Diet №2: Essence and diet

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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A diet with a symbolic name diet number 2, and also called "table number 2", is perceived as one of the few 15 popular diets. This diet, especially for people who are overweight, developed a famous doctor Mikhail Pevzner. He advises to use this diet for people suffering from chronic or acute gastritis, colitis and enteritis.

This is an absolutely normal diet for a normal lifestyle, with only a few restrictions. To properly observe it, special ways of cooking are invented. Almost everything is allowed.

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  • Chronic gastritis with heart failure, and also if you do not have a sharp exacerbation;
  • in the process of recovery after exacerbation of acute gastritis, enteritis, colitis in the period of recovery as a transition to a rational diet;
  • chronic enteritis and colitis after and without exacerbation without concomitant diseases of the pancreas of the liver or gastritis with preserved or increased secretion of the biliary tract.

What does the diet number 2 include?

Diet No. 2 is an absolutely high-grade diet that improves the digestive tract, the secretory function of the digestive system, and the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

What does this diet provide?

You will be able to eat fully, without feeling a sharp hunger. You normalize the secretion of secretion of your body. The gastrointestinal tract will function normally in the system of all other organs associated with it.

Subject to the Pevzner diet, you will need to take food 4-5 times a day.

What is diet number 2 and how to comply with it

A fully balanced diet that allows you to eat well and feel in great shape. The secretion of the digestive tract of your body will be greatly improved.

In your diet can be a variety of dishes, different thermal effects, and the most suitable for you the degree of grinding, which you will choose.

Dishes can even be fried, although this is mostly not done in other diets. You can cook, bake, and also stew your favorite foods, the main thing is that there is not a hard crust, the crust should be eliminated altogether.

You should not pan anything. Prepare yourselves for the wiped products containing fiber.

Everything is a measure

Do not include in your diet very hot or cold food. You can not eat those foods that will stay in your stomach for a long time, for a long time to be digested. Eliminate tasty, but sharp seasonings of any character, they will only harm you.

Eat salt with a limit of 15 grams. Drink water up to one and a half liters, no more.

And it does not matter how you handle the products thermally and how you grind everything (large or small). Diet №2 will make sense only if all the rules are observed. Lose weight easily!

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