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Diet for Lung Cancer

Diet for lung cancer is an indispensable criterion in order to overcome the disease. In addition, it is necessary to be treated with official, alternative medicine. And nutrition should be appropriate. This article will be devoted to this topic.

What is the diet for lung cancer?

Do you know which diet for lung cancer should be? This disease is very serious. To overcome it is necessary not only to resort to traditional treatment, but also to eat right.

So, the diet is prescribed exclusively by the attending physician. But, despite this, it is worthwhile to understand that many products are banned. It is necessary to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Because they are rich in anthocyanins. They are found in blueberries, blue cabbage, red and purple grapes and blueberries. These fruits and berries are compulsory.

Especially useful are green plants, such as nettle, dandelion and chlorella. So on them, too, should pay attention. In general, each person creates a diet for himself. Taking into account prohibited and allowed products. Ignore this can not be, only in the "aggregate" the correct treatment and nutrition will give its effect. Diet for lung cancer is an important part of the entire treatment process.

Diet Recipes for Lung Cancer

What interesting dietary recipes for lung cancer exist? In fact, there are a lot of them, and they do not differ much from the usual food. The main thing is not to eat anything from the list of prohibited products.

So, it is quite possible to make an ordinary light soup on some vegetables. If you want to add a little meat, but only dietary. Boil the soup, pour a little, pepper and serve to the table.

Braised rabbit is a wonderful dish for lunch. The meat of this animal is dietary. You can fill it with a vegetable garnish, this will add to the incredible taste. Also suitable is a salad of fresh vegetables.

It is advisable to give preference to vegetable salad. They are not only useful, but also easily digestible, which is an obligatory criterion. More attention should be paid to fruits. They contain a lot of vitamins, but only fruits and vegetables of bright color are worth eating. When preparing the next dish, it is worth paying attention to the list of allowed products and starting from this, to cook everything that your heart desires. Without this, the diet for lung cancer will be ineffective.

Menu diet for lung cancer

What should be the diet menu for lung cancer? There are several options for eating, so it's worth considering a couple of them. Each person can create an individual menu for himself or with the help of a doctor.

So, the first option. For breakfast, you must eat a green or red apple, as well as orange juice. The second breakfast should be supplemented with a steam omelet and fresh tomatoes. In addition, add a slice of black bread, a glass of green tea with lemon. For lunch, a vegetable soup with tomato, a slice of bread, a vegetable salad with avocado, and a stewed chicken with vegetables are suitable. Drink all desirable decoction of rose hips. For dinner, you should enjoy a handful of nuts, steamed turnips, green tea with the addition of a slice of lemon. Before going to bed, you need to drink natural yogurt.

Now we should consider the second option. For breakfast, it is worth eating all the same as in the first option. Only instead of orange juice, you should drink tomato. For the second breakfast buckwheat porridge with a salad is suitable. Wash everything with green tea. You can complement the meal with a sandwich with hard cheese. For lunch, lean borscht together with pieces of rye bread. All this is perfectly complemented by a stewed rabbit with noodles, green salad and tea. For dinner, a handful of dried apricots, a little parsley and a broth of wild rose. Before going to bed, it is advisable to drink a glass of kefir. Diet for lung cancer should be balanced.

What can you eat with lung cancer?

Do you need to know what you can eat when you have lung cancer? Naturally, only thanks to this knowledge, we can talk about a positive effect. Now it is worth moving on to products that are allowed to be used in the treatment of lung cancer.

All yellow, red vegetables and fruits can be eaten. They include citrus, tomatoes, pineapples, apricots, cherries and others. It is necessary to include in the diet of vegetables and fruits with a high content of anthocyanides

All blue-blue algae are allowed. You can eat broccoli, cauliflower, green mustard, garlic and onions. As for meat products, they must be necessarily dietary. These include poultry meat and rabbit meat.

It is advisable to cook all products for a couple, and also to stew or boil. It is necessary to eat at least 5-6 times a day in small portions. It is important to observe a certain time interval between all the methods. Thus, the body will get used to everything that is happening. Here is a diet for lung cancer.

What can not be eaten with lung cancer?

Few know what can not be eaten with lung cancer? So, this knowledge is mandatory. Because you can not miss the situation, you need to act.

So, it is necessary to completely exclude products with preservatives and food additives. Therefore, it is necessary to forget about favorite harmfulness. Under the ban are sausages, as well as canned food. Any marinades and smoked products should be excluded from the diet once and for all.

Sweetheads will not be easy, because all the confectionery products are now banned. Even ordinary sugar can also not be eaten. As for sweeteners, they are also included in the list of banned products.

Fat food and refractory fats under strict prohibition. Including lard and butter. And finally, as for drinks, you should never drink coffee and alcohol. Here from such list of products it is necessary to refuse, that process of treatment was really effective. So the diet for lung cancer is mandatory.

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