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Bad ecology, harmful nutrition and regular stresses do not have the best effect on our skin, so there are very few girls who can boast of an ideal skin condition. In the modern world, our skin requires special attention, so you need to use special means to protect the skin from the effects of the external environment, as well as the consequences of these effects - from acne, acne, inflammation and other problems. And not to "stuff" the skin with another portion of "chemistry" is to use natural skin care products. A radiant assistant in this hard work will be a mask for the face of the tea tree.


What is a tea tree?

Hearing the name "tea tree" for the first time immediately conduct an association with the world famous drink. But this tree has nothing to do with tea. The tea tree, or as it is also called Melaleuca, became known to the world after the first seafarers reached Australia. There, this tree, the Myrtov family, has long been popular with the local population. The tree itself is very similar to eucalyptus, except that the eucalyptus has a smooth trunk with almost no bark, and the tea tree has a scaly, thin bark.

Australians used the leaves of the tea tree since ancient times. He was not only applied to the wounds in order to suppress inflammation, but also treated various diseases with leaves and even used a gruel from leaves, as an antidote for snake bites.

In the modern world, the leaves of the tea tree make oil, which has become popular all over the world because of its almost healing properties.

The healing properties of tea tree oil

This miracle oil is made from the leaves of the tea tree by distilling them with water vapor. This essential oil has long established itself in medicine, dentistry, and in cosmetology - it simply has no equal. Because the mascara for the face of the tea tree copes well with the rashes on the skin, soothe it and perfectly fight wrinkles around the eyes.

The main medicinal properties of tea tree oil: 

  • Antifungal. 
  • Bactericidal. 
  • Immunostimulating. 
  • Anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to its generous composition, tea tree oil serves as an excellent antiseptic, it helps to heal wounds, perfectly copes with disinfection of the oral cavity and even with the treatment of sore throat. Also, oil can be used for aromatherapy. Its smell stimulates the immune system and helps relieve tension.

But, of course, the best little tea tree has proved itself in cosmetology, and it's not surprising. Now this miracle of nature is added to most creams, shampoos and hair balms. A mask for the face of the tea tree literally works wonders with the skin of the face.

Benefits of tea tree for the face

Thanks to its antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil does wonders with your skin. A mask made of tea tree, if applied regularly, will allow you to always look perfect, save from acne and even relieve acne. Such masks will help to cleanse the skin, restore her normal healthy color and correct relief.

So, from what unpleasant things the regular use of masks from a tea tree will relieve. First of all from acne.


The anti-inflammatory properties of this curative product help to quickly remove inflammation and redness on the skin. Also, its components stimulate the skin for rapid regeneration.


This unpleasant problem experienced almost every one of us in adolescence. But even 10-15 years ago we had very few sources, from which we could learn about how to get rid of acne. The Internet was not yet rich in advice of this kind, and pharmacies did not give this problem the necessary attention. Now things are different. From the hated acne you can get rid of in a matter of days thanks to a mask of tea tree. Also, the face can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in this oil, and the result will not take long. First of all, due to the components of the oil, the itching disappears, then the inflammation and, with the right approach, acne.

Zaeda and herpes on the lips

A beautiful smile is a kind of "visiting card" for each of us. But, when on the lips or in their corners hid seizures or herpes, you will agree, we are smiling reluctantly. There are many different creams and special remedies for getting rid of this problem. But what could be better than a natural remedy - tea tree oil. This miracle oil will cope with this difficult task.

Oily skin

Combined and oily skin always requires more thorough care. Therefore, many beauticians advise girls and guys with such a problem, make regular masks from the tea tree, and add a little of this oil to face creams. And problems with oily skin, and especially the T-zone, can be avoided.

Irritation after shaving

Shaving can be a procedure that, instead of giving smooth skin, brings only irritation, redness and ugly skin lesions. It does not matter, whether shaving your face, legs or intimate areas. It would seem that this problem should save the shaving cream and lotion, which I use after this procedure. Tea tree oil will also save this problem. It is enough to add a few drops to the lotion or after shave cream. And due to its wound-healing properties, oil will help to quickly get rid of after shaving.

Recipes of masks from a tea tree for the face

Before you start applying face masks, worry about cleaning the skin from make-up and street dust. The fact is that if the mask is applied to the dirty face of the desired effect, you can not wait.

Masks for the face of tea tree are suitable for all skin types, the main thing - to choose the right ingredients of the mask correctly. Even if there are no problems with the skin, do not neglect the facial masks from the tea tree, as they will become an ideal prevention for acne, acne, other inflammations and even fine wrinkles.

There are a lot of recipes for tea tree face masks. We bring to your attention the most popular and effective of them:

Face mask from tea tree for oily skin

To prepare the mask, you need one egg white, one drop of lavender oil and one drop of chamomile essential oil, tea tree oil needs three drops. The protein must be thoroughly beaten and mixed with the rest of the ingredients. The mask is applied to the face for 15 minutes. It must be washed off with cool water. After using a face mask from the tea tree, it is worth using lotion. By the way, cosmetologists note that such a mask can be done without additional essential oils, only one tea will suffice.

Mask for problem skin

For a better and quicker effect of applying this mask to its ingredients, it is necessary to add blue clay. About 70 g of cosmetic blue clay should be carefully mixed with a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream. Add to the mask three drops of tea tree oil and apply it to your face for 15 minutes. We wash off the mask with lukewarm water.

Cleansing mask for tonus of skin

To prepare this mask, except for two drops of tea tree oil, one small handful of oatmeal and a little lemon juice will be needed. Also for this procedure, it is necessary to brew strong green tea, let it brew and cool. A little green tea mixed with all the ingredients and put a mask on the skin of the face. Intensive movements rub the mask into the skin of the face, like a scrub. Leave the mask for 5-10 minutes, and then carefully wash it off with cold water.

Mask for the face of tea tree from acne

First of all, to remove acne use undiluted tea tree oil or mixed with olive oil. Use undiluted tea tree oil carefully. The fact is that although many experts claim that it is hypoallergenic, but in some people there is an individual intolerance to this product. Therefore, before using it is worth checking the reaction of the skin to oil. To do this, just drop a little oil on any part of the skin, wash it off after 15 minutes. Then you need to wait about an hour before the allergic reaction. If everything is fine, you can use undiluted oil to get rid of pimples. To do this, several days in a row using a cotton swab to apply oil to the affected areas of the skin.

You can get rid of pimples and mask with tea tree oil and birch oil. To prepare such a mask, you must mix one drop of birch oil, along with 3 drops of tea tree oil. If desired, you can also add a drop of lavender oil, it also positively affects the skin condition, soothes it. This mask for the face of the tea tree should be kept on the face for not more than ten minutes.

Moisturizing Mask

Tea tree oil perfectly "cooperates" with various kinds of dairy products. Only for the preparation of masks is best to use those dairy products that contain the lowest percentage of fat. For a moisturizing mask, we need a cottage cheese - about 100 grams, a spoonful of strong chamomile broth and about 3-4 drops of tea tree oil. All you need to mix very carefully, and even better to shake with a blender to get a creamy mass. The mask is put on the face and we hold it for a long time until it dries. Then wash off the mask with cool water.

Face mask from tea tree cleansing pores

Honey has long been known for its curative properties, and in a duet with tea tree oil - it just works wonders. That's why it's worth to set aside 20 minutes for yourself and make yourself an easy cleansing mask that requires a minimum of ingredients. To do this, mix three tablespoons of honey with four drops of tea tree oil, and to make the mask easily applied to the skin, you can add a little olive oil to it. So, we mix olive oil with honey and slightly heat this mixture, it is possible in a microwave. Then add to this mass of tea tree oil and whisk everything with a whisk or blender. Keep such a mask on your face you need no more than twenty minutes.

Mask for combination skin

To avoid problems with combination skin, you can use milk thistle oil and tea tree oil. On a teaspoon of milk thistle oil, you need to add a drop of tea tree oil and apply this mixture on your face. By the way, this mask needs to be washed off with warm water, and then wash cold or use lotion.

Mask from black dots

To prepare such a mask, we, except for tea tree oil, need a tincture of marigold, oil of oregano and a little oil of lavender. A tablespoon of calendula infusion is mixed with two drops of tea tree oil. Then add a drop of oils of oregano and marigold. This mixture is diluted with 100 ml of boiled or purified water. In a solution we soak a tissue napkin, by the way, for this purpose you can use a regular bandage or gauze, and put it on your face. We hold the mask for about 15 minutes, then wash it off. But repeat the procedure after 10 minutes one more time.

Reviews about masks from tea tree for the face

In the vastness of the Internet, there are a lot of reviews about facial masks from the tea tree, and almost 100% of them are exceptionally positive. This oil is credited with almost miraculous properties.

Many girls note that the effect is noticeable not only in the first days of use, but even in the first hours, literally immediately after the mask is washed off. There are practically no negative reviews about the mascara for tea tree face. Even if someone doubts its properties, the other ladies simply dispel these doubts.

Some forum users say that oil can cause skin burns, but then hundreds of girls immediately deny this information. By the way, this oil is hypoallergenic, but nevertheless, for your own safety, check how you carry it, because there is an individual intolerance of some components.

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