Buckwheat diet: light and delicious recipes

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Buckwheat mono-diet - it's a great way to saturate the body with useful substances, to deduce from it the excess fluid and, of course, lose weight. But since not everyone likes to eat alone buckwheat for a whole week, we pick you up for light and tasty options buckwheat mono-diet for weight loss.

Monodiet Buckwheat: Buckwheat plus dried fruit

The essence of the diet

Cooking is not just buckwheat, and add to it dried fruit. This option is especially good late fall with a lack of natural vitamins and sun.

How to cook buckwheat?

  • Dried apricots - 4 fruit
  • Dried prunes - 4 pieces
  • Figs (dried) - 2 pieces

All fruits cut into small squares and divide in half. First half fill the cup of boiling water and leave until cool. This will be our useful broth with vitamins, which we washed down with tasteless buckwheat throughout the day.

Buckwheat diet: light and delicious recipes

The second half is intended for the production of buckwheat. We can just add these fruits to buckwheat, pre-soaked with boiling water for the night. And now it will be very tasty buckwheat mono-diet for weight loss !

Duration buckwheat diet

7-12 days



From 2 to 5 kg per week

Monodiet Buckwheat: Buckwheat plus yogurt

The essence of the diet

Make torture for slimming tastier by the addition to the buckwheat tasty and healthy yogurt. And the use of buckwheat in collaboration with yogurt that lactic acid bacteria contained in this drink will help better absorbed nutrients in the composition of cereals Greceanii. In addition, this blend perfectly support your immune system and help to restore the intestinal microflora.

How to cook buckwheat?

Red-hot frying pan without any oil signs at the bottom. Throw to the washed, dried buckwheat and add to it 0,5 liters of water, in which the pre-cast small pinch of salt.

The fire should be small. Buckwheat cover with a lid and let them languish in the heat 20-25 minutes. Stir the buckwheat is not necessary.

When croup swells and has cooled, divide this portion into 3 equal parts. One bold Eat and drink low-fat yogurt. Do you want to - you can add the yogurt directly into the porridge. It will be much tastier.

You still had 2 pieces of buckwheat. So, with them you can do the same throughout the day. You can drink for weight loss and maintenance of buckwheat diet to 1 liter of yogurt a day. Just be sure to make sure that its fat content does not exceed 1.5%.

Duration buckwheat diet

10-14 days

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From 3 to 5 kg per week

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