Massage of the female breast: types and techniques

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Since ancient times, seductive forms of the female breast are the strongest weapon of the weaker sex.

At the same time, this is the most sensitive and whimsical part of the body. Every change in the body - pregnancy, rapid loss or weight gain, hormonal disorders - instantly leave their mark on the tender skin of the breast. To maintain beauty, you should not be lazy to regularly perform procedures with a massage of the female breast.

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Indications and contraindications for massage

Massage for women of mature age will help make the skin more taut and even to some extent make the bust larger.

Massage is performed so that there is no stagnation in the chest. The elementary procedure activates the blood flow and helps the lymph not to linger in the soft tissues.

Young mothers during breastfeeding with a massage can reduce the risk of developing mastopathy.

Massage of the female breast is a recognized preventive procedure that helps to avoid the formation of tumors, which is trapped by more than 30% of women.

Massage of the female breast has a list of contraindications. It is not recommended to be done because of undesirable consequences for those suffering from severe illnesses of internal organs, infectious diseases, or during the acute phase of chronic diseases.

Massage is fraught with complications in bronchial asthma, contraindicated in a variety of skin lesions, neoplasms prone to proliferation, as well as in the period of bearing a child.

How to massage a woman's breasts?

Do not forget that to achieve a certain result depends on the choice of this or that massage technique. But all of them are united by uniform requirements, having learned about which it is easy to receive from the procedure the maximum benefit.

For proper massage of the female breast, several basic techniques have been developed that need to be mastered.

  1. Stroking. Preparation for the massage begins with strokes, gently tracing the surface of the chest with the pads of fingers, and then with the palms. Stroking is performed by blurring and careful movements. It is important that the tender and sensitive skin is not stretched, so it is advisable to use a nourishing cream or a specialized massage oil. Stroking is done clockwise.
  2. Stroking helps the skin warm up, and then you can begin rubbing, which will increase blood circulation in this zone. Exercise is done by pads of fingers, with pointed movements in a circle. With a bulky and heavy bust, rubbing can be done with the palms.
  3. The third stage is the kneading of the breast, performed by the fingers. When kneading, it is necessary to control the force and pressure so that there is no bruising on the delicate skin. The mechanism of kneading is very simple: you need to grab and gently squeeze your fingers with small areas of the skin. The exercise is done clockwise, starting at the bottom of the chest.
  4. Beading is carried out by light and rapid movements counter-clockwise by the back side of the palms.
  5. Vibration. These are cautious tapping performed by the pads of the fingers. The massage session should last 7-10 minutes and end with gentle strokes of the breast.

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Erotic massage

Erotic massage of the female breast has a stimulating effect that promotes relaxation, and also helps the skin to make it more taut and elastic.

The technique of erotic massage is very simple:

  1. Easy and gentle stroking of the nipples.
  2. Then it is necessary to slightly squeeze the nipples between the fingers, press the palm to the chest and slowly do rotational movements, sometimes changing the position of the palm.
  3. The thumb is located on the lower part of the chest, the rest on the top, and then lightly squeeze the palm.
  4. Gently palms both breasts at the same time, laying them on the sides.

Having mastered the basic techniques of traditional massage of the female breast, add a variety of exercises, the choice of which depends on the goal. For example, to make the breasts larger, use point massage, stimulating the synthesis of hormones of estrogens. It is performed with bent index fingers. Bones are pressed several times to the nipples, creating a slight pressure on the chest, and then doing several circular movements.

If the breast drops prematurely, Taoist massage will come to the aid. The basic technique of its implementation is to cover the chest with the palms and perform several circular movements of the shoulders towards the chest.

To make less visible stretch marks that appeared after childbirth, it is first necessary to apply specialized creams, and the session to complete a contrast shower.

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In addition to the massage of the female breast, one should remember about physical activity: there are special exercises that strengthen the muscles on which the chest lies, helping to achieve the desired result more easily and quickly.


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