Ways to use nettle to strengthen and grow hair

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Regardless of the purpose, nettle for hair is taken fresh or dried, this does not affect the effectiveness. Dry can be collected independently or purchased at a pharmacy, in packaging or bags. The main thing is to observe the method of application and dose. For example, with dry hair rinsing is not needed, an extract from the nettle is enough to rub into the skin.

  • Hair rinse with a decoction after washing with shampoo that matches the type of hair. The broth is prepared according to special recipes, with the addition of additional ingredients. For damaged hair, coltsfoot is suitable.

In addition to rinsing, hair needs masks. Nutrition is provided by a honey-sea-buckthorn mixture with nettle broth. She also brightens a dry hairstyle, if lemon juice is added to the mass. To stimulate the production of fat, which protects against dryness and brittleness, a decoction of nettle and oak bark with the addition of olive oil is prepared.

  • For convenience, the prepared solution is poured into a spray bottle. Such a spray fits well on the hair and does not stain other dishes.

It should be noted that the broth has a tinting effect: blondes after nettles can turn into green-haired. If such a conversion is undesirable, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar must be added to the nettle rinse.

How to make nettle for hair?

For the use of nettle for hair to be successful, rinse with a decoction should be done three times a week. The liquid for this is made from a previously prepared broth, adding the right amount of water. Rinsing is done after rinsing the shampoo with clean water.

How to brew nettle for hair to get the most useful product? Everything is very simple: take on 3 tbsp. Tablespoons of grass, steam in 0.5 l of water and keep on the stove for 20 minutes. The cooled and filtered liquid is ready for use.

  • To combat dandruff, a more concentrated base is used. A glass of dry raw materials is brewed in a water bath in half a liter of water.

Efficiency increases with the addition of sage, horsetail, hop cones, mint, burdock root, oak bark or clove seeds and longer infusion: up to 2-3 hours. 100 ml of the solution can be added to the shampoo, and diluted in a ratio of 1 to 10 for rinsing.

  • Reduces the loss of a product prepared in a thermos from rosemary, burdock root and nettle. Nettle with calamus will help from gray hair.

Washing the braids make a solution in the proportion of a glass per liter of warm clean water. The liquid should be evenly distributed over the entire length of the strands. Rinse off with clean water is not required: let the drying agent prolong its action. Forced curls should not be dried either, as well as wiped dry with a towel. It is better if the hair remains wet for as long as possible.

Nettle Hair Recipes

Many types of useful products are made from nettle for hair. And with the addition of other plant components - and even more. Among the recipes with nettle for hair, the most popular are decoctions. They rinse hair after shampoo, washed with water. A solution of nettle for hair is slowly poured onto the head, making sure that it is washed every strand and dried without wiping the hair.

Effective anti-baldness masks are obtained from nettle and horsetail root. During the preparation, the dry ingredients are ground into powder, insisted in boiling water in a dark place for 6 hours. Rubbing the infusion reduces seborrheic itching and strengthens the roots.

A useful remedy for oily hair is made from a mass knocked down by a blender and sea salt. It turns out nettle-salt scrub, which should be gently rubbed into the head and kept under a film and a towel for half an hour. Rinse with water at a comfortable temperature.

  • Dry hair does not like salt, so it is replaced with honey. Apply, soak and rinse the mixture in the same way.

At home, it is easy to cook nettle oil. The recipe is as follows:

  • Grind fresh raw materials with a blender or a meat grinder without squeezing the juice. Pour the mass with vegetable oil, close the dishes tightly and keep in a cold place for 2 weeks. Stir occasionally, filter at the end. Add to shampoo while washing or rub into hair roots. The tool eliminates dandruff, stimulates the growth of new hair, protects against loss.

Nettle components are also included in the finished products of well-known brands that manufacture masks for the restoration of damaged and dull braids. They can be purchased at cosmetic and online stores.

Nettle broth for hair

One of the tasks during the preparation of a nettle broth for hair is to neutralize the burning sensation caused by formic acid. This ingredient has stinging properties that are well known to anyone who dares to “touch” nettles. When boiling plant materials, the sharpness disappears, therefore, decoctions are non-aggressive and safe in this sense.

  • Pharmacy nettle for hair is usually used, but fresh herbs are in some cases more valuable. For example, natural juices and pulp for masks are obtained from juicy raw materials.

One of the recipes of the broth is prepared from 5 tablespoons of dried leaves per 500 ml of boiling water. After 20 minutes of boiling, the liquid is filtered and taken out in the cold. Washed hair is moistened, massaged at the roots, combed along the length. Rinse off the applied broth after 7-10 minutes. The liquid is best stored in a dark bowl.

  • The broth must be used with every shampoo, for a full rinse of hair. One-time promotions are ineffective. As a result of such procedures, they become clean, shiny, smelling, strong.

Based on water, an alcohol broth is prepared. For him, they take equally prepared broth, alcohol and boiling water. The mixture is pre-infused for 10 days in a dark place. Filtered is used for rubbing - before washing your hair. It is also included in the composition of cosmetic hair masks.

Nettle oil for hair

From nettle make means in which the beneficial properties of the leaves, stems, roots of the plant are concentrated. Thanks to such rich compositions, hair and skin are healed, acquire a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. Nettle for hair is used for the care, treatment, prevention of dandruff and various diseases. Hair damaged by thermal appliances, chemical treatment, dyeing is especially needed in such preparations.

  • Nettle oil for hair is prepared from the root, washed and finely chopped into pieces. 50 g of olive oil requires 30 g of root. To extract useful components, it is enough to insist the roots for a week, after which the oil tool is ready for use.

The oil is rubbed into the head so that within an hour it gives the skin and roots the whole palette of useful components. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo. To prevent dandruff, nettle oil should be added to the shampoo, which is used constantly. Hair will be thanked by splendor, density, shine.

  • The unique characteristics of nettle are actively used by the cosmetic industry.

Thick oil with the effect of keratin straightening, with protective, moisturizing and nourishing properties offers Fito Cosmetic. A similar product “Goat Dereza” of the same brand has regenerative, firming, moisturizing capabilities.

Thick oils are obtained using cold-pressed technology, due to which the plant's benefit is maximally preserved. A thick consistency helps to envelop each hair with protective and nutritious components. The components of nettle are often supplemented with vitamins and nutrients found in other plants.

Burdock oil with nettle for hair

One of the most popular and effective alternative remedies is burdock oil with nettle for hair. Each of these plants has a beneficial effect on the hairline and improves its condition. Together, both ingredients provide a double effect.

The benefits of nettle oil for hair are as follows:

  • improving local blood circulation;
  • increased growth;
  • preventing baldness;
  • enrichment with vitamins;
  • moisturizing the skin;
  • regeneration of minor damage.

The tips cease to dissect and break off, the functioning of the sebaceous glands normalizes, regardless of the type of hair. There is a cumulative effect: the longer you use burdock oil with a nettle extract, the healthier the condition and appearance of the curls will be.

The usual method of application is to rub and apply on the strands along the entire length before washing your hair. The procedure is more comfortable and effective if the product is heated to 35–40 degrees. A “wrap” wrapped in foil is required to withstand for half an hour. Then rinse as usual with water and shampoo.

Burdock oil, combined with nettle product, is not inferior in performance to expensive industrial products. It must be applied systematically, twice a week, until the cut ends are removed and thick braids grow back.

Nettle and burdock for hair

Calamus, chamomile, nettle and burdock for hair are ideal herbs. They contain a complex of components created by nature itself specifically for treatment, prevention, and hair care. These plants are useful in other ways, but they are simply irreplaceable for hair: they improve their condition, stimulate growth, and destroy dandruff. It is no coincidence that herbal supplements, in particular, nettle for hair, are included in the formulas of the best cosmetic products of various brands. Polyphenols with antioxidant activity are often present in burdock associated with various biological functions, including the inhibition of enzymes associated with skin aging. [1],  [2] Several experimental studies have shown evidence of biological activity burdock extracts, including antioxidant, anti-free radicals absorbent, antibacterial and hepatoprotective action. [3]

The main advantages of dioecious nettle are toning of the skin, protection against dandruff, activation of follicles to accelerate growth. Burdock root contributes to the regulation of sweat and sebaceous glands, is responsible for the prevention of alopecia.

  • For hair, use alcohol tincture, which is rubbed overnight, with a head wash the next day. Or liquid on water - to wet and massage the head.

From a burdock root make a rinse and a detergent with the addition of shampoo.

Shampoo, balm spray with burdock and nettle offer to buy popular online stores. Avon Fitou Shampoo enriches curls with natural substances that restore the structure and protect against brittleness. Hair of any type becomes smooth and silky, elastic and strong, clean and fragrant.

Nettle spray for hair

To increase efficiency, it is recommended to combine nettles with horsetail in equal proportions. At home, from these components it is not difficult to prepare a spray with nettle for hair. To do this, plant materials, filled with boiling water, insist night or at least a few hours. Servings should be enough for a day, that is, for double use - in the morning and in the evening, because during storage part of the nutrients disappears. In extreme cases, the liquid is kept in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

Nettle for hair in the form of a spray is applied to the roots daily. For spraying use a bottle with a spray, using it to do the processing is very convenient. Before spraying, the hair must be washed, otherwise it will quickly become contaminated with fat.

  • If daily washing for some reason is not possible, then apply the spray less often, but also on a washed head. The effect of its use will certainly come.

Belita company offers its development of nettle spray. The product is intended for the care of thin, brittle braids. In addition to the nettle extract, it contains a special amino acid, arginine, which is useful for the hairline. Nettle has protective, nutritious, regenerative, structure-improving properties. It is applied to clean, dried braids.

Invaluable benefit in hair care is provided by the Nettle Hydrolat produced by Floya. Used for spraying and hair masks.

Nettle hair serum with hops

Hair loss bothers many people, regardless of gender and age. Therefore, the cosmetics industry pays great attention to this problem.

Nettle hair serum with hops solves the problem comprehensively. The drug contains amino acids and vitamins to nourish the bulbs and stimulate growth, reduce the amount of hair falling out. The systematic application of serum renews each hair from root to tip, strengthens, makes it healthy, shiny, strong, radiant.

  • Serve with nettle for hair Floresan applied at night, on washed and moistened strands. A nebulizer helps to make the procedure convenient and effective. Massaged so that the serum is completely absorbed. Flushing is not required.

In addition to the extract of nettle and hops, the product contains burdock, hot pepper, D-panthenol, soy protein, keratin, Rhodiola rosea.

According to reviews of women using serum, its advantages are at an affordable price, ease of use, composition, effectiveness. The disadvantages include the fact that not all the manufacturer's promises are fulfilled. In some cases, the skin becomes oily and the hair does not get a healthy glow. And sensitive skin can react to red pepper with acute irritation and rashes on the face.

Nettle Hair Balm

Problem hair requires special care. Nettle hair balms from popular manufacturers successfully eliminate the shortcomings of such hair of various origin and nature. Their formulas are enriched with natural ingredients that renew and strengthen hair from roots to ends.

The “Strengthening” product with an extract of nettle for hair contains a decoction of medicinal herbs designed to renew weakened, thin and brittle hair. It is applied to wet curls, foamed by massaging and washed off after 3 minutes.

  • Regular procedures provide shine, softness, strength, easy styling of the strands in the hairstyle.

Cleon's “Nettle” balm is addressed to women who are constantly painting their braids. Due to staining, they lose their luster and softness, without which there is no beautiful hair.

The action of nettle broth, on the basis of which the formula is created, is enhanced by essential oils. Pine, lavender, sage, rosemary are excellent balm ingredients, due to which nutrition is normalized, the structure of the hair is improved, their softness and strength are returned. The substance chitosan forms a protective film, lactic and sorbic acid moisturize the skin and scalp.

Nettle balm for any hair can be made independently. To do this, you should buy a special base in granules, which dissolves in hot nettle broth. A preservative is added, pharmacy vitamins E and B, the ready-made balm is placed in a bottle, convenient for use and storage.

Nettle hair mask

Thanks to hair masks with nettles, you can achieve several goals: strengthen the roots, restore the structure, normalize oiliness, eliminate dandruff, increase density. Masks are made from fresh and dry plants, alone or in combination with other beneficial herbs.

  • Fresh nettle for hair in the form of juice is the simplest mask. It is cooked in a juicer.

For one procedure, 2-3 tablespoons of fresh juice is enough. After rubbing it into the skin, wrap your head in a plastic cap and let stand for an hour.

  • Oily hair will improve the appearance after a mask with salt.

The leaves are rubbed onto the porridge, add regular or sea salt, knead and apply to the roots. Rub lightly, wrap in a hat and leave for 15 minutes.

  • An interesting combination is nettle mask + yogurt.

Mix the green mass in the blender (you can add mint to the nettle) mix with yogurt or kefir, apply to wet hair and rinse after 15 minutes.

  • Nettle mixes well with natural henna.

Dry raw materials and colorless henna are poured with hot water, diluted to a homogeneous consistency and yolk is added. After 20 minutes, the mass is washed off with shampoo.

Excellent masks are obtained if you take nettle oil as a base, add liquid honey, yolk, a capsule of B vitamins. Insulate hair for 40 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

Pepper Nettle Hair Mask

To stimulate growth, irritants are often used that cause a rush of blood to the skin and roots. It can be hot pepper used in food. Sensicare's pepper and nettle cosmetic hair mask has a double effect: in addition to improving blood circulation, it also prevents dandruff and baldness, and stimulates hair density and strength.

  • Nettle for hair in combination with pepper is a non-liquid mass, which is easy to distribute on wet braids, previously washed and combed.

The head is covered with a plastic bag for 10 minutes, then washed off with water of a comfortable temperature. After the mask, the hair becomes soft, shiny, gently smelling fresh herbs and flowers.

The mask is designed to effectively help any type of hair: nutrition and skin care. In general, the mask performs nourishing, stimulating, firming tasks, provides quality care.

  • The extract of hot pepper accelerates blood circulation, stimulates growth, and puts dormant bulbs, which are responsible for strength and density, into an active state.
  • Nettle extract prevents hair loss, brittleness and weakness, and the formation of dandruff.
  • Conditioning components soften, make braids obedient for combing and styling.

The lack of packaging for the user is considered the lack of a protective membrane, as well as the promised warming effect, which is expected from pepper as an active component of the mask.

Nettle Hair Extract

Shops of natural raw materials offer ready-made nettle extracts for hair for cosmetic purposes. For example, a water-alcohol-glycerin extract containing useful organic acids, volatile, chlorophyll, carotenoids, vegetable protein, vitamins, proteins, tannins, minerals. As an ingredient, the substance, in various concentrations, is included in the formulas of creams, masks, scrubs, shampoos, soaps, mouthwashes, massage mixtures, ointments.

Nettle for hair in the form of an extract has the following properties:

  • disinfects, cleanses, tones the skin;
  • resists baldness, dandruff and age-related problems;
  • improves microcirculation and metabolism in epidermal cells;
  • strengthens follicles and rods;
  • treats abscesses and boils, heals damage to the skin;
  • makes hair thick and shiny.

Nettle "semi-finished product" of various shades (from green to brown) is used not only for hair. It is used in anti-cellulite programs, as part of preparations for controlling insects and for rinsing the oral cavity, for the manufacture of children's and age-related products, massage mixtures and ointments for irritations.

The drug is also used as an internal remedy. It has a mild laxative, antiseptic, hemostatic effect, lowers sugar and increases the amount of hemoglobin.

Dry nettle for hair

The cosmetics and perfume industry uses both fresh and dry nettles for hair. Recipes have come down to us from ancient times - since people became aware of the beneficial effects of a medicinal plant on the scalp and hair. Among others, the deodorizing and antiseptic properties of nettle for hair are especially appreciated.

  • Dry nettle products are used internally and externally.

They contain much more ascorbic acid than citruses, and more vitamin A than carrots. The plant relieves of anemia, increases defenses, activates metabolism, heals wounds and inflammations. In addition to nutrients, it contains pectin, fiber, antioxidants, hormones, organic acids.

For treatment and cosmetic purposes, apply all parts of the dried plant. Outwardly - mainly infusions for rinsing the face and hair. Nettle eliminates skin defects, in particular acne and dark circles. Rinsing the braids with infusion eliminates dandruff, itching, excess fat content of the head.

Nettle infusion used internally normalizes digestion, heals ulcers, eliminates vitamin deficiency. The remedy is indicated for bleeding disorders, weak immunity, colds and coughs.

Nettle infusion for hair

Most often, nettle infusion for hair is prepared for rinsing procedures. A simple alternative can replace expensive drugs and salon procedures. It is enough not to be too lazy and prepare an option that is optimal for a particular case.

Nettle for hair in the form of infusion is prepared from dry grass. Take 3 tbsp. Tablespoons in two glasses of water. The poured raw materials are placed in the dishes and covered with a napkin or towel. Then the filtered liquid is used for its intended purpose: for rinsing or rubbing into the head.

  • Some supplements improve the quality of nettles. So, decoctions with the addition of honey or vinegar make the product stronger, more effective.

Nettle-burdock broths have a miraculous effect; rinse them with long strands or rub into the skin.

For cooking, take equally dry leaves and finely chopped root. For one procedure, 3 tablespoons of the mixture and 0.5 liters of boiling water are enough. After half an hour, the infusion is ready for external use.

Nettle strengthens hair with burdock and other ingredients: green tea, rosemary. The equal parts of these components are steamed and infused for 20 minutes. Rinse with filtered liquid.

Nettle tincture for hair

The systematic use of nettle for hair has a beneficial effect on their condition and appearance. Leaves, juice, broth, tincture, mask - everything is suitable for this purpose, depending on the type of skin and hair and the specific problem that should be solved. The tincture is effective against a number of diseases: digestive, respiratory, urinary organs, allergies, bleeding, neurosis, osteoporosis, anemia, joint pathologies. It is used to treat burns, eczema, seborrhea, acne, as well as dandruff and the prevention of alopecia.

  • Nettle tincture for hair is prepared according to the following recipe.

Place the leaves in a glass dish, pour vodka or alcohol 70% in a 1: 1 ratio, withstand 10 to 14 days in a dark place. Use for rubbing into the head in order to improve hair growth. Keep on your head for 30-40 minutes. Such a tool is also used in the treatment of joints, wounds, bruises.

For tincture use purchased or independently prepared environmentally friendly raw materials. Especially effective is the use for the prevention and treatment of baldness. True, alcohol tincture is not used to care for dry braids.

Nettle juice for hair

Nettle promotes recovery after many diseases. It is used for vitamin deficiency, respiratory pathologies, even tuberculosis. Cosmetic use of the plant is also very effective, in particular, to improve the condition of the hair.

  • For example, nettle juice for hair is ideal for restoring structure. A healing potion, when used correctly, makes the braids shiny and healthy.

It is thanks to the juice that we feel, in contact with the skin, the burning effect of nettles. Sharp villi, which cover the leaves and stems, are used to protect against animals that can eat juicy grass. Upon contact with the surface, the villi break off, dig into the skin and inject their juice, which contains formic acid, histamine, organic acids and other components.

  • Nettle for hair brings much more benefits than those unpleasant sensations that are felt when touching the plant.

Juice is obtained by grinding juicy ground parts. Take young herbs, before flowering, and place in a blender. The green mass is squeezed, the resulting liquid is used to treat the scalp - against dandruff, baldness, and hair weakness.

Alternative medicine also treats female and skin diseases with fresh juice, and official medicine uses the hemostatic, choleretic, and vitaminizing properties of burning herbs.

Nettle Hair Shampoos

The unique properties of nettle for hair are fully used by cosmetologists of all time. Entire series of products have been created, taking into account alternative experience and scientific research, containing a storehouse of useful components - for the skin, hair, organs and the body as a whole.

Nettle shampoos for hair are offered by the following manufacturers:

  • Velta "Our Family";
  • "Clean line";
  • Strengthening with a double concentration "Clean Line";
  • Belita-Vitex with air conditioning;
  • With hops Nature House Italy;
  • Klorane with nettle extract;
  • Cloran for oily hair;
  • Healing herbs Beauty Natural;
  • Balm Pirana;
  • "Cleansing" Yves Rocher;
  • Naturia Joanna Poland Green Tea;
  • With burdock from Avon;
  • "Cleansing" Pharmacy Botanics;
  • Aphrodite;
  • Surroundings;
  • Caring Logona;
  • Sulsen forte 2% Mirolla;
  • With green apple “Energy of Nature” by Schauma;
  • Villa;
  • Strengthening and protection from the charm of BIO;
  • With burdock oil "Green Pharmacy";
  • Dry shampoo against fat from Cloran;
  • With honey "Effective volume and density of hair" from Parfums;
  • Mud with a camomile Israel;
  • Pusya;
  • With guarana to grow and strengthen STYX;
  • With hops floresan;
  • Body&Soul;
  • Self-regulating DRNA;
  • Therapeutic with rosemary for dandruff Health & Beauty;
  • Botanicus cosmetics;
  • Onion from hair loss and baldness 911+;
  • Special with licorice root from "Liberty";
  • With lemon from Oriflame;
  • Based on the soap root from "Recipes of Granny Agafia";
  • Intensive LaRossa update;
  • Nettle Aroma;
  • With panthenol from Bio Bione;
  • With phytocomplex from THALIA;
  • Oil;
  • “Golden Silk” “Growth Activator” by Herbica.

Nettle and daisy for hair

Those who want to have luxurious braids know that they should be thoroughly rinsed to neutralize the influence of the aggressive components that make up shampoos. If there is a deterioration in growth and condition, then it is recommended to use therapeutic decoctions. Nettle and chamomile for hair are exactly what effective decoctions and infusions are made of.

  • Different hairs are suitable for various herbs and their combinations. Nettle for hair with high fat content goes well with chamomile, wormwood, tansy, cinquefoil, hypericum, birch. The combination of nettle + chamomile maximally strengthens, stimulates growth, gives volume to the hairstyle.

Chamomile eliminates oily seborrhea. Plants are used mainly in the form of a rinsing broth, usually twice a week. After quickly rinsing, even plumping braids look well-groomed, white husks gradually disappear. [4]

Chamomile softens and moisturizes, prevents the formation of dandruff, and promotes the growth of strands. To prepare a liter of infusion, take 1 st. A spoonful of flowers, pour boiling water and leave for half an hour. Such rinsing is recommended after each washing procedure.

  • You can’t boil chamomile so as not to lose valuable components, in particular, chamazulen.

Together with nettle, useful ingredients enhance the action, complement each other and accelerate a positive result: healing and improving the appearance of curls.

Nettle and lemon for hair

Why do nettle and hair lemon blend so well that Oriflame offered its customers the same name shampoo? The fact is that the active substances that these products are rich in have a very beneficial effect on the hair. And this is due to the composition.

  • Citrus essential oil contains fruit acids with antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Under their influence, the strands become smooth, soft, shiny.
  • Nettle hood cares for hair. It removes excess fat, tones, enriches with minerals.

Shampoo with these properties deeply cleanses the skin and hair, prone to increased fat, helps them stay tidy, smooth and radiant for longer.

  • Nettle for hair and lemon juice makes an excellent home rinse.

It is needed because simple washing makes the hair stiff, dull, naughty - due to the presence of salts, dirt, various impurities remaining on the hair rods and roots. Herbal rinses neutralize these impurities and water hardness, wash away chemicals, and clean every hairline from a matte film. After rinsing, the strands are easy to comb, become light, elastic and soft.

  • In particular, lemon juice restores shine and obedience to hair, eliminates excessive fat content. [5] The ratio of juice to water is 100g per liter.

Nettle rinse strengthens, promotes the density and shine of hair. It is better to apply for dark curls, because light can get unwanted staining. For broth take dry or fresh raw materials, pour boiling water and keep in a water bath. Concentrated liquid must be diluted with a liter of water.

Nettle seeds for hair

If we are talking about nettle for hair, then first of all we mean means that strengthen and heal the braids. For these purposes, use stems, leaves, dry raw materials.

  • But in the arsenal of alternative medicine there are also drugs that use nettle seeds for hair. More precisely, against the hair. Because nettle seeds remove hair.

They contain components that burn hair, and with them the skin. Therefore, this procedure is fraught with inflammation, itching, irritation of the skin. In order to avoid such consequences, such manipulations should be carried out especially carefully.

  • Stinging nettle forms seeds in July - August.

40 g of seeds are taken per serving of the product that removes unwanted hair, triturated and filled with 100 g of sunflower oil. A quality product should be infused for at least 8 weeks (according to other sources - 2 weeks). After filtering, the product is poured into another vessel and stored in the cold. The oil is ready for regular use. The effect occurs when applied twice a day.

  • Another way to get rid of unwanted hair is daily rubbing the problem areas with fresh nettle seeds.

This is effective, but not always convenient in practice, because the procedure requires time and relevant conditions. The plant is also able to prevent the appearance of early gray hair.

As already mentioned, burning out hair roots with nettle concentrate can be dangerous, therefore it is not suitable for people with increased skin sensitivity or in the presence of contraindications to nettles.

Oak bark and nettle for hair

Among the long-standing alternative recipes, the use of oak bark and nettle for hair deserves attention. Oak bark is a well-known therapeutic agent that gives shine, accelerates growth, heals the skin, eliminates excess oily hair.

  • It is harvested during swelling of the kidneys, cutting off from young healthy twigs, without growths and cracks. In pharmacies, just such a bark is sold.

In combination with nettle for hair, oak peels are best for brunettes, because both components have a tinting effect, the shade of which may not appeal to fair-haired people.

On the basis of the bark, masks, rinses, balms with tanning and antibacterial properties are prepared. To enhance growth, add dried nettle (1 tablespoon per 40 g of bark).

To prepare the simplest rinse aid, dry raw materials are poured into a glass of hot water, boiled over low heat for 20 minutes, then the filtered liquid is brought to a volume of 1 liter. The finished product is used to wash hair after washing with shampoo.

No matter how effective the herbal remedy is, you should not expect an instant result from it. However, after a month's course, the hair will necessarily become shiny, get a beautiful shade and volume.

Nettle, cloves and burdock oil for hair

The finished product with nettle, cloves and burdock oil for hair “Golden Silk” is sold in special departments of pharmacies and company stores. The product of the cosmetic factory “Alternative crafts” strengthens the roots and restores the structure of the rods, serves to prevent dandruff, itching, irritation, and provides silky curls. All these tasks are successfully performed by the constituent elements obtained from nettle and burdock, as well as corn oil and vitamin E.

The active ingredients derived from cloves are not only a popular seasoning and food flavoring, but are also valued for their antibacterial, soothing, and regenerative properties. [6]

  • Essential oil with a unique aroma is obtained from various parts of the tree, but the most valuable for home use is obtained from the kidneys.

It does not irritate the skin and acts not only on the body, but also on the emotional state of a person. It also has the properties of an aphrodisiac. In cosmetic formulas it goes well with sage, rose, bergamot, grapefruit.

Nettle oil for hair is applied evenly to the roots and strands, distributed with a comb and aged on the head under a towel for 20-30 minutes. Then it is easily washed off with shampoo without burdening the hair. For effectiveness, the procedure should be carried out once or twice a week, until the desired result appears.

When applying, care must be taken to prevent contact with the substance in the eyes. And also take into account the probability of an individual reaction to individual components.

Castor oil with nettle for hair

Why is castor oil with nettle for hair considered one of the most effective means? The fact is that alternative means have passed the age-old “trial period”, and if today are forgotten, due to the abundance of industrial cosmetics, then this is undeserved.

On the basis of vegetable oils and nettle for hair, it is easy to prepare various products that comprehensively affect the condition and type of hairstyle. Nettle burdock oil is sold ready-made. The combination of components makes their benefits maximum:

  • blood circulation of the skin improves;
  • new hairs begin to grow;
  • falling out stops;
  • enrichment with vitamins;
  • the skin is moisturized, small wounds and irritations disappear if they were;
  • the tips stop dissecting.

With regular use, both dry and oily hair heals. The cumulative effect works: the longer the procedures, the better the strands look.

  • The standard way is to rub the nettle-castor preparation into the skin and lubricate the strands along the entire length before washing.

Before applying, heat the substance to 40 degrees, wrap the greased head for half an hour with a film. Wash off as usual with shampoo water. To increase efficiency, you can add onion peel and honey, and for blondes - half a lemon juice so that the hair does not become undesirable.

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