Cellulite during pregnancy

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Cellulite during pregnancy manifests itself in 90 out of 100 women. But it is worth remembering, pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon, and cellulite that appeared during this period will also pass.

During pregnancy, a number of changes occur in the woman's body, not only for the better. A woman loses attractiveness, acne, puffiness, extra pounds may appear. A woman can in time notice the signs of cellulite on the body, it is characteristic that cellulite can appear even in those women who have never had a predilection for it. There is all this for the same reasons - physiological changes.

The womb of a woman is constantly increasing, which leads to the transmission of veins and lymph nodes, as a result of disturbed outflow of lymph and blood, in addition, the tissues can accumulate fluid, which promotes the development of cellulite. As a rule, after childbirth, all functions are restored and the body gradually comes to normal. With the natural feeding of the baby, there is stimulation of the thyroid gland, due to which the number of fat cells is normalized. Pregnancy is a kind of stress for the female body, which can activate the process of the appearance of subcutaneous fat, or vice versa, slow it down, here everything happens individually.

Causes of Cellulite During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a growing baby draws a large amount of iodine from the mother's body. It is iodine in the body responsible for controlling the metabolism at the cellular level and the rate of fat burning. Insufficient amount of iodine in the body of a pregnant woman leads to the appearance of cellulite. In order to restore the body's functions, it may be necessary to take an additional intake of iodine-containing drugs after the birth of the child.

During pregnancy, many women have dramatic changes in their taste preferences, appetite increases, in addition, the mistaken opinion of the older generation that a pregnant woman should eat for two leads to a woman gaining weight heavily, which is harmful not only for the figure of the future mother , but also for the child. A large number of fat cells leads to the appearance of cellulite, therefore, in order to prevent the appearance of an "orange peel", one must carefully consider the quality and quantity of the eaten.

If a woman's diet is balanced, then cellulite during pregnancy indicates a natural change in the hormonal background during this period. The body of a woman increases the production of estrogen (a female hormone), which stimulates the preservation of fat, so necessary for menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nature has foreseen everything: the mother must have an energy reserve that will help in extreme conditions. Estrogen controls the distribution of fat cells, the more this hormone in the body, the higher the likelihood that there will be an accumulation of fat in the areas prone to this (abdomen, buttocks, legs). Since all body functions during pregnancy are slightly disturbed, the lymphatic system can not cope with the withdrawal of unnecessary substances, so the appearance of cellulite is possible. In later terms, estrogen affects the connective tissue (collagen fibers), as a result it significantly relaxes, which is necessary in order to cope with the increasing volume of the stomach, it also facilitates the birth process. Estrogen is also responsible for appetite, the more it is in the body of the future mother, the stronger her appetite.

Another reason for the appearance of cellulite in pregnant women is the retention of water in the body, which is absolutely natural in this period. But, as already mentioned, cellulite does not appear during pregnancy at all. If a woman had a good physical form before pregnancy, then she is much less likely to see "orange peel" on her body. Proper nutrition, more movement - all this will have a positive impact not only on your skin, but it will be useful for your baby.

Symptoms of Cellulite During Pregnancy

9 out of 10 women notice cellulite on their body during pregnancy. It is determined, this "orange peel" that is so unloved by all women is quite simple: a small area of skin is clamped between the thumb and forefinger, rolling it a little. If you feel a smooth skin under your fingers, then for concern there is no reason if you feel unevenness, tubercles, which you can even see, this is the first sign of cellulite.

The development of cellulite during pregnancy passes through several stages, each of which has its own symptoms. At the initial stage, damaged parts of the body (buttocks, abdomen, thighs) tend to slow healing of small skin lesions (abrasions, scratches, etc.), then a thickening of the skin is observed, which is associated with the accumulation of lymphatic fluid. Further development leads to the appearance of bruises without special causes (bumps, bruises), which indicates the damage to the skin from the inside. Then you can see the appearance of "orange peel" and seal under the skin.

What to do if there is cellulite during pregnancy?

If there is cellulite during pregnancy, then first of all you need to pay attention to your food. If a woman has a baby in her stomach, this does not mean that she needs to eat for two, the food should be full and varied. Do not overeat - overweight is a direct way to the development of cellulite deposits. Try to eat less foods that do not benefit your body - animal fats, sweets, smoked, salted, do not drink soda water. Such food will not only trigger the development of the "orange peel", but also harmful to the baby. During this period, you need to eat foods that contain enough calcium and potassium (seafood, salad, cabbage, greens, fish). It is also good to drink dairy products. Proper nutrition of a pregnant woman will not only keep her figure beautiful, but will benefit the child.

Physical exercises have always been useful for a female figure, especially during pregnancy, special gymnastics will improve mood, blood circulation, strengthen muscles and even out the relief of the skin. Pregnant women are very good at aqua aerobics classes, swimming, yoga, exercises with a gymnastic ball. During pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to engage in exercises with jumps, vibrations, etc. The future mother should exercise regularly, it will be optimal to register for a special gymnastics for pregnant women and attend a gym about 3-4 times a week. In special sessions, the trainer will select the optimal exercises based on the initial level of your training, as well as taking into account the period of pregnancy. During classes, listen to your condition and in case of any violations immediately warn the coach about it.

For classes, you need to pick up light and comfortable clothes that will not impede movement.

With the appearance of cellulite, you can do aqua aerobics - a kind of fitness with a minimum number of contraindications. Aqua aerobics has huge benefits for the female figure as a whole. Water does massage the surface of the skin, and special exercises strengthen the muscles, after training, the mood, circulation of blood, etc.,

Fitball is another useful form of exercise to combat cellulite for women in the situation. In the classroom, a special large ball is used. Classes with such colorful balls strengthen the muscles, develop flexibility, reduce back pain, positively affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In fitness classes there are no contraindications, exercises have a very mild sparing character and they can be engaged in any term of pregnancy.

Today, the cosmetic market is rich in anti-cellulite cosmetics, but not all of them can be used by women in the position. Admission of a special anti-cellulite bath is strictly forbidden for pregnant women, but contrast shower with massage is an excellent solution for eliminating an ugly "crust". Cellulite develops as a result of fluid stagnation in the tissues, so a massage from a natural washcloth will be a good idea, massage should be done towards the heart. You can use special scrubs for problem areas of the body, you need to massage for about five minutes in a circular motion. Also you can use after shower a series of anti-cellulite cosmetics especially for women in the state. You can not take a contrast shower for the entire body of a pregnant woman, but it can be used only in certain parts of the body. During the procedure, a stream of water is directed to the problem area of the body, then with hot water, then with cold water. Finish the shower better with cool water and carefully rub the area of the body with a towel, you can apply a special gel for problem areas.

In contrast to the contrast shower, a massage with special massagers for the treatment of cellulite has a good effect on fat deposits. Massage of this kind can be carried out on their own, following the instructions carefully.

Cellulite during pregnancy can be well treated with a vacuum massage, which will improve the circulation of lymph, eliminate the stagnant process in the tissues. For carrying out of vacuum massage the special plastic bank which can be bought in a drugstore is required. On the skin you need to apply a special agent for better gliding (a cream or massage oil is good), then the bottle is compressed to release air from it and presses against the body. When doing a massage, move the jar round, not staying in one place for a long time (otherwise there may be a bruise). You can not use this kind of massage on your stomach, as this can lead to the tone of the uterus. The time of the procedure is about 5 to 10 minutes, you can do this massage in the shower, applying a shower gel or liquid soap to the body.

Now there is a special series of anti-cellulite cosmetics for pregnant women. But in any case, before using, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the funds. Some manufacturers can use phytoestrogens, which are contained in hops, licorice, red clover, grapes, alfalfa - these substances are contraindicated for women in the position.

You need to choose a means with the content of vitamin E (for the elasticity of the skin), calendula, green tea, horse chestnut, seaweed (they will improve the blood flow of the vessels and remove swelling). In the fight against cellulite, you can try homeopathic remedies, for example, the good anti-cellulite effect has orange or ficus oils.

How to remove cellulite during pregnancy?

If the "orange peel" has become noticeable, you need to make every effort to ensure that the process does not go too far. To get rid of the manifestations of cellulite completely during pregnancy is almost impossible, besides a number of effective methods for fighting fat deposits on problem areas is contraindicated (for example, wraps, anti-cellulite massage).

Cellulite during pregnancy becomes less noticeable when observing the principles of healthy eating, as well as when performing special exercises. During pregnancy, a woman under the influence of hormones greatly increases appetite, she wants a variety of goodies (smoked, sweet, salty, etc.). Excessive use of such products becomes visible on the hips and buttocks of a woman, besides such a diet is extremely harmful for the child. So, carefully watch what's on your table and what your lunch consists of. Pregnant women need to include in their diet of sea kale (it contains a large amount of iodine, which is not enough for pregnant women), fruits, nuts, seafood, lactic acid products. You can consult a doctor about the additional intake of fish oil. It is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, but only if there is no swelling.

Special exercises that are designed for women in the situation, not only help to make the manifestation of "tubercles" not so noticeable, but also positively affect the condition of the pregnant woman as a whole.

Use a variety of anti-cellulite products (gels, creams, masks, etc.) should be extremely cautious, since some components in their composition can penetrate through the skin into the blood, thereby harming the child.

To increase the tone of the skin twice a week, it is recommended to take a bath with sea salt. This bath also contributes to the normal operation of subcutaneous fat.

Cellulite during pregnancy can appear as a result of wearing high heels, and you can not wear anti-cellulite linen, tights or shorts, as a "greenhouse effect" is created, and this will have a bad effect on the child. Pay attention to your underwear - it should not be tight, tighten or squeeze, as this disrupts the blood circulation, which is known to contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite does not like movements - so try to move as much as possible, but without fanaticism, more often listen to your condition. You can consult a doctor about exercise, if in your case there are no contraindications to this, then you can think about choosing exercises. You can study at home on your own, you can buy a special disk with exercises for pregnant women. Now there is a huge selection of centers where a group under the guidance of a specialist can be engaged in gymnastics, aqua aerobics, fitball, yoga, fitness, etc. Exercises for pregnant women are mostly short (about 20 minutes), but the positive effect will be noticeable in the very near future.

To enhance the effect of gymnastics after the shower, you can massage the problem areas with a special washcloth made from natural fibers, this massage will improve blood circulation and lymph drainage from the tissues. You can sprinkle with a sponge with fine sea salt. After the massage a good anti-cellulite effect has such a mask: honey, lemon juice and citron oil (for example, orange). With this mixture after the shower you need to rub the problem areas of the body, the movements should be slightly clapping. Sensations are unpleasant, depending on the sensitivity, sometimes even painful, but after 15 such sessions, the "orange peel" will begin to disappear.

Fir essential oil is well suited for the treatment of cellulite. Three drops of oil should be added to your milk or body cream, mix well and lubricate the problem areas of the body. Apply such a cream to the whole body is not necessary. This homemade "anti-cellulite" cream is a good alternative to expensive anti-cellulite drugs, which can also harm a child.

Do not use warming wraps, this effect is extremely harmful for the baby. You can use natural scrubs, for example coffee (the coffee grounds is added to the shower gel or liquid soap and rubbed into the places where cellulite appeared).

Prevent Cellulite During Pregnancy

Women during pregnancy can perform some preventive measures, due to which the risk of cellulite will decrease as much as possible.

Cellulite during pregnancy does not manifest itself, or develops to an easy degree if the following principles are observed:

  • healthy eating. Eat more lactic-acid products (milk is better to exclude altogether). Cabbage, various greens, salads, fish oil, seafood, boiled meat - the presence of this product in your diet will greatly reduce the likelihood of an "orange peel".
  • a bath with sea salt twice a week - will increase the tone of the skin and normalizes the work of subcutaneous fat.
  • Do it several times a week with special exercises for pregnant women, taking into account your time. Physical activity will improve metabolic processes in the body and prevent the change of connective tissue. When performing exercises it is important to monitor breathing - it must be deep, even. Classes are best spent in a ventilated room. Clothes should not overtighten and restrain movement.
  • if possible, enroll in the pool - the water provides a good massage of the skin surface, and swimming strengthens the muscles.

Cellulite during pregnancy is almost inevitable, it appears in a larger number of pregnant women. But these processes are quite natural and created by nature for safe bearing of the child. As a rule, after birth, the process of recovery of the body is normalized and the body returns to normal. The manifestation of cellulite can be significantly reduced, adhering to proper and adequate nutrition, without overeating, doing regular exercises. In addition, it is possible to influence the development of the "orange peel" with the help of a natural hard washcloth massage, special massagers and natural scrubs.

It is important to know!

Cellulite is more of a female problem, since male physiology does not suggest this nasty orange peel. Read more..

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