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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Thanks to its antibacterial components, the mask of strawberry for the face to cope with acne, as well as speed up the regeneration of the skin.

Strawberries were famous for their properties since ancient Egypt. Cleopatra herself used it as a means for rejuvenating and giving a sensual sweet aroma to the skin. The Egyptian queen mixed strawberry juice with goat's milk and added this elixir to the bathing water. Thanks to this mixture her skin was always young and velvety. Strawberries were popular in many countries. For example, the queen of France, the wife of King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, the strawberry was not only a favorite dessert, but also served as a wonderful cosmetic for the skin. She rubbed her face every day with a berry cut in half with her skin, so the color was white. Even today, many celebrities use this valuable gift of nature. Now we will try to reveal the secret about the properties and benefits of face mask masks, we will guide you through several examples of their preparation, as well as tell the secrets of the beauty of the famous actress Salma Hayek.

Effect of strawberries on the skin

Strawberries are very rich in useful substances, which have a positive effect on the structure and color of the skin. Due to the components, namely, gallic and hydroxybenzoic acid, it "knits" the skin and tightens the enlarged pores. That is why strawberries are ideal for rejuvenating aging skin that has lost its freshness. Also in this sweet berry contains chlorogenic acid, which has antibacterial and wound-healing effect. Because of this strawberry perfectly cope with acne, help in healing sunburn and soothe the weather-beaten skin. By the way, about sunburn. Strawberry contains ellagic acid, which is used as a soothing ingredient in after-sun care. Strawberries are a powerful antioxidant because of the large amounts of vitamin C and water-soluble flavonoids in it.

Use of mask from strawberry for the face

Scientists from Italy and Spain in conducting joint studies of the effects of strawberries on the skin found that the components of this delicious berry beneficial effect on skin by reducing the destruction of epidermal cells when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. It is this ability that plays a crucial role in the tendency to develop skin cancer. Strawberry berries contain an incredible amount of vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, as well as the ability to synthesize vitamin K in it, with the addition of fats.

Properties of mask from strawberry for the face

The properties of the mask from strawberry for the face depends on the additional ingredients in the prepared mixture. Strawberries are best for oily skin with large pores, as it has astringent properties. Also, this berry perfectly suits for the preparation of an anti-aging mask because of its ability to prevent the destruction of collagen. In the spring and summer, it will help to prevent the appearance of freckles and pigment spots. Residents of the city mask of strawberry for the face will be just a rescue from the aggressive manifestations of the external environment, namely exhaust gases, dust, dirt, sweat.

Recipes of masks from strawberry for the face

Strawberries are quite a versatile product, so it can be combined with almost any ingredient, as well as used separately. By combining the components, you can achieve different results and apply masks to different types of skin. When preparing masks from strawberries for the face, it is important to consider that vitamin C contained in it is destroyed if you use iron utensils. Therefore, for preparation you need to use a container of plastic or glass. Preparing "live" masks - this is a fairly creative process, so we will not give specific recipes, but only advise what to combine best for the best effect.

Recipes of masks from a strawberry for the face with a fat type of a skin

To obtain masks from strawberries for the face with a fat type of skin, the rubbed strawberry or strawberry juice can be combined with: lemon juice, honey, milk, kefir, starch. Lemon juice will lighten and even tone the skin and reduce the secretion of sebum. Honey saturates the skin with useful substances, creates a protective layer on the skin, and also eliminates inflammation. Milk will be gentle to nourish, take care of withered skin, and also will give an even complexion. Kefir will nourish the skin while not increasing the secretion of sebum, saturate with useful substances and soothe. Starch has a matting effect, absorbs excess skin fat and prevents its increased formation.

Recipes of masks from strawberry for the face with a dry type of skin

To get masks from strawberry for a face with a dry type of skin, the wiped strawberry or strawberry juice can be combined with: 20% cream, flour, face cream, oat flakes, olive oil, cottage cheese. Cream perfectly moisturize, smooth the complexion and increase the ability to absorb nutrients from strawberries. Face cream intensively nourishes the most dry areas of the skin, cares and smoothes wrinkles. Oat flakes are cleaned, matted and refreshed. Olive oil perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, as well as saturates it with an antioxidant - vitamin E. Cottage cheese has a binding effect, allows you to absorb not only vitamin C, but also vitamin K, and also well nourishes the faded skin. Flour has a light scraping effect, makes the skin look dull and makes the mask more dense.

Recipes of masks from strawberry for the face with a normal type of skin

To obtain masks from strawberry for a face with a normal skin type, the wiped strawberries or strawberry juice can be combined with: essential oils of orange, neroli, tea tree, avocado, almond oil, cosmetic clay, chopped oat flakes. The essential oil of the orange will smooth out the complexion, saturate the skin with vitamins and will interfere with the inflammatory processes. Neroli oil balances the secretion of sebum in problem areas, gently nourishes the skin and smoothes out fine facial wrinkles. Essential oil of tea tree will perfectly fight with inflammation of the skin, cleanse the pores and prevent the release of excess sebum. Almond oil and avocado oil perfectly nourish the skin, saturating it with nutrients, and also help in the fight against age-related wrinkles. Cosmetic clay will deeply cleanse the skin, narrow the pores and give the skin dullness. Shredded oat flakes are cleaned, matted and refreshed.

Peeling face mask for all skin types

To get pilling face masks, you need to use a mashed strawberry, moisturizing and pilling ingredients. Natural pilling can be: sea and ordinary salt, jojoba granules, natural ground coffee, ground cereals, poppy seeds. For oily skin, salt is ideal, for dry - jojoba granules, normal day - ground coffee, for sensitive - ground oat flakes. The moisturizing component can be cream or sour cream (for dry skin), milk or kefir (for oily skin), light cream or avocado oil (for normal skin).

Personal mask of strawberry for the face from Salma Hayek

For its preparation we need: strawberries, rice, milk, olive oil, egg, mint. First you need to cook rice porridge on milk. Cool it and rub it (you can blender). Add the mashed strawberries, yolk from the egg, a tablespoon of olive oil and mint leaves crushed in the blender. According to Salma, this mask perfectly nourishes, matures, and also refreshes the skin of the face. With its daily application, your skin will shine with health. Look at the skin of Salma Hayek!

Reviews of the mask of strawberry for the face

Strawberries are a universal berry. As a cosmetic product, it is suitable for women of all ages and with any type of skin. Contraindications to the use of mask from strawberries for the face can be only individual intolerance of the product.

We want to note that in the manufacture of cosmetics with strawberry flavor, strawberry extract is rarely used. All because this ingredient is very difficult to conserve, and if preservatives are not used, then the agent will very soon become unusable. What do they smell then? - you ask. Unfortunately, in the manufacture of "strawberry" creams, masks, lipsticks and the like use conventional chemical flavors, and this strawberry even "does not smell." Therefore, use the gifts of nature in its original form, preparing yourself a mask of strawberry for the skin of the face.

Apply the mask to the previously cleaned dry skin, for more active exposure of the components. For the convenience of a special bandage for hair. If the face mask made of strawberries turned out to be too liquid, after applying it to your face, cover with a film of skin large areas of skin that require the greatest care.

Strawberry juice can also be used as a morning tonic. For this purpose, you need to grind strawberries and dilute them with water. After pour into molds and freeze. Every morning, wipe your face with an ice cube and after a week of application you will see a colossal difference.

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