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Decorative cosmetics - this is an obligatory component of cosmetics for every beauty. To make-up cosmetics include foundation, lipstick, shadows, mascara, blush and other beauty products. Everything that allows you to completely reincarnate and emphasize the natural beauty. Let's look at the features of decorative cosmetics, the most popular cosmetic brands and how to use cosmetics properly.

So, what is decorative cosmetics? This cosmetics, which helps to emphasize the natural beauty of the face and body and hide the disadvantages. But recently, more and more often, the inability to correctly use decorative cosmetics leads to the opposite. That is, shortcomings are emphasized and aggravated. That this does not happen, it is necessary to be able to correctly use decorative cosmetics.

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History of decorative cosmetics

The history of decorative cosmetics has many centuries, more precisely, its beginning lies in those times when people first began to care for the skin. Suffice it to recall the ancient tattoos, which made a special herbal remedy, which did not harm the skin. Initially, cosmetics were used for purely hygienic purposes, that is, protect the skin. We made cosmetics ourselves on the basis of plant and animal components. Thus, some peoples had special initiation ceremonies, during which the skin was decorated with the help of special cosmetics, prepared by hand.

Decorative cosmetics and make-up, known to all people, this is proved by archaeological excavations. Thus, during excavations in Egypt, vessels were found that resembled cases for lipstick and a bowl in which the remains of oil were found, which, apparently, was used to moisturize and protect the skin. Moreover, decorative cosmetics were used by both men and women.

To date, the world of cosmetics is writing a new story. A story in which there are professional cosmetologists and make-up artists. All decorative cosmetics have quality certificates and assortment, allowing to choose a remedy for any type of skin or make-up style.

We offer you a small instruction on the correct use of decorative cosmetics:

  1. Before using cosmetics, the skin needs to be prepared. Wash, wipe face with lotion or special milk. Still it is possible to put on a skin a cream which will protect a skin from negative action of decorative cosmetics and will allow to carry more irreproachable make up.
  2. The first point of applying decorative cosmetics is the tonal basis. Choose a tone that will match your natural. Tonalka will create an even complexion, make the skin tender and younger.
  3. It is recommended to fix the tonal cream with friable powder. With light movements, powder the whole face, so that the tone is smooth and the effect of the mask is not created. By the way, powder can be used throughout the day, in order to straighten up the makeup.
  4. Behind the tonal cream and powder comes the turn of blush. For a perfect make-up, blush is not necessary. But if you want to emphasize the beauty of the cheekbones, then use the blush with a tone that suits your color and skin type.
  5. It is recommended to choose lipstick for the color of blush, or at least close shades. This applies to the lip gloss.
  6. Eyeshadows should be chosen according to the color of the eyes. So, there are certain shades that are suitable for blue, green, gray or brown eyes. Shadows can be selected and depending on the color of the hair.

Professional decorative cosmetics

Professional decorative cosmetics are cosmetic products used by professional make-up artists to create the perfect make-up. A feature of professional decorative cosmetics in the external form of the means. Jars, tubes and caps of professional cosmetics, as a rule, are transparent. This is necessary in order for the make-up artist to see the color of the remedy. All packages are light and durable - this is necessary in order for cosmetics to maintain its integrity for a long time. The volumes of professional cosmetic products are large, this is necessary in order to interest the buyer not only by the appearance of the product, but also by its quantity.

Professional decorative cosmetics should be easy to use, but high-quality. So, manufacturers take care of that all tubes and jars open easily. This is necessary in order to facilitate the work of the make-up artist. So, for example, in the palette of shadows, there should be enough distance between the colors that they do not mix when used. Powder or blush should be in a large convenient jar so that you can work with them with a large makeup brush. Please note that many brands of decorative cosmetics, produce funds with replaceable tablets. That is, when the blush is over, you can buy another tablet, insert it into the box and continue to use.

Another advantage of professional decorative cosmetics in its quality. Make-up of such cosmetics looks more natural and lasts a long time.

Composition of decorative cosmetics

The composition of decorative cosmetics is its quality. The more in the composition of natural components, the better, therefore more safe and more expensive decorative cosmetics. The composition of high-quality natural cosmetics should not contain components that can cause an allergic reaction, irritation or the appearance of black spots, that is, comedones. When buying a cosmetic product, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition indicated on the tube. If the composition is not written on the product, but only hints that after this makeup you will become a beauty, for example, "a delightful lipstick, with the effect of radiance", then it is better not to buy such a remedy.

  • If, when choosing makeup, you buy a tonic for washing or foam, then pay attention to the fact that the composition of the product must include the so-called water-retaining components. These substances include: urea, sorbitol, lactic acid and others. Such a composition maintains the necessary moisture level in the skin.
  • The composition of powder or foundation can include silk proteins. This component makes the skin shiny and gentle, restores moisture.
  • Lactic acid in the composition of decorative cosmetics responds to hydration, softening and conditioning.
  • Cosmetics with an extract of wheat germs or vitania E, improves blood circulation and stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells.
  • Sesame oil - creates an invisible protective film on the skin, which prevents drying of the skin.
  • Coconut oil - nourishes and softens the skin.
  • Primrose oil - enriches the skin with polyunsaturated acids and tones.
  • Hydroviton is an analog of the natural secretion, which produces the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Camphor essence - soothes and cleanses the skin.
  • Parsol - absorbs ultraviolet radiation and prevents the destruction of collagen in the skin cells.
  • Magnesium and zinc sulphate - has a cooling effect and softens irritated skin. Most often it is part of the decorative cosmetics for sensitive skin.

Requirements for the quality of decorative cosmetics

The requirements for the quality of decorative cosmetics play a very important role. Since, depending on the packaging in which the cosmetic product is located and its composition, depends on how the cosmetics will show itself on the skin. That is, whether it will cause an allergy or vice versa will take care of the skin and will create an amazing make-up that will last a long time. Let's look at the basic criteria that apply to the quality requirements of decorative cosmetics.

  • Packaging. Decorative cosmetics are produced in plastic, metal and glass bottles, tubes, jars and in the packaging in the form of an aerosol.
  • The labeling of a cosmetic product consists of a name, trademark and production date.
  • The name of the cosmetic product should be the first thing that catches your eye to a potential buyer. At the same time on the back of the tube or jar, there must be a sticker or a liner, where all the components that are part of this decorative device are written.

Consumer properties of decorative cosmetics

The main consumer properties of decorative cosmetics are the appearance of the cosmetic product, its composition, packaging. Let's consider the consumer properties of various products from the category of decorative cosmetics.

  • Cream tonal or any other cream is a homogeneous consistency, without lumps and clots. There should be no delamination of the cream, and if it appeared, then after a slight shaking of the tube, the texture should again become homogeneous.
  • Powder and blush - without grains, fine grinding. The decorative remedy should be well pressed and not break with pressure. Cosmetics should be dry with a pleasant smell and color. This provides the medium with a light texture on the skin.
  • Pencil for eyes and lips, lipstick, mascara and fat blush should not melt and soften at temperatures up to 35-40 °. Mascara should be waterproof, and blush evenly lie on the skin.
  • Nail polish - the same consistency, not very thick and not liquid, without impurities and clots. The remedy should lie well on the nails and dry quickly.

Consumer properties of decorative cosmetics should be based on the correct mass and shape of the product. The surface should be uniform, free of foreign smells and conform to the declared manufacturer.


Harm to decorative cosmetics

Many cosmeticians claim that the skin is aging from negative factors, such as the harm of decorative cosmetics. But is this so, or is it just a prejudiced attitude to the means of beauty? Let's look at a few rules that will allow you to choose the right decorative cosmetic, which will not have a negative effect on the skin condition.

  1. Do not buy cheap cosmetics from the manufacturers you first hear about. Remember that miser pays twice. In our case, poor-quality decorative cosmetics - harm to the skin.
  2. Read the composition of the cosmetic. If you buy blush or lipstick, do not be lazy and read what is included in this tool. The more in the composition of natural components, the better the makeup and the less harm from it.
  3. Shelf life - never use makeup that has expired.

If you really believe in the harm of makeup, then get yourself oxygen decorative cosmetics. For the cost of such funds will be more expensive than conventional cosmetics, but the quality is an order of magnitude higher. In addition, oxygen cosmetics, like natural cosmetics - enrich the skin with nutrients and everything necessary for the normal growth of healthy cells.

Classification of decorative cosmetics

Any cosmetics have a certain structure, so there is a classification of decorative cosmetics. Let's look at the criteria for the classification of decorative cosmetics.

  • Cosmetics of mass consumption are inexpensive and well advertised means.
  • Means of the middle class - such decorative cosmetics include components from non-toxic raw materials. As a rule, 30-50% of the ingredients are natural ingredients.
  • Cosmetics of high quality or luxury class - high cost and the corresponding high quality. 90% of the composition of such cosmetics are natural ingredients.
  • Therapeutic decorative cosmetics - allows you to create stunning make-up and take care of the skin. Solves certain problems with the skin and gently cares for her.
  • Professional decorative cosmetics - resistant to mechanical influences, used for make-up models or for photo sessions. Do not have a therapeutic or protective effect on the skin.

Classification of decorative cosmetics by assortment of products:

  • Cosmetics for lips.
  • Means for face.
  • Cosmetics for eyes.
  • Means for nails.

The main sign of the classification of all decorative cosmetics is the color and tone of the remedy.


Face make-up preparations

Decorative cosmetics for the face is represented by a huge range of cosmetics. This and foundation, powder, blush, moisturizing and cleansing tonics, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss and much more.

When choosing decorative cosmetics for the face, special attention should be paid to the fact that the composition of cosmetics. Cosmetics should contain natural ingredients. Thanks to this, make-up becomes not only beautiful, but also safe for a delicate female skin.


Decorative Cosmetics for the Eyes

Decorative cosmetics for the eyes are represented by a wide range of products. Let's look at the basic cosmetic products that fall into the category of eye make-up cosmetics, as well as how to make eye make-up correctly and where to start. So, make-up of the eyes must begin with the application of a cream base. Over the cream base, it is necessary to apply a layer of powder, this will allow the shadows not to crumble and make up longer to retain its original appearance.

  • Eyeshadow - this cosmetic product can be on a fat basis and in its consistency resemble lipstick. Also there are shadows, which in their appearance resemble powder, that is crumbly or on the contrary compacted. Many manufacturers also produce liquid eye shadow. Choose eye shadow should be guided by the style of make-up. So for everyday fit friable shadows, and for evening or holiday - liquid or cream shadows.
  • A pencil for eyebrows and eyes - emphasizes the contour of the eyes, makes of more expressive and brighter. In addition to the pencil, there is liquid eyeliner. Wiring is safer, as many manufacturers add useful substances and minerals to their composition. •

Mascara - the finishing touch of any make-up - is mascara. This cosmetic product allows you to lengthen your eyelashes, making them more fluffy and thick. When choosing mascara for eyelashes, it is necessary to choose hypoallergenic agents.

Decorative cosmetics for the eyes allows you to create a stylish make-up and find your own unique image.

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Decorative Cosmetics for Lips

Decorative lip cosmetics is the most popular product for women, girls and girls of all ages. In the category of decorative cosmetics for the lips are hygienic lipsticks, lip balms, decorative lipsticks and glitter. That is, conditionally decorative cosmetics for the lips can be divided into medical and purely decorative.

Medical cosmetics for the lips - it's hygienic lipsticks and balms, which are very popular in the winter. The composition of such cosmetics includes vitamins and minerals, which carefully take care of the skin. They feed, moisturize and protect. The composition of decorative cosmetics for the lips also includes natural ingredients, vegetable oils and extracts that gently take care of the delicate skin of the lips.


Decorative Cosmetics for Problem Skin

Decorative cosmetics for problem skin are cosmetic products that are made from natural ingredients. This makeup allows you to create stunning make-up and gently cares for the skin.

The main rule of choosing decorative cosmetics for problem skin is not to buy cheap products or cosmetics from unknown brands. Remember, saving on tonal cream or lipstick, you save on the health of your skin.

Cosmetics for problem skin are represented by various tonal creams, powders, shadows, lipsticks and many other means. That is, this cosmetics is almost no different from the usual decorative. The only difference in the medical sparing cosmetics for problem skin.

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Hypoallergenic decorative cosmetics

Hypoallergenic decorative cosmetics is a new word in the world of the cosmetic industry. The peculiarity of such cosmetics is that it does not harm the skin. The composition of gipollergennoy cosmetics include components that do not cause allergic reactions, irritations or redness on the skin.

The only drawback of gipollergennoy decorative cosmetics is that it has a limited choice. But in such cosmetics, a minimum of dyes, which irritate the skin. The main component of such cosmetics is natural minerals and plant extracts. Using this make-up, you have a guarantee that your skin is under reliable protection.

Medical decorative cosmetics

Medical decorative cosmetics - this is the newest invention of cosmetics manufacturers. The beauty of medicinal cosmetics is that you get beautiful makeup and care and skin care at the same time.

Medical cosmetics are used in all areas of care and make-up. The main difference between therapeutic cosmetics and the usual is that therapeutic cosmetics affect the deep layers of the skin.

Many manufacturers recommend that before starting the use of therapeutic decorative cosmetics consult with a cosmetologist and choose those products that are ideal for your skin type. Please note that all therapeutic decorative cosmetics are made only from natural ingredients.

Elite decorative cosmetics

Elite decorative cosmetics is represented by various cosmetic brands that specialize in the production of high-quality cosmetics. The main feature of elite cosmetics is that it is made only of natural ingredients that are safe for the human body and do not have a negative effect on the skin.

Many cosmetic brands produce limited series of elite decorative cosmetics. The advantage of such products is 100% quality. To elite cosmetics means, the cost of which is an order of magnitude higher than the price of cosmetics for general consumption. There are various lines of elite cosmetics, each of which is designed for a specific type of skin.

The best decorative cosmetics

For today the choice of cosmetic products pleases with the assortments and a choice by the goods for any type of a skin and on any price category. But why are some products more popular and more expensive and what is the best decorative cosmetics?

The best cosmetics are cosmetics made from natural ingredients. This is a guarantee that after using such remedies, you will not have an allergic reaction, rash or irritation on your skin. Buying cosmetics, give preference to those brands that you are familiar with or heard about. Do not forget that every decorative cosmetic product is designed for a certain type of skin. Therefore, select all the cosmetics individually, and then any decorative cosmetics will be the best for you.

Decorative Cosmetics for Children

Decorative cosmetics for children causes a lot of questions from parents and cosmetologists. But to get an unambiguous answer about whether decorative cosmetics for children are needed, no one can. Producers argue that their cosmetics are absolutely safe for children's skin and this confirms the natural make-up of cosmetics. So, it is recommended to use children's cosmetics for kids from the age of five, but there are lines that are designed for children from three years old.

Allow your child to use makeup or not, only for parents. But it is most reasonable to allow the baby to try using cosmetics, but only under strict parental control.


Decorative children's cosmetics

Decorative children's cosmetics is a novelty of the cosmetic market. If you have a young beauty in your family, be prepared for the fact that you will have to face the choice and purchase of makeup for her. Buying children's decorative cosmetics, you need to know the basic rules, as the children's skin is very vulnerable and sensitive. From the constant use of substandard cosmetics, the child's skin will show signs of an allergic reaction, dryness, irritation. The baby's skin, like a sponge, absorbs all negative substances, which have not a very good effect on the children's body.

Let's consider the rules that will allow to choose high-quality decorative children's cosmetics. 

  • The first thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing children's cosmetics is the composition. The composition of funds should include only proven, and only natural components. For example, vegetable oils, extracts, beeswax and, of course, glycerin.
  • Children's decorative cosmetics should be anti-allergic. Also, cosmetics should have anti-inflammatory effect and have in their composition vitamins A, C, E and D.

Children's decorative cosmetics is designed to make every baby feel like an adult. But do not use these tools too often.

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Decorative cosmetics for girls

Decorative cosmetics for girls should be for every young woman of fashion. Manufacturers of children's cosmetics have taken care of that means ideally suited to a gentle children's skin and cared for it.

There are many successful and proven cosmetic brands that offer decorative cosmetics for girls. The most famous companies are: "Little Fairy", "Barbie", "Princess". These cosmetic brands produce such children's cosmetics, as lipsticks, eye shadow, mascara, powder, blush and many other means.


Means of decorative cosmetics

Means of decorative cosmetics have a certain classification. So there are means for different purposes. For example, professional, children's, medical, for make-up artists and so on. Also, cosmetic products are available for different types of skin. There are special foundation for sensitive or, for example, dry skin, nail polish, which are puffed up and much more.

In addition, the means of decorative cosmetics are divided into natural and synthetic. If the composition of the product more than 70% of herbal ingredients, then this cosmetics is considered natural and highly valued. Also, there is decorative cosmetics, which contains more synthetic, that is, artificial components. To such cosmetics carry decorative means for visagistes who are engaged in creation of a make up for models. The main advantage of such cosmetics is low cost and long service life.

Drawing of decorative cosmetics

Correct application of decorative cosmetics is a real art that every woman should possess. Let's look at the basic principles and rules for applying various cosmetics.

  • Tonal means - applied evenly, evenly on the entire face. The cream should be from the line of hair growth on the forehead and up to the neck. Note that lips and eyelids also cover with a foundation. If you have a tonal means in the form of a spray, then after a uniform spraying, with the help of a sponge, spread the tone over the entire face and neck.
  • Powder - applied over the foundation. To apply powder, you need to use a large brush or puff. The advantage of powder is that it does not spoil the tonal basis, but only creates another light color tone that makes the skin healthier and more beautiful.
  • Blush - blush are fatty cream and powdery. If you use powdered, then it is necessary to apply them to the line of cheekbones with the help of a large brush. For cream use sponge.
  • Eye shadow - there are cream, liquid and powdery. For the application of the latter, a special small sponge brush should be used. For other forms of shade release, it is recommended to use special eyelid brushes. Shadows are chosen for eye color, hair color and makeup type.
  • Mascara - makes eyelashes longer and lush. Sometimes it is water-resistant and water-soluble. If you are afraid that your emotions will overflow from your mascara, then use waterproof. Note that mascara happens with an eyelash that tucks the eyelash.
  • Lipstick and pencil (contour) for the lips - the finishing touch of any make-up. Lipstick can be in the form of a cream, that is, liquid or solid. The lip contour must match the color of the lipstick.

Decorative cosmetics for make-up artists

Decorative cosmetics for make-up artists refers to professional cosmetics. Such cosmetics differs not only in quality, but also in packaging from conventional decorative cosmetics.

Decorative cosmetics for make-up artists should be comfortable and functional. To ensure that during the work of the makeup artist did not waste time thinking about how to open a fancy box with shadows or powder. All funds, as a rule, have transparent packaging, in order to immediately be visible with what tone and color you work. As for the quality of cosmetics for make-up artists, there are means with natural ingredients that make it possible to create not only beautiful, but also safe make-up. The main advantage of makeup cosmetics for make-up artists is that it lasts for a long time in make-up.


Reviews about decorative cosmetics

Reviews of decorative cosmetics give every buyer the opportunity to learn about this or that cosmetic brand or product. So, according to reviews about decorative cosmetics, the most high-quality cosmetics are funds from natural ingredients and on a mineral basis. After using a foundation with thermal water and minerals, the skin becomes taut and healthier.

Lipsticks and all lip cosmetics, which includes a complex of useful vitamins, provide gentle lips with quality care and beauty. According to reviews on decorative cosmetics, you should not save on buying make-up remedies. Since the high cost is always justified by the quality composition of the cosmetic.

Decorative cosmetics are cosmetic products that help to emphasize natural beauty and charm. The correct choice of cosmetics should be based on the choice of natural cosmetics for a certain type of skin. This is a guarantee that regular use of cosmetics will not harm the skin condition.

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