Chips during pregnancy

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 01.06.2018

Chips are definitely harmful products. In large quantities, these products are harmful to everyone, and the chips during pregnancy threaten two organisms: mother and child.

Can I eat chips during pregnancy?

Despite the likely harm, I want chips during pregnancy for many women. When asked whether it is possible to eat chips during pregnancy, the correct answer is not.

But categorical prohibitions are not always fulfilled unconditionally. In this case the rule "if it is impossible, but very much it would be desirable, it is possible" works. That is, nutritionists are ready, as an exception, to resolve chips, but with some conditions, namely:

  • if you abandon them pregnant really unbearable;
  • only absolutely healthy women;
  • a very small portion;
  • not earlier than after the first trimester;
  • if the chips are fresh, cooked at home, from potatoes, in natural oil.

In other cases, do not tempt fate, because there are times when women, after eating the "forbidden fruit", can not stop and buy chips every day. The birth of a healthy child is worth it so as not to get carried away by dubious foods and goodies, to give up harmful habits and unhealthy addictions.

Harm from chips during pregnancy

Harm of chips during pregnancy is diverse. First, because of the composition - ready-made chips contain:

  • 30% pure mashed potatoes,
  • 60% starch,
  • 10% synthetic additives.

Secondly, because of the way of cooking. Plates-semi-finished products are deep-fried at a temperature of 120 degrees, as a result of which the product disappears in the product and extremely harmful components are formed. Repeated use of vegetable oils during frying leads to the formation of "bad" fats, negatively affecting the heart and blood vessels, as well as a dangerous carcinogen, which, in addition, disrupts the structure of DNA molecules.

Subsequent processing provides saturation of chips with salt, preservatives, flavoring, which are not dietary components. The surplus of salt received with chips disrupts the water-salt balance in the body, which causes the edema in the pregnant woman to form swelling and increase blood pressure. And this can provoke even an abortion.

Chips, croutons and various fast food products often cause heartburn, nausea, stomach pain and abnormal gastrointestinal tract activity, and with frequent use contribute to the deposition of excess fat. When digesting such food, the stomach, liver, kidneys work intensively, clearing the body of toxic ingredients. Whether it is necessary for organs of the pregnant woman, and so working with double loading, - a question, certainly, rhetorical.

In view of the questionable quality and outright harm, some doctors suggest to remove chips from production and sales altogether.

Chips in early pregnancy

According to studies, frequent use of chips during pregnancy leads to the birth of children with underweight and head size. The first indicator is fraught with many diseases, the second is associated with the slow development of the child.

Why are chips harmful? At least for the following reasons:

  • in the product there are no natural substances;
  • it is too fatty food;
  • a large amount of salt provokes swelling and an additional burden on many organs;
  • flavor enhancers, fragrances and other additives are able to overcome the protective barrier of the placenta and can harm the fetus.

In the process of making chips, with rapid heating, a chemical substance of increased danger is formed - acrylamide, which provokes cancer (confirmed by experiments in rats), and after penetration into the fetus adversely affects DNA molecules. The carcinogen is especially dangerous for women, as it provokes tumors in the female organs.

In addition to carcinogens, chips contain other substances that only cause harm to the mother and the fetus. When they are used by a pregnant mother, cardiovascular problems, a propensity for type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis, bronchial asthma and allergies, autoimmune diseases in her unborn child are quite likely.

Crisps are especially dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy. So much so that you can not eat them. After all, during this period, the organs and systems of a small organism are formed, and any harmful substance contained in chips, crackers, fast food and fried foods can play a fatal role in this important process.

Ideally, if a pregnant woman is able to flatly refuse all harmful and eat exceptionally correctly prepared dishes from natural products. But in real life this does not happen. In order not to harm yourself and the baby, you can replace, for example, chips during pregnancy, cooked at home with fried potatoes, cut into thin plates, - without excess of salt and artificial additives.

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