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The root of ginger on the shelves of our supermarkets appeared not so long ago, but this unique overseas product has already firmly won the consumer's confidence. About garlic, we, it would seem, know everything, but learning more - do not cease to be surprised. So what are the properties of the dishes, which includes these two unique gifts of nature - ginger with garlic - the entire pharmacy on your table.


Useful properties of ginger and garlic

Before proceeding to the recipe and recommendations for the reception of these products, it is first necessary to find out the useful properties of ginger and garlic that bring, not only a few minutes of "culinary paradise", but effectively treat and protect the human body from a variety of different diseases.

The root of ginger contains:

  • A lot of amino acids.
  • Starch and lipids.
  • Felandrin, gingerol, phenylalanine, camphine, methionine, cineole, citral, lysine, borneol.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Vitamins C, D, B1, B2, A.
  • Caprylic, oleic, nicotinic, linoleic and aspartic acids.
  • Such chemical elements as: calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, silicon, choline, iron, vitamin C, germanium, chromium, sodium, magnesium.

The use of this exotic product allows:

  • Normalize the digestion process.
  • Dispose of excess cholesterol.
  • Improve the color and quality of the skin.
  • Maintain a balance of bioflora in the digestive system.
  • It activates the metabolic processes.
  • Increases immunity.
  • Has a diaphoretic and expectorant property.
  • Accelerates the procedure for splitting fats, burning calories. After all, it is known that our body is stocky. And if he gets more power than he needs for normal functioning, the excess goes to the storage, that is, it is put off by fat. Fat cells perfectly absorb nutrients, thereby increasing in size, while simultaneously increasing our volumetric parameters. But they give up their supply they are weak. It is these conglomerates that burn the ginger root.
  • Has analgesic characteristics.

About garlic, many know that he:

  • Protects against colds, actively fighting against staphylococci, causative agents of dysentery and typhus, countless pathogenic fungi and yeast.
  • Clears the body.
  • Favorably affects the processes occurring in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • It normalizes the pressure.
  • Prevents blood clotting and blood clots.
  • Allicin, present in it, activates the splitting of fats.
  • Normalizes metabolic processes, which helps to get rid of excess kilograms.
  • Sulfides of garlic work an excellent antidote in many cases of poisoning.
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Has a positive effect on blood vessels, reduces their internal tension, and favorably affects blood flow.
  • Prevention of vascular diseases.

Modern culinary and dietary studies offer a variety of all sorts of food, offering dishes that include various combinations of them. But apart from all there are dishes, the basic combination of which is ginger with garlic.

Ginger with garlic for weight loss

Ginger root in his homeland has long been used in the formulation of alternative medicine. It is indispensable in the treatment of colds and their prevention. This exotic root perfectly improves the defenses of the body, supports the active work of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the aging of cells, making the skin more taut and less flabby and much more.

Ginger is not only a useful and delicious root, which cookers and confectioners gladly add to their dishes, and dieticians also like it. On its basis, many nutrition complexes have been developed for those people who want to stay healthy while getting rid of extra pounds. Especially high efficiency, if you want to lose weight, showed a combination of ginger with garlic.

If a person wants to quickly lose a few extra pounds, then the ginger diet is not for him. True, it should be noted that a sharp weight loss does not go unnoticed for the whole body losing weight. For the body - this is a serious stress and a signal for an even more intense accumulation of excess calories, and the skin condition worsens: it flabbles and saggers. Ginger with garlic for weight loss behaves differently. Diet based on them - this is a fairly long process, but the person who adheres to it, gets rid of not only from extra pounds, but thanks to a measured process of weight loss, the skin has time to regenerate. Plus such a diet and the fact that there are no special difficulties with food, a person does not have to starve. The food is high-grade, the dishes are delicious, and the kilograms are gradually leaving.

In this case, it is worth remembering that with the kilograms, the health problems of some organs also partially disappear. These are such as the thyroid gland, stomach, liver and others. When consuming ginger root, the appetite decreases, you want to eat less, the volume of the stomach decreases accordingly, so even after the end of the diet, there will not be a need to overeat.

The duration of the diet of ginger with garlic for weight loss is approximately one to two months, during the week is lost to a couple of kilograms. Such a measured drop will allow more easily to retain the newly received body weight.

The usual diet is almost unchanged, you just need to reduce the amount of consumed carbohydrates and fats, review your attitude to food (do not overeat) and drink tea from ginger with garlic. It is this combination, as the monitoring results show, that show greater effectiveness than their consumption separately.

Both of these products show high permeability. When they work together, this indicator increases, and the cell easily passes the ions of the chemical elements necessary for the normal functioning of the organism: sulfur, sodium, iodine, silicon, calcium, potassium and others.

Ginger with garlic sparingly work on the removal of fat from the cells. This mechanism is similar to pharmacological drugs designed for weight loss. But the medications work very quickly, but tough.

When fat cells leave their cells, they are quickly absorbed by the blood and not disposed of, but transformed into toxins that begin to poison the body, affecting the kidneys and liver.

In the first time, the intake of ginger with garlic, with the release of energy, losing weight begins to feel the recovery, but over time the body begins to get used to the new diet. When using ginger with garlic for weight loss, the amount of extracted and consumable fat will be the same as its amount can be effectively processed by the body.

The desired result of such a diet can not be achieved immediately, but this approach will protect the kidneys and liver from heavy loads and poisoning with toxins.

For a diet, enough to drink properly brewed ginger tea with garlic!

It is worth noting that to increase the effectiveness of this diet will help parallel connection of the protein diet. Activation of physical activity will not be superfluous. Walking, easy jogging will only add health and stabilize weight.

Ginger, lemon and garlic for weight loss

The combination of ginger, lemon and garlic for weight loss is also very popular with those who want to get rid of extra pounds. Drinks prepared with the use of these products, perfectly burn fat cells, activate metabolic processes in the human body, stimulate immune defense, work perfectly to restore a healthy complexion and the quality of the skin.

Prepare a drink is not difficult. Just, according to the above recipe, make tea with garlic and ginger root. Insist, and before use, introduce a few slices of lemon. You can also use juice, but with the introduction of pieces, the peel is also enriched with aromatic oils and nutrients.

To get the most expected result, you need to follow the tips that recommend drinking half the cup of the drink half an hour before the intended meal. This approach will not only actively burn calories, but also get a supply of cheerfulness and a surge of energy.

It is worthwhile to warn that initially one should not get involved with such a drink, one cup per day will suffice. This restriction is introduced due to the fact that ginger is a strong energy and its effect on the body is very noticeable. Overdosing can cost a person a bad condition: pain symptoms in the head, nausea, dizziness.

The combination of ginger, lemon and garlic for weight loss has excellent medicinal and dietary characteristics. To the above-mentioned properties of ginger with garlic, lemon is added. His properties have long been well known both in the role of food products, and in the role of "medicine". This fruit activates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, cleanses the liver, boosts the human immune system, and in the addition of ginger with garlic, the lemon perfectly fights with fat cells, causing them to get rid of stocks.

If desired, you can add a little honey. One has only to remember that its additive slows down the process of losing weight, but the drink turns out not only useful, but also delicious.

Such a drink can be used both as a means for weight loss and as a prophylaxis or therapy for a cold disease. The effectiveness of weight loss will be even more dramatic, if in parallel with the intake of healing tea to connect moderate physical activity.

It is only necessary to warn that when going to use this method of dumping excess kilograms, it is worth consulting with your district doctor and undergo a checkup to be sure that there are no contraindications to taking these products.

Contraindications to the use of ginger with garlic

But any "medicine" has its limitations, there are also contraindications to the use of ginger with garlic. To such it is possible to carry:

  • Individual intolerance of these products by the human body.
  • High body temperature, which occurs in many diseases.
  • Pathology of the skin of various genesis.
  • Crohn's disease.
  • Ulcerous lesions of the walls of the digestive tract.
  • Diseases of the bile duct and liver.
  • Diverticulitis - inflammation of the intestine.
  • Diverticulosis is a pathology in which small, up to 1 - 2 cm sack-like protrusions (diverticula) form in the intestinal wall.
  • Reduction in the coagulability of blood.
  • The presence of internal bleeding and a predisposition to them.
  • Pregnancy and feeding the baby with breast milk, but there are no strict contraindications.
  • Severe form of diabetes mellitus.
  • You should not practice a diet of ginger with garlic if therapy is provided with antihypertensive drugs, drugs that activate heart function and restore its rhythm. The root of ginger enhances the properties of such medicines. This factor is capable of provoking an overdose of drugs, with consequent negative consequences. \

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The recipe for cooking ginger with garlic

Not only properties, but also taste characteristics, the root of ginger is perfectly combined with garlic. Having once tried the recipe for cooking ginger with garlic, many consumers can not already abandon such a combination, mastering all new dishes, the main ingredient of which is ginger with garlic.

  • Garlic-ginger seasoning. Preliminarily dry the cloves of garlic and root. Rinse them into powder and mix in equal proportions. Ready seasoning to store in a container of glass. Use to prepare various dishes, including dietary (you can even use salt instead).
  • Tincture based on these ingredients. Take half a kilogram of peeled garlic and ginger (250 g each). Freshly grind with the help of the necessary kitchen appliances. The resulting cake is put in a jar of glass and add half a liter of vodka and juice obtained from a kilogram of lemons. Capacitate well and put in a cool place. Use twenty minutes before meals on a tablespoon three times a day. This composition reduces the cravings to eat and activates the metabolism.
  • Ginger-and-ginger beverage. Root the finely chop, chop the garlic in the garlic. Both ingredients combine with boiling water in a ratio of one serving of food and 20 portions of water, put in a thermos bottle. Leave for 12 hours. The resulting product is consumed in 100 ml 30 minutes before the main meal.

Tea with ginger and garlic

Everyone knows how much time and effort it takes to remove excess stocks on the body. And there are really not so many techniques combining not only really effective but also useful tools that cause the body to get rid of fat without doing much harm to the body (with the exception of the contraindications stipulated above), as many drugs offered by modern dealers do.

One of such few means you can call tea with ginger and garlic - an effective tool to combat obesity, which is an excellent prevention of many diseases. To get a similar result when taking pharmacological preparations of a similar action, you will need tangible dosages that simply etch the human body.

Tea with ginger and garlic is an ordinary hot ginger drink, in which garlic is introduced. It is enough to drink 100 grams before eating to feel vigorous and energetic! At the same time, the taste of this drink is somewhat specific, but pleasant.

Here is one way to brew and dosage the necessary products. A piece of ginger root about 4 cm long should be cleaned and divided into thin lobules using a sharp knife or vegetable cutter. Three - four cloves of garlic finely chopped (you can use garlic knitting). For this amount of ingredients take about two liters of boiling water and pour the crushed products. Capacity with infusion properly wrap and put on for a couple of hours away from drafts (it is better for such a procedure is suitable thermos). After this time, the composition must be filtered. The drink is ready for use. Take it preferably half the glass before each main meal.

How to brew ginger with garlic?

Special difficulties in obtaining this useful drink does not arise, but in order to get the maximum benefit from the products, you should know how to brew ginger with garlic correctly.

Let us cite the classical methodology of this process:

  • It is necessary to cut a small part of the root of ginger, get rid of the peel, then rinse well.
  • Using a grater or a blender, grind this ingredient finely. The result of work should be two tablespoons of the crushed product.
  • Do the same with garlic cloves. The volume should be similar.
  • All the ingredients put in a container and add a liter of freshly boiled water.
  • A greater effect can be achieved by using a thermos bottle, but a bank, which should be properly wrapped up, is also suitable.
  • In this state, leave to infuse for at least three to four hours. It is better if the compound is infused overnight.
  • At will in such tea it is possible to enter a slice of a lemon and-or a little honey (if to drink unsweetly tea it is problematic).
  • Instead of honey and lemon, you can enter green tea. In this case, it is better to reduce the concentration of the drink.
  • The tea is ready for use.

If a person first encounters such a food product as ginger, then the use of garlic-ginger tea should begin with half a cup a day (100 ml), gradually increasing its daily amount. To get the effect of losing weight, you should bring the consumption of such tea to two liters per day.

This product is a strong power engineer. And if the body is not adapted to it, then a large number of it can provoke dizziness, nausea and pain in the head.

Chicken with ginger and garlic

Perfectly combines ginger with garlic and with many other food products. Modern culinary specialists, based on this combination, are ready to offer a fairly extensive list of diverse dishes. But in one of the first places to stand products based on chicken with ginger and garlic. This combination brings to the delight of many gourmets, while many of the dishes are economical and easy to prepare, so it is quite possible for even a very skilful hostess.

Such a hearty dish can replace everyday dinner, or it can become an ornament of a festive table, it is only necessary to connect imagination. This article offers only a few of the chicken recipes with ginger and garlic.

Recipe 1. A bird fried in garlic-ginger marinade


  • Two cloves of garlic cut into rounds.
  • Ginger peeled and cut into strips, getting two tablespoons.
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable and sesame oil.
  • Two chicken fillets.
  • A couple tablespoons of soy sauce.
  • The same amount of water.
  • Black pepper on the tip of the knife.

Sequence of preparation:

Cut the poultry fillets with small straws and lightly discourage. Sprinkle with sesame oil and leave a quarter of an hour to drink. At this time in a frying pan in vegetable oil fry garlic and root. Enter the fillets and pour together a couple of minutes. Then the rest of the ingredients are introduced. Stirring, stand for about a minute and add water. They're dying for another two minutes.

This dish fits perfectly with any garnish.

Recipe 2. Chicken baked in ginger-garlic sauce


  • Kilogram of chicken thighs (or other parts).
  • Kilogram of potatoes.
  • A pair of onion heads (optional).
  • Two or three cloves of garlic.
  • The root of ginger - a piece of 1,5 - 2 cm.
  • Sour cream (fat if desired) - glass.
  • Tomato paste - two tablespoons.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Ground black pepper - half a teaspoon.

Sequence of preparation:

Garlic cut into petals, root finely grate, introduce tomato paste, most of the sour cream, peeled and cut into strips onions (you can not live). All this season with pepper and salt and mix well. Bird washed and smeared with sauce and left to soak for half an hour. In this form, the chicken can also be used as a preparation for dinner: the buns should be enriched with marinade and placed in the refrigerator.

Before cooking in the oven, bring the temperature to 200o. In a baking dish with high sides, pour a half centimeter of water and lay out the peeled and coarsely chopped potatoes (one or two layers). On top, evenly lay the pickled meat (peeled up).

For 40 minutes, place the dishes in the oven. The container can be covered with foil (optional). At the end of this time, remove the baking tray and chicken the remaining sour cream. Put it back in the oven for 20 to 30 minutes.

Recipe 3. Chicken in batter


  • A pound of chicken fillet.
  • One egg.
  • Two tablespoons of flour.
  • Soy sauce - 100 g.
  • A little water for batter.
  • A couple tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Sequence of preparation:

Cook the chicken lightly with a wooden hammer, divide into portions and marinate in soy sauce for at least an hour. Chop the garlic and ginger into the fillet. Again to sustain an hour.

Cook their flour, eggs, oil and water. Piece of chicken dip in dough and in a skillet with melted butter bring from all sides until golden brown.

Rice with ginger and garlic

An excellent combination shows rice with ginger and garlic. There are a lot of recipes for dishes using this combination, but we will cite one of the simple, but quite tasty side dishes.

Rice fried with the addition of ginger with garlic. Ingredients:

  • A glass of steamed long rice.
  • Two or three cloves of garlic.
  • The root of ginger is 1.5 - 2 cm.
  • Two - three feathers of green onions.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Vegetable oil for frying.

Sequence of preparation:

Rice to cook until ready, lightly soaking. Frying pan with vegetable oil to heat and fry in it peeled garlic and ground ginger root. The products must float in oil. Fry for about a minute - two without leading to a golden hue. Introduce the rice and, stirring, stand two to three minutes. To bring salt to taste. Remove from heat and add chopped green onions.

Root of ginger with garlic

Ginger is a herbaceous, perennial plant growing in western India and Southeast Asia. Since ancient times, people who inhabit these areas, have recognized in its root excellent taste, and then healing properties. To date, this exotic product is used not only in cooking, in the preparation of confectionery products, but also in medicine, as well as in dietology and cosmetology.

You can match garlic. About its properties, taste and medicinal qualities, not one article has been written. But the combination of ginger root with garlic entered our life not so long ago, but it was already appreciated by both housewives and medical luminaries.

On the shelves of modern supermarkets, it is not a problem to find both products today, and physicians are increasingly using these gifts of nature in their daily assignments. In terms of their properties, the high quality of the root of ginger and garlic has long ago left far behind many different herbs that have been used, until recently, in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Today pharmacological, grocery and cosmetic wounds offer a great variety of products based on ginger with garlic. This and medications, and all kinds of creams and scrubs, find ginger can be in the form of spices and even in chocolate.

Ginger is even credited with effective use in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer. Unequivocally, this assertion will not take any doctor, but the fact that his reception brings tangible benefits to the body - this is not reality - it's reality.

The root of ginger with garlic can be recommended to the weaker sex during menstrual pains, drinks are used on their basis and with toxicosis of pregnancy. Not bad such a composition works with primary infertility, stopping inflammatory and adhesive processes. These products are also useful in the climacteric period, softening its manifestations.

Translated from the Chinese language, ginger - it's courageous. Ginger with garlic are considered male products. They activate blood circulation and energy metabolism, stimulate the potency and blood flow to intimate areas. If a representative of the stronger sex constantly introduces these products into her diet, the probability of lesion of the prostate gland is significantly reduced. These products normalize muscle tone and activate the work of brain cells, increase physical performance.

How to drink ginger with garlic?

If a person wants to get the most from the "medicine" that is being taken, you should know clearly how to drink ginger with garlic and follow all of these recommendations. Below are the main postulates of application of these products in the process of weight loss.

  • Drink tea based on ginger with garlic needs two to three times throughout the day.
  • You need to take 100 g for 20 - 30 minutes before the main meal.
  • After the end of the weight loss course, you need to periodically drink a drink from these foods to "shake the body" and reactivate it again.
  • In your diet you can enter a rule at least periodically in a regular (black or green) tea to add a small piece of root ginger and / or lemon.
  • Do not take this drink immediately before going to bed, ginger invigorates and after such tea it will be difficult to fall asleep.
  • Dosage of the drink is increased gradually, starting from 100 g and making up to two liters - this is the most effective daily volume.
  • The drink you take before eating will allow you to eat less food.

Tincture of ginger with garlic

This exotic root is especially popular in the east, in its homeland. This is where there is a large and again its application in various fields and quality. It is used for cooking various dishes and drinks. A special tincture of ginger with garlic is also being made, which is effectively used in the diet to lose excess kilograms.

The easiest method of obtaining tinctures is to insert pieces of garlic and root into the teapot, which already teaches black or green varieties. One adjustment: this tea should be infused for about 20 minutes. The intake of this tea is effective when using half a glass 20 minutes before meals. Tincture of ginger with garlic can become a full-fledged replacement for dinner and intermediate snacks.

To drink more energy, you can prepare it with such menthol: chop two - three cloves of garlic and a piece of root about 4 cm long. This slurry pour two liters of boiling water, a good wrap or use a thermos bottle and insist at least two to three hours. To strain and it is possible to accept. Drink better already known dosages. The duration of the therapeutic or prophylactic course is one month. During the year it is advisable to take two to three such courses.

Has found wide popularity and tincture of ginger with garlic on spirit. Such a drink retains its healing properties long enough. Alcohol, as it were, preserves. Alcohol drink can also be called an economy option. Prepare it can be quite simple: take 300 g of ingredients such as garlic and ginger root, peel and grind in any convenient way. Paste the cake in a dry container, preferably glass. Content fill with one liter of 40% alcohol or vodka. Vessel should be properly sealed and placed for a month (but not less than a couple of weeks) to insist in a darkened cool place. To tincture turned out, it should be shaken in a day. At the end of this time, the liquid must be drained. Alcoholic garlic-ginger tincture is ready for use.

Unique properties of tincture of ginger with garlic are confirmed by the presence in it of a huge complex, which includes vitamins and various amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Having such a composition, this product is an insane leader of prevention and therapeutic therapy used in the prevention and relief of many diseases: normalization of blood pressure, activation of the body's defenses, improvement of the digestive system and other organs, purification of blood vessels and lymph, many other pathologies.

Having antibacterial characteristics, these two plants perfectly cope with the inflammatory processes occurring in the human body. Some healers attribute this drink and the ability to cope with cancer cells, but there is currently no official confirmation of this hypothesis. Maybe just around the corner is the time when a cure for this terrible disease will be found. And how to know, perhaps, its basis and will be a combination of ginger with garlic.

It is worth and a little more detail on how to take the tincture, so that the greatest effect was obtained.

Tincture is an alcohol solution enriched with medicinal plants. In this case, it is garlic and ginger root. Good dissolving alcohol, it perfectly "absorbs" in itself the useful properties of these unique products. At the same time, thanks to preserving abilities, the effectiveness of such a "medicine" is not lost for an approximate year.

The way it is used is simple: you need to drink half a tablespoon half an hour before the main meal. The number of receptions during the day is two to three. Here you can see obvious savings: a teaspoon of alcoholic infusion against half a glass of garlic-ginger tea. Although in one and the other case, the effectiveness of the reception is equally high.

Sometimes it is somewhat difficult for patients to take this product because of the content of alcohol in the tincture. In this case, it can be diluted with a small amount of water at room temperature.

In a diluted state, this product is allowed to be used in the treatment and prevention activities for young children and women who are expecting a child. But in order not to harm your body, or your baby's body, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before entering the tincture of ginger with garlic. After all, this product - this is a powerful tool that has a tangible effect on the human body.

Having a complete clinical picture and anamnesis of the patient, the doctor can correct the dosage: reduce or increase it. Having consulted with a doctor, you can avoid a lot of unpleasant situations and complications that can harm the human body during self-medication.

Reviews of ginger with garlic

Any sane person, before embarking on this or that method of treatment, prevention or weight loss technique, will first consult with a specialist, and preferably not one. It is not superfluous in this situation and will read reviews about ginger with garlic people who have already tried this product on themselves, the benefit that such confessions in the vastness of the Internet are countless.

Almost all respondents are enthusiastic about the reception of this drink and the results that it brings. Some people are only slightly dissatisfied with its flavor and taste characteristics. Taste of garlic is not all like, and speaking of the ginger root, then its taste in some is a delight, while others are ready to tolerate it only because of the desired effect.

A person is lazy and impatient with nature and in some reviews one can find a mourning for a small amount of lost kilograms per week. But, perhaps, there is not a single person who does not appreciate this wonderful medicinal product. After all, how many colds, problems with digestion and metabolic processes were overcome thanks to infusions, broths and teas based on ginger with garlic. And what about the lost extra pounds and the acquired figure of your dreams? After all, it's worth it!

It should not be forgotten that the effectiveness of the result is significantly increased if you add an active lifestyle (morning jogs and / or walking, dancing or fitness - you can always find something to your liking), as well as a low-calorie diet. But this way to improve your health and improve your figure can only be used if a person has no contraindications. Otherwise, complications will only exacerbate the problem, and the patient will have to resort to medical therapy, but already to stop another disease.

At observance of dosages and other doctor 's recommendations, application of such structure will not cause any negative consequences in the work of such organs as liver and kidneys. They, being filters of the body, take on the first "blow" of the majority of pathological changes affecting a person.

The modern man is surrounded by many temptations, which, in many ways, are reflected in his health by boomerang: public transport or his own car and the person suffers from hypodynamia, "on the run" snack, fast food, high-calorie "tasty food", and a few extra kilograms are provided , and add here the stresses and the environment around us - it becomes a pity of itself. Hence there is a perfectly explicable desire to have a healthy body, a beautiful figure and a young skin. How strange it sounds, but to approach your ideal and realize your desire you can help a diet based on the reception of teas, broths and tinctures, which includes ginger with garlic. It is worthwhile once again to warn those who wish to immediately use these products with such unique characteristics. In order not to harm your body, do not neglect the advice of a qualified doctor, take a survey, and if the results of the studies did not show contraindications, then dare. And let your figure become perfect, the skin - young, and the body - healthy!

It is important to know!

Of particular importance is a similar "mineral-vitamin complex" in such an important period for every woman, as pregnancy and ginger tea helps to replenish the lack of important trace elements. Read more..

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