Harm to ginger for the body

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Almost all products can cause harm to health, especially with the presence of chronic diseases, disruption of some organs, a tendency to allergies.

Not an exception is the ginger root. This root has recently been used in our country for the treatment and prevention of diseases, it used to be used mainly as a seasoning for dishes.

Ginger has many useful properties, however, despite the many positive reviews, do not forget about contraindications.

Ginger can not be consumed by people with diseases of the intestines and stomach, liver (in acute or chronic stage), with cholelithiasis, various bleeding.

Separately it is necessary to say about the use of ginger pregnant, because for them it can be both useful and harmful. In the first three months of the "interesting situation", the use of ginger benefits the woman, as it helps to reduce the symptoms of toxicosis and has a favorable effect on overall health.

At later times, the ginger root may cause pressure surges, which is extremely dangerous during pregnancy.

Lactating women also should be cautious about the root, its use causes anxiety in the baby, problems with the tummy.

Tea from the ginger root is often recommended to drink with a cold, but you need to remember that at a high temperature, this drink is extremely dangerous, since ginger can provoke a higher temperature rise.

It is worth noting that the harm of ginger can be and in the absence of contraindications, for example, when you abuse such a drink. In high doses, it causes dry skin, rashes, itching.

Harm to ginger for the body

Ginger has a strong effect on the internal organs, especially on mucous membranes, which makes this root dangerous for ulcers, gastritis.

In addition, substances in the root deteriorate the liver (especially with hepatitis, cirrhosis), can trigger movement of stones in the gallbladder, increase body temperature.

Damage to ginger for the body is observed in combination with certain medicines.

The ginger root does not influence the action of most drugs, but it is contraindicated to take the means for reducing blood pressure, stimulating the heart muscle, and normalizing the heart rhythm at the same time as ginger, as it significantly enhances their effect.

Also, ginger with caution should be used in patients with diabetes who take sugar reducing drugs.

Ginger root slows blood clotting, so it can not be drunk simultaneously with drugs that have the same effect and bleeding.

The damage of green coffee with ginger

Everyone is aware of the great benefits of green coffee and ginger, however, this drink can be harmful and cause various disorders.

With diseases of the heart and blood vessels, digestive organs, kidneys, you should not abuse coffee, and even more so with ginger.

The damage of ginger with green coffee is also observed in any chronic diseases, pregnancy or feeding, epilepsy, glaucoma, as well as with individual intolerance or a tendency to allergic reactions.

Harm to the root of ginger

In the ginger root there are essential oils and bitterness, which can adversely affect the body with certain diseases of the digestive system (nonspecific colitis, ulcer, gastritis, heartburn, diverticula).

With regular use of the drink with the root of ginger, the risk of hypokalemia (decrease in the level of potassium in the blood) increases.

Harm of pickled ginger

Marinated root of ginger has a specific, only its inherent taste. This seasoning is served to sushi - a traditional Japanese dish of raw fish - its main goal is to clean the mouth and prepare receptors for a new taste, but they should not be abused, like any other seasoning. If you eat too much of this burning dish, then there may be a digestive disorder, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea.

Damage to ginger is especially evident in chronic diseases - it can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

The harm of ginger for weight loss

Ginger is recommended to use during weight loss in various forms (with tea, infusions, fresh root). Nutritionists recommend to include it in the diet, first of all, because it contributes to the removal of excess fluid, improves metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole, but in addition to benefits, ginger harm may also appear, especially with certain diseases or taking medications.

Consultation of a doctor about the possible use of ginger root during a diet is necessary for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, digestive organs, cholelithiasis, high blood pressure, and also for any chronic processes.

Damaged ginger candied fruit

The damage to ginger is observed not only when it is used fresh or pickled. Since it has a rich composition, negative health effects can be observed even after such a delicacy, as ginger candied fruits (root, cooked in sugar syrup).

First of all, candied fruits are not possible for diabetes, kidney disease, liver, gallstones, ulcerative lesions of the stomach or duodenal ulcer. Despite the fact that the heat-treated root has less effect on the body, the consequences can be quite severe.

Just like in the case of fresh and pickled ginger, candied fruits can not be eaten at high temperature, during weight loss (as they are very high in calories), with hypertension, heart rhythm disturbances, and with arrhythmia drugs, to reduce blood pressure or sugar blood.

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Harm to canned ginger

Canned ginger, along with the benefits can be harmful. First of all, they can not be abused, as poisoning, digestion disorders, upset of the chair, etc. Are possible.

The ability of the constituent substances to raise body temperature, reduce blood clotting, provoke sharp jumps in blood pressure, strongly affect the mucous membrane of the digestive tract can cause bad consequences for human health.

The damage of ginger is manifested in the intensification of the effect of certain drugs (for reducing sugar, antiarrhythmic, lowering blood pressure, for stimulating the work of the heart muscle, reducing blood clotting), it can also provoke movement of gallstones, which is dangerous for jamming the latter in the bile ducts and the need for urgent operative interference.

Damage to ginger for children

For children under 2 years of age, ginger is contraindicated in any form, an older child can be given ginger tea with honey and lemon, which will supplement the body with vitamins and trace elements, help strengthen the immune forces, cope with colds, but it is important not to abuse this remedy.

The child's organism is only forming and the work of some organs and systems is imperfect, and the saturated composition of ginger can cause more severe consequences than in the adult. Children are especially susceptible to allergic reactions.


Damage to ginger for women

Ginger root is used not only to promote health, but also for youth and beauty of the skin, hair. Ginger root in a dry or fresh form is used to make masks (for the face, hair, body) and with individual intolerance or allergic reaction, severe consequences are possible - redness, skin rash, itching, ulceration, so be careful with this exotic spice.

Also, the harm of ginger is manifested in hypertension, ulcerous diseases, various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, stones in the gallbladder.

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Damage to ginger during pregnancy

Specialists in the research process have demonstrated the obvious harm of ginger, from the second trimester of pregnancy and ending with the period of feeding. With increased tone of the uterus, the use of the root increases the risk of spontaneous abortion.

Benefits and harms of ginger depend mainly on the condition of the body, with the above diseases it is better not to risk and refuse to use this spice or consult a doctor.


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