrone is also called the hormone E1. It is produced by the ovaries and fatty tissues. This occurs before and after menopause. It should be taken into consideration that during menopause the amount of estradiol hormone in the body can become record low.

It can also occur if a woman is removed from the uterus or the uterine tubes are bandaged. To compensate for the level of estrogens, the body begins to produce another estrogen, or E1, instead of estradiol.

This means that you can significantly slow down the metabolism and as a result - you start to recover rapidly. If the level of estrone in your body is high, it can also be accompanied by the fragility of the hair nails, their loss, a small density of bone tissue, you quickly break down the limbs.

If the level of estroles in the body is not lowered to the norm, a person is more at risk of disabilities in the brain, women are at increased risk of cancer. In particular, the endometrium of the uterus and breast cancer.

Hormone estriol, or E3

This hormone is produced only in the body of pregnant women. So, if the hormonal test showed that you have estriol in your body, we congratulate you on the future replenishment in the family. Estriol produces the placenta.

According to its effects on the body, this hormone is considered one of the weakest. And yet, if the doctor appoints a woman during menopause the reception of estriol, he will help to work more actively the uterus and the mammary glands.

True, estriol is not so powerful as to replace the deficiency of estradiol in menopause. So, it will not affect the acceleration of metabolism and, as a consequence, the normalization of weight. That is why it is called a safe hormone, that is, whose influence on weight and well-being is rather weak.

Examine your hormonal background on time and stay healthy. More about hormones and their effect on weight, we'll talk about in our next article.

It is important to know!

If the body lacks any hormones or, conversely, too many, it can suffer from excess weight. More - about such important hormones as testosterone, FSH and thyroid hormones, on which the optimal weight and well-being of a woman depends. Read more..

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