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There are many cosmetic brands, each of which produces its own type of decorative cosmetics. Let's look at the most popular brands of decorative cosmetics.

  • "Givenchy" is a cosmetic brand with a long history. Givenchy cosmetics won beautiful women from all over the world, the quality of their products and reasonable price orientation.
  • "Lancome" is the French brand of decorative cosmetics. The advantage of this brand is that all the products from Lancome have high quality and unsurpassed aroma.
  • "The Body Shop" - a whole line of cosmetics and decorative cosmetics. Everything from balsams to care for the body, then different lipsticks and concealer for the eyebrows.
  • Yves Rocher or Les Plaisirs Nature is one of the few cosmetic brands that boasts 100% natural makeup. It releases everything from shadows to eyelids, to perfumes and balms for hair.
  • "Faberlic" is a Russian cosmetic brand, which is gradually gaining popularity in many countries of the world. The advantage of this brand of makeup in its accessibility.


Decorative organic cosmetics

Decorative organic cosmetics are new words in the world of beauty. The peculiarity of such cosmetics is that it contains only natural ingredients that carefully care for the skin. But, despite this, organic cosmetics is 100% coping with its decorative tasks.

Components that are part of organic cosmetics fully meet all the requirements of organic products. From such cosmetics you will not have itching, redness, dryness or allergic reactions on the skin. Cosmetics are made from plant raw materials, which is grown in ecological areas and is not subject to chemical treatment. The quality of organic cosmetics is confirmed by a number of certificates, such as: ECOCERT, ICEA, etc.

Organic makeup makes women not only beautiful, but also care for the skin. And this is a guarantee that your beauty and youth are in safe hands

Russian decorative cosmetics

Every year, Russian decorative cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular. And this is not surprising, as Russian manufacturers break stereotypes and create high-quality cosmetic products with natural ingredients. Let's consider the most popular Russian cosmetic brands.

  • "Nevskaya Cosmetics".
  • "Freedom".
  • "Ballet".
  • "Ural Gems".
  • "Black Pearl".
  • "Make-up."

These cosmetic brands are popular, both among residents of Russia and other countries. Some brands from the above presented produce only anti-aging cosmetics, while others combine a low price and a natural composition. When choosing Russian decorative cosmetics, you need to focus on average prices and carefully read the composition of funds.

Decorative Cosmetics in Moscow

Every girl wants to look beautiful and have an excellent make-up, this can help quality decorative cosmetics. Moscow is a metropolitan city, so there are a lot of brand shops with different brands of decorative cosmetics. Going to choose a brand new lipstick or mascara, go around a couple of shops, in order to choose the most suitable for both quality and price means.

In Moscow, several shops of world-famous brands of decorative cosmetics and their own cosmetic brands are represented. You can easily find decorative cosmetics with natural ingredients, professional cosmetics and cosmetics for children.

Belarusian decorative cosmetics

In recent years, significant changes have occurred in the world of cosmetic production. So, Belarusian cosmetics have found their consumers in many countries of the world. The breakthrough of Belarusian manufacturers in the use of new modern production technologies and the professional development of the makeup of cosmetics.

All Belarusian cosmetic brands work to produce high-quality products from natural ingredients. It is this fact that has become the prerogative of decorative cosmetics from Belarus among other famous brands. Manufacturers have taken care of that the buyer could find any means of beauty at the domestic manufacturer and spend for it a minimum of money resources.

Korean decorative cosmetics

Korean decorative cosmetics - this is the main secret of the beauty of Asian women. That's why Asian women have such smooth and silky skin, and makeup always looks 100%. The most popular Korean brands of decorative cosmetics: Etude House, TonyMoly, Innisfree, Missha. The peculiarity of brands is that only their natural ingredients are included in their cosmetic products. Each decorative means is intended for caring care of any type of skin.

The technology of Korean decorative cosmetics production in the use of plant ingredients, which grow only in the territory of Korea. So, many decorative products contain in their composition extracts of algae and ginseng, fruit acids and charcoal, collagen and natural oils. The combination of modern technologies and ancient beauty recipes allows creating amazing means, the effect of which only pleases.

Japanese decorative cosmetics

Japanese decorative cosmetics became famous throughout the world not only for a wide range of cosmetics, which are presented in every country, but also by modern production technologies. The most popular Japanese cosmetics are IV creams. Also, the popularity is enjoyed by huge shadows of shadows, high-quality blush, a chic choice of nail varnishes and means for caring for hands and hair.

Japanese women always look young and beautiful, their secret is in using high-quality domestic cosmetics. To date, almost any decorative cosmetic from Japan can be purchased via the Internet. It is enough to go to the site of the Japanese manufacturer and choose the goods you like. This is a guarantee that you will get a quality product in your hands.

Israeli Decorative Cosmetics

Israeli decorative cosmetics have always struck with their ingredients and impeccable quality. And this is not surprising, since most of the funds have a part of the curative ingredients of the Dead Sea. The most popular Israeli cosmetic brands: Ahava, Holy Land, Dead Sea Premier, Mineral Beauty System and Sea of SPA.

The basis of Israeli decorative cosmetics is modern production, minerals and salt of the Dead Sea. These ingredients are known to everyone, thanks to their healing and regenerating properties. Buying such cosmetics you can create not only an amazing make-up, but also take care of the skin condition, give it all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

French Decorative Cosmetics

At many women, the French decorative cosmetics associates with high quality, dearness and elite. But this is not always the case, because the French cosmetic market is aimed at all segments of the population. Therefore, in France, a lot of quality and affordable to every cosmetic brand.

The most popular French brands: L'Oreal, Garnier, Maybelline, Bourjois, Yves Rocher, Christian Dior, Lancome and others. The peculiarity of French decorative cosmetics is that it can easily become a professional cosmetics line in its properties and composition. Buying such decorative means, you get the guarantee that on your skin will be only quality components that do not harm, but on the contrary, will nourish, moisturize and protect.

German decorative cosmetics

German decorative cosmetics is unique, because it is designed specifically for this or that type of skin. This is very convenient if you need a quality product that will create a bright stylish make-up, but at the same time will carefully take care of the skin.

In Germany, many cosmetic brands that are popular with beauties from around the world. The peculiarity of such cosmetics is that it is created in modern production with the use of ingredients that are safe for humans. We can say with certainty that German decorative cosmetics are a high-quality product, which is created with the scrupulousness inherent in the German.

Polish decorative cosmetics

Polish decorative cosmetics pleases consumers with a wide range of products. The most popular Polish cosmetic brand is Bell. Manufacturers of cosmetics create unique tools that perfectly fit the rhythm of the life of a modern woman. In make-up from Polish cosmetics, you do not need to worry about that the shadows fall off, the ink will flow, and the lipstick will fade. No, make-up will please with freshness and beauty throughout the day.

Polish decorative cosmetics are produced according to European quality standards. And this is a guarantee that in the hands of the end consumer will get a quality product from natural and safe ingredients. All this makes Polish decorative cosmetics one of the leaders in the production of decorative cosmetics.

Decorative Mineral Cosmetics

Decorative mineral cosmetics is a new trend in the world of beauty. What are the peculiarities of this kind of cosmetics, whether it really has a mineral base and how it affects the skin. Let's consider all the issues that concern decorative mineral cosmetics.

Mineral cosmetics are products from real minerals. So, some components of such cosmetics are extracted from the ground and ground to a powder. Such a mineral as mica gives radiance, which is very common in powder, blushes and shadows for the eyelids.

Qualitative mineral decorative cosmetics should contain such substances as: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The advantage of these minerals is that they protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Zinc oxide is a hypoallergenic component that protects the skin from irritation and negative environmental effects. As a rule, mineral components in decorative cosmetics are presented in the form of powder, that is, powder. To date, mineral cosmetics occupy a separate niche among connoisseurs of beauty.


Manufacturers of decorative cosmetics

Manufacturers of decorative cosmetics are cosmetic concerns that produce cosmetics for all, both for men, and for women and children. Every woman or man has his own favorite brand of decorative cosmetics, the means of which are most often bought. Let's look at the most popular manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, which are in demand in our country.

The leaders are such cosmetic brands as: Avon, Oriflame, Amway. The popularity of these manufacturers is quite understandable. The first two, offer a wide range of decorative cosmetics at affordable prices. A third manufacturer is pleased with the quality of the goods, but has higher prices, compared with the first.

Such brands of decorative cosmetics as, Yves Rocher, Faberlic, Garnier, L'Oreal, Mary Kay, also have their own consumer market. But the main thing remains that all manufacturers are trying to improve the production and formulation of cosmetics for the benefit of consumers.

Rating of decorative cosmetics

The rating of decorative cosmetics allows you to determine which manufacturer is better, which brand is better and which cosmetics are most often bought. We offer you a rating of decorative cosmetics for certain products and the most popular manufacturer and brands.

  • Eyeshadow - Dior 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette. According to many girls and women, the shade of the palette of shadows of this particular manufacturer is of the highest quality, well laid down and held for a long time in makeup.
  • Pencil for eyes - Dolce & Gabbana. Expensive, but high-quality product with which you do not have to worry about the appearance of conjunctivitis or your eyes will itch and blush.
  • Blush is Yves Saint Laurent. A natural product and quality ingredients. Blush not only gives make-up perfection, but also enriches the skin with minerals.

Everyone who uses decorative cosmetics can create their own rating of cosmetics and manufacturers independently. This makes it possible to choose the best manufacturer for various cosmetic products and for a certain type of skin.

Decorative Cosmetics Loreal

Decorative cosmetics Loreal is the leader in the Russian cosmetic market. And this is not surprising, since cosmetics are produced in Russia. Loreal has also established itself in other countries of the world as a quality brand with a wide range of products for customers with different needs.

The motto of the cosmetic brand Loreal is "You deserve it". The company confirms its credo, producing quality products. All the decorative cosmetics from l'oreal can be divided into several groups. So, the company lets out agents for the person, that is voice-frequency creams, blush, powder. Eyes makeup tools: eye shadow, eyelash cosmetics, mascara. Cosmetics for lips - lipsticks, balms and shines. Each of the product lines is of high quality and corresponds to the standards of decorative cosmetics.


Decorative cosmetics Siberica

Decorative cosmetics Siberica or Natura Siberica is a brand of organic cosmetics brand from Russia. The main component of all cosmetics is unique Siberian herbs. The harsh climate of Siberia allows to produce cosmetics from plants that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. It is these properties endowed with hardy plants.

Decorative cosmetics siberika the first cosmetic brand of Russia, which received international quality certificates - ICEA and ECOCERT. All the ingredients that make up cosmetics are grown in protected areas, which makes the product more quality. Millions of women in this world have already appreciated the quality of decorative cosmetics siberik.

Decorative Cosmetics Chanel

Decorative cosmetics Chanel has presented for its consumers a wide range of different means for tone correction. Decorative cosmetics Chanel makes the skin smooth, radiant and healthy. In the range of decorative products are cosmetics for the lips and eyes, tonal cosmetics, hair cosmetics.

Lipsticks from this brand are in great demand. The popularity of such cosmetics is that the manufacturer produces cosmetics for women of all ages. Many lipsticks and glosses have moisturizing and nutritional components that care for the lips. In addition to decorative cosmetics, Chanel offers special accessories for the use of cosmetics. These are different sizes of brushes, powder boxes, puffs, sponges and much more.

Decorative cosmetics Letual

Decorative cosmetics Letual offers a variety of products for beauty and health. So, the company works in four main directions. This cosmetics for the face, eyes, lips and hair. This cosmetic brand produces good tonal bases and eye shadow.

The tonal bases from the flywale smoothly lie on the skin and create an amazing effect of smooth even skin. Tonalka flyau accurately disguises minor skin imperfections and improves the natural tone of the face. The eyelashes of Letual have a huge color scheme. This allows you to choose the right option for girls with any color of eyes and hair and for any type of makeup.

Decorative cosmetics Lankom

Decorative cosmetics Lankom - cosmetic brand with a rather interesting history. Initially, Lanka was engaged in the production of perfumes, and later began to produce decorative cosmetics. The company was founded by a man who devoted many years to working with perfumery, so the decorative cosmetics from Lanka have a charming scent that will be captivated from the first seconds.

Like other brands of decorative cosmetics, Lancome offers consumers cosmetics for the eyes, that is, eye shadow, eyeliner, pencils. Cosmetics for the face - blush, powders, foundation. Cosmetics for lips - moisturizing and protecting lipsticks, balms and lip gloss. Another feature of decorative cosmetics from Lanka is that the brand produces special products for a certain season and for all skin types. Thanks to this, each woman will be able to choose her own makeup, which is ideal for her.

Decorative Cosmetics Revlon

Decorative cosmetics Revlon is an American cosmetic brand. The company is engaged in the production of perfumes, personal care products and, of course, decorative cosmetics. Factories producing cosmetics Revlon are located in more than 22 countries. Revlon and its decorative products have repeatedly been fashion trendsetters in the world of cosmetics, beauty and make-up. In addition, it was this company that first began to produce cosmetic sets, which were selected according to the color scheme.

All decorative cosmetics Revlon is made from high quality ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin. All the products of the company are tested in special laboratories. Every year, revlon improves and improves its decorative cosmetics.

Decorative Cosmetics Black Pearl

Decorative cosmetics Black Pearl is a company from Russia, which is awarded worldwide recognition. Cosmetic black pearls are created for daily use. Doing make-up with the funds of this brand, you can be sure that you will not only have a beautiful make-up, but also gentle skin care.

Decorative cosmetics has a basic line of cosmetics - this is the range of cosmetics for perfect make-up. So, all decorative cosmetics is divided into age categories. This makes it possible for every woman to choose the cosmetic product that perfectly fits her skin type and corresponds to age-related nuances. The advantage of decorative cosmetics Black Pearl is that all the products have high quality and reasonable price.

Decorative cosmetics ZHivanshi

Decorative cosmetics ZHivanshi is the French elite brand of cosmetics. Givenchy produces luxury cosmetics. That is, all the cosmetics of this manufacturer has a high quality, which is confirmed by many quality certificates and recognitions of the best brand of decorative cosmetics. In addition to decorative cosmetics, zhivanshi produces perfumes and clothes. Each type of product from the lifeblood found its consumer.

The most popular decorative products from Givenchy are: tonal bases, lip glosses and lip balms, lipsticks, powders, eye shadows, mascara with lengthening effect. In the makeup of the cosmetics manufacturer adds minerals, thermal waters and precious metals. Thanks to this, cosmetics from zhivanshi is of high quality.

Decorative Cosmetics Gerlen

Decorative cosmetics Guerlain is a French cosmetic brand. Guerlain produces a lot of cosmetic products for both skin care and creating the perfect make-up.

Particularly popular decorative means for the face. Toned powder from gerlen - this is an excellent tool that allows you to make the skin color more smoothly, give matte and hide flaws. Guerlain has several varieties of tonal bases - it's cream powder and foundation in the form of balls, which must be applied with a brush and tonalka in the form of an aerosol and, of course, a classic - a liquid foundation.

The main advantage of decorative cosmetics gerlen is that it has a centuries-old history. So, even during Napoleon, ladies used lipstick from Guerlain.

Decorative cosmetics Avon

Decorative cosmetics Avon is a popular cosmetic brand among young girls, and adult women. The company's history dates back to 1886. At that time, the company was engaged in the production of perfumes. Its name, the company Avon received after the travel of the creator David McConnell to England to the River Avon.

A little later, namely in 1900, the company began to produce decorative cosmetics and skin care products for face and body. The company avon offers its consumers: perfumery, a wide range of decorative cosmetics, skin care and hygiene products, hair care products. Please note that the company produces three lines of decorative cosmetics: funds for men and women and cosmetics for children.

Decorative cosmetics Armani

Armani decorative cosmetics is a popular luxury cosmetics brand. All funds from Giorgio Armani have in their composition high-quality natural ingredients and are intended for middle-aged women. But, despite this, the manufacturer produces decorative products and for customers of young age.

The most popular means of decorative cosmetics from Armani are lipsticks, shines and fragrant talcs for shade. Also, Armani has a beautiful line of decorative eye shadow. All the cosmetics from Armani are pleased not only with quality, but also with stylish packaging, which has no analogues.

Decorative cosmetics Artistry

Decorative cosmetics Aristri is a huge assortment of cosmetic products, which are designed to emphasize natural beauty and charm. Cosmetic means Artistry have several rulers of means - these are foundation creams, that is, bases for make-up, blush, powders, corrective pencils and gels.

Cosmetics aristri developed by special recipes. So, all decorative products are hypoallergenic and made of special natural ingredients, which carefully take care of the skin. If you are looking for quality decorative cosmetics that has millions of consumers around the world, then you need Artistry cosmetics.

Decorative cosmetics Bremen

Decorative cosmetics Bremen has age-related cosmetic lines. So, there are funds that are meant for mature skin and middle-aged women. But there is cosmetics for young beauties. The peculiarity of Bremani cosmetics is that all the products have convenient applicators and vials that make the use of cosmetics convenient and simple.

The advantage of decorative cosmetics is that all products are made only from natural ingredients. Bremani cooperates with many cosmetic brands of global importance. So, the bramani is famous for her pencils for the eyes and lips, which allow to create perfect make-up.

Decorative cosmetics Vichy

Decorative cosmetics Vichy - this is the brainchild of a French cosmetic company. Vichy is a company that positions itself as the leading leader and manufacturer of therapeutic decorative cosmetics. The main ingredient of Vichy Cosmetics is thermal water. This component is used for toning and moisturizing the face. Thermal water is part of the tonal bases and all creams from Vichy.

Another advantage of Vichy cosmetics is the natural make-up of cosmetics. Using lipstick or eyeliner, you can be sure that your skin is protected by the natural makeup.

Cosmetic cosmetics Sisley

Decorative cosmetics Sisley is a French cosmetic brand. Cosmetics Sisley is the leader of luxury cosmetics. Decorative cosmetics sisley is represented in more than 80 countries. Almost 80% of cosmetics are imported to other countries. The success of Sisley is that only high-quality natural products and modern technology are used in the production of cosmetics.

Like all brands of decorative cosmetics, Sisley produces lipsticks, carcasses, eyeliner, eye and lip pencils, eye shadow, blush, powder, nail polish and much more. To order cosmetics Sisley it is possible and on an official site of the company. The brand will please you not only with the quality of products, but also with stylish packaging of cosmetics.

Natural decorative cosmetics

Natural decorative cosmetics - this is what all cosmetic brands aspire to and appreciate all buyers. The naturalness of cosmetics is determined by the composition of the product. The more in a tube of natural herbal ingredients, that is, oils, extracts and so on, such cosmetics are more appreciated.

The main advantage of natural decorative cosmetics is that such cosmetic products not only allow creating a wonderful make-up, but also carefully care for the skin. So, if the composition of foundation contains tea tree extract, then such a tool will perfectly moisturize your skin. Lipstick with vitamins C, A or E is a guarantee that damaged skin cells will quickly and well recover. Advantages of natural cosmetics are many, but the main thing is safety for the human body.

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