Vacuum massage of the breast

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Vacuum massage of the breast is a special technique by which it is possible to stimulate the metabolism in the mammary glands. In this procedure, a special apparatus is used which is a double acting pump and a compressor. Also there are special nozzles of different sizes. It is thanks to the latter that you can conduct a vacuum breast massage.

Indications for a vacuum massage of the breast

To date, vacuum breast massage is a very popular procedure. In what cases is it considered necessary?

  1. If the metabolism is broken inside the cells in the area of the mammary glands.
  2. If the skin appears the first signs of senility and fatigue.
  3. If on the skin there are foci of inflammation.
  4. When the whole body is in a stressful state.


First of all, vacuum breast massage is used by those women who want to increase the size of their breasts, as well as give them a more aesthetic appearance. But since this procedure has some contraindications to the use, it must be examined by a doctor before it. The preparation of a vacuum breast massage consists of the initial diagnosis of the skin.

If the diagnosis shows that the patient can be vacuum massage, she should sit on the couch (half sitting or sitting). To massage the nozzles better slip on the skin, a special cream or gel is applied to the breast.

The technique of vacuum massage of the breast

First of all, it is necessary to select the correct attachment. It is very important that it fit in size. With the help of successive movements, the attachment is carried from the pectoral muscles to the armpits. During the whole procedure, nozzles are supplied with air from time to time, and then it is sucked off. This helps create the vacuum that is necessary for effective massage. Due to the fact that air is fed into the nozzle periodically the skin is saturated with sufficient oxygen. This helps to speed up the metabolism inside cells, so they begin to regenerate faster. Also suctioning the air allows you to cleanse the skin of toxins, cholesterol, toxins, so the breasts begin to function better.

After the end of the vacuum massage of the breast, the mammary glands should be slightly stroked for a while to calm the skin.

The session usually lasts from five to fifteen minutes. In this case, the patient will not feel any discomfort.


Like any other methods of massage and stimulation, vacuum breast massage has a number of contraindications. That is why before conducting it it is necessary to consult an experienced specialist. Who is prohibited from doing this procedure?

  1. People with disabilities of the integrity of the skin, especially if there are pustules or other types of acne in the chest area.
  2. If the patient has a viral or infectious disease.
  3. Cancer patients.
  4. With cardiovascular diseases.
  5. If there are blood clots in the blood.
  6. People with a tendency to bleeding on the skin.
  7. With violations of blood coagulability.
  8. People with lung diseases (including pneumonia).

Also it is worth remembering that women who are excessively addicted to this technique often develop mastitis.

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The consequences of vacuum massage of the breast are usually quite positive, because it is carried out only for those women who have no contraindications to this method. Thanks to this type of massage:

  1. The chest improves tone.
  2. The skin becomes more elastic and pleasant to the touch.
  3. The shape of the breast is significantly improved.
  4. The metabolism is activated.
  5. Cell aging slows down.
  6. The volume of mammary glands increases.

To get an effective result, you need to spend ten to fifteen sessions. Between them you need to take a break in one day. Prophylactic repeat is performed every 30 days.



Complications after a vacuum massage of the breast appear only if the patient performed the procedure without consulting with a doctor. At the same time, having contraindications to such a massage, you can not do it. If you still decided on a similar method of stimulation, you can be sure that the symptoms of your underlying disease will increase.

What other complications may appear?

  1. Sometimes the chest can stretch too much, especially with frequent and intensive use of a massage device.
  2. If you use inadvertently, you can leave bruises and bruises on the skin that will not look very aesthetic.
  3. If the vacuum massage of the breast stop doing, then its size will gradually return to its original position.

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Reviews about vacuum massage of the breast

Reviews about vacuum massage of the breast are the most diverse. Someone tried to do such a procedure at home, but it is rather difficult to conduct it, as it should be extremely accurate. It is best to do this in the salons with the help of a real professional. Many women noted that the breast increases immediately after the first session (some in half size, some with one or more). Sometimes there are painful sensations under the mammary glands and in the area where the bones from the bodice pass. Most of those who have tried vacuum breast massage noticed that the size of the breast returns to its previous state, if you stop doing the procedure.

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