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Not everyone likes their own reflection in the mirror and the result seen on the scales. Always want to have a more pronounced waist, slender hips, and in general a figure from the cover. Especially this is a sore point for girls. And then there are questions: "Effective diet, what is it? And does it exist at all? ».

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Is an effective diet safe?

Internet, magazines offer a wide variety of recipes for weight loss, promising stunning results in a short time. But is such an effective diet safe for the body?

Of course, the strictest diet is the most effective in practice. Yes, kilograms go away quickly, but the damage to health is colossal:

1) Dizziness, loss of strength - faithful companions of women who believe that giving up food is the most effective diet. The organism asks for food, but it does not receive it, and begins to expend the reserves that it accumulated earlier. At the same time it is lost, almost per kilogram per day, but it is not necessary to take energy for normal life support from where, therefore a few days of such a diet and a hungry syncope you are provided.

2) Swaying skin. If the weight loss is too active, the regeneration process does not succeed in the skin cells, and where there was a fat layer earlier, a sagging appears. Physical exercises will not be able to quickly pull up the problem areas, and even play sports when the body is exhausted by hunger strikes, is unlikely to succeed.

3) Problems with the stomach, until the appearance of gastritis and ulcer development, often appear in the amateur who believe that an effective diet is the use of apple cider vinegar with water and honey. Everyone talks about its effectiveness, how wonderfully it helps to destroy excess centimeters, but the information that vinegar greatly increases the acidity of the stomach, is left out. For people who experience problems with the digestive system, such a diet is strictly prohibited. And for a healthy person, it is unlikely to pass without a trace.

Naturally, an effective diet will involve changing and reducing food intake, but that does not mean that you must refuse to eat at all or eat a day on crumbs. It is simply necessary to distribute calories in detail so that during the day not to remain hungry. Breakfast is more nutritious, and lunch is a little less caloric, dinner should be easy. Three hours before bedtime meals are not desirable (maximum apple or fat-free kefir).

An effective diet never implies a sudden cessation of food intake!

Those pounds that a person will lose when fasting, will return quickly, and even more doubly, because the organism, which has been subjected to a crisis with food, will begin to accumulate more fat in case it is decided to wash it again with hunger. It is better to switch to a less nutritious diet and cut daily the amount of food consumed. So the body will not be stressed and will learn to be saturated with less volume of food, and the kilograms will start to go away.

Effective diet necessarily includes daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Instead of juicy and fat pork, it is better to eat turkey, chicken breasts, rabbit. Of course, you will have to moderate your appetite for baking and chocolate. If you feel the need for sweet, you can eat dried apricots, not only is it useful, contains vitamins, so also contains fructose. So sweet tooth will appreciate this dried fruit, but it's also not worth getting involved.

Balancing your diet, in the very near future you can notice pleasant changes in the figure. An effective diet should not be a burden and deprive a person of vital energy, because the main goal is weight loss, which will not cause harm to health.

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