Hardening is the way to a child's health

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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You can start the tempering procedure at any time of the year. The main thing is that it happens gradually and regularly. Compliance with the rules of tempering allows improving the health of the child and reducing the frequency of visits to the pediatrician.

Pouring, rubbing, air baths and physical exercises will benefit if you do them according to the rules:

  • Walking around the apartment with bare feet is the first step to a "new" life. Allow the crumbs to walk barefoot and on the grass, sand, pebbles on warm summer days. And yet, you can put in the yard a basin with water and let the child in it "stomp" a certain amount of time.
  • Walking - "green light"! In winter, the total amount of time spent on the street should reach 3-4 hours per day. In the summer, you can breathe oxygen all day long.
  • Learn to sleep with an open window at any time of the year.
  • Exercise is an excellent addition to walking. Every morning, start with a little charge, and for a walk - play active games.
  • Cravations are a special stage of hardening. You need to start them with rubbing the body crumbs with a wet terry towel. Then you can proceed to the foot baths: pour two basins with water of different temperatures and alternately lower the baby's feet for 20 seconds in warm water, and then for 10 seconds-into the cold. In a month we pass to dousing the legs to the knees with water at room temperature, and a month or two later, to a contrasting soul with a cold water temperature of at least 20 degrees.

After the shower, dry the towel with a towel.

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