Greens for pancreatitis: what can and cannot be?

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Inflammation of the pancreas - Pancreatitis requires a careful approach to nutrition. Many products are capable of harm, aggravation. Not all recipes and cooking methods are suitable. To diversify their diet and give a taste to dietary meals, housewives use various herbs, but is all of them suitable for such a diagnosis?

What types of greenery can and cannot be?

You should immediately make a reservation that during the period of exacerbation, any types of herbs are prohibited, because they stimulate the synthesis of gastric, pancreatic juice, bile, which is extremely dangerous in case of organ pathology. This is due to the content of oxalic, ascorbic and other organic acids in them, which are a strong irritant to the mucous membrane.

Another negative factor lies in the presence of coarse plant fiber in it, which enhances intestinal motility, which also leads to such undesirable symptoms as diarrhea, bloating, and flatulence.

Greens are introduced into the diet only during remission, and even then not all. Rough stems are unacceptable at any stage of the disease. You only need to use tender young shoots and leaves. At first, it is worth using quite a bit of thermally processed herb, then, with a stable remission, gradually inject fresh crushed in small portions, so vitamins and minerals useful for the body are preserved in it.

Can parsley be used for pancreatitis?

Parsley is one of the safest herbs for pancreatitis. In case of subsiding inflammation, it is allowed from 20 g to 60 g per day of cooked in dishes or fresh herbs.

Its benefits lie in the high content of carotene, which provides its antioxidant activity, chlorophyll normalizes the function of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, inulin improves glucose metabolism, parsley oil regulates the menstrual cycle. [1]

Parsley can be added to soups, main courses, sauces, fresh vegetable salads.

Lettuce for pancreatitis

In the world there are about 1 thousand types of lettuce of various shapes, colors, flavors. They are popular on all continents, without them it is difficult to imagine the cuisine of many countries. Rarely a restaurant salad is complete without this green, because it goes well with various other products: cheeses, meat, fish and seafood, eggs, vegetables. [2]

In addition to subtle and original food notes, lettuce leaves contain many nutrients. However, they also have enough acids, which makes them an undesirable ingredient on the table of a patient with pancreatitis. Only a long absence of exacerbations allows you to eat a bunch of some safer types of salad for the pancreas, for example, lettuce with its delicate leaves, no more than twice a week.

Dill for pancreatitis

Although this green is not very recognized in the world cuisine, we simply cannot do without it. Preservation of vegetables, their salting, first courses, salads is unthinkable without dill. It improves the intestinal microflora, helps to cough up inflammation of the respiratory tract, contains antioxidants and flavonoids, and its oils fight neuroses and stress. [3]

In the phase of stable remission in the absence of a negative reaction of the pancreas, moderate consumption of dill, both fresh and heat-treated, is allowed.

Green onions for pancreatitis

Even in the recent past, when all possible fresh vegetables and salads were not on the shelves all year round, green onions were a harbinger of spring. The organism, starving without vitamins, longed for their replenishment and absorbed, despite the bitterness and pungency, chopped onion and boiled egg filled with sour cream.

He is really able to saturate healthy people with vitamins A, C, PP, group B, have an antiseptic effect due to phytoncides, increase hemoglobin due to the high iron content, strengthen the cardiovascular system (potassium, calcium), with the help of the antioxidant quercetin play a positive role in prevention of tumor development. [4]

Despite all this, with pancreatitis, its aggressive essential oils and coarse fiber can play a cruel joke and lead to serious exacerbation. Only long-term good health allows you to use a pinch of chopped green onions when cooking, stewing.

Spinach for pancreatitis

Spinach is a type of leafy vegetable that is very popular in European cuisine due to its neutral taste and numerous health benefits. It is readily included in the menu by nutritionists and supporters of a healthy diet, because it helps to overcome anemia, improves vision, skin, hair, nails, increases immunity, activity and performance,

But the high content of oxalic acid makes it dangerous for the pancreas, since it stimulates the synthesis of its enzymes and hydrochloric acid by the stomach. It is best to find similar beneficial elements in other safe products, especially since there is a huge amount of them in nature. [5]

Sorrel with pancreatitis

Sorrel even tastes sour, which gives it an excess of organic acids that increase the acidity of the stomach, stimulate pancreatic secretion, bile secretion. All this is unacceptable in case of organ inflammation, which can lead to dangerous consequences. [6]

Despite the numerous vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron in the sorrel, you should completely abandon it at any stage of the disease.

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