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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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To drive fatty deposits from the abdomen is not so easy. Every woman knows this. Nature arranged so that the women's fat reserves begin to accumulate on the stomach and leave this zone last. Among the procedures that provide a flat tummy and do not require training efforts "before the seventh sweat," a great popularity now has acquired a vacuum massage of the abdomen.

Formerly very common as a home physiotherapeutic cough remedy, vacuum banks have lost this status these days. However, they were remembered by cosmetologists and they use the vacuum created by them to combat fat deposits in problem areas, in particular, on the stomach and in the waist region.

If someone else doubts whether it is possible to do a vacuum massage on the stomach - the answer is positive. Of course, like any impact on the body, this procedure has a number of contraindications, which we will discuss below. Most of them are temporary. The effect of vacuum on the skin and subcutaneous tissue allows you to get rid of not only the fat deposits, but also from the stagnation of the liquid, which gives the surface of the skin the appearance of a hilly plain. Massage with vacuum cans promotes its outflow from the surface layers of tissue to the lymphatic channel, from where it naturally leaves our body. As a result, as propagandists of this method assure us, a rather rapid and noticeable disappearance of subcutaneous supplies is expected, the surface of the skin will become smooth, smooth and elastic.

Of course, the easiest way is to contact specialists in the beauty salon. There will be a course of apparatus vacuum massage of the abdomen. Judging by the feedback, the procedure is very effective, it does not present any complexity and does not require long preparation. However, canvassing can be done on your own, without leaving your home, which will save us not only money, but also time.

Duration of the first course of canned massage - a month and a half. During this time, 10-12 sessions will be performed. The result should already be noticeable. Subsequently, you can periodically maintain a form, devoting a week to a procedure of two to three months. The ideal frequency of procedures is once every two days. Longer and more irregular breaks are allowed.

To increase the effectiveness of can massage will help to combine it with physical exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular corset of the peritoneum, low-carb diets, and other procedures. However, it is in itself quite effective and, most importantly, it acts directly on problem areas of the body.

Indications for the procedure

The presence of unwanted fat deposits on the abdomen and waist, uneven, flabby surface of the skin, newly appeared stretch marks, scars and scars, saggy tummy - any our discontent with the appearance of your abdomen in the absence of contraindications may be the reason to resort to this procedure.

Owners of extra pounds can fully use vacuum massage of the abdomen for weight loss in combination with low-calorie diet, exercise, other types of massage - acupuncture, water, plucked, thermal procedures. Thin women are not an exception, they too can have extra fat on the stomach, from which they would like to get rid of. In this case, this kind of massage is good because it has a local effect on the problem area.

Vacuum massage of the abdomen after childbirth is recommended for the removal of excess fat, stretch marks and giving the stomach an initial condition. Especially after Caesarean section, when there is not only a pendulous tummy and often stretch marks, but also scars. There is a discrepancy about the time interval that has elapsed after childbirth. Some sources indicate a period of two to three weeks, in others - at least two months. The absence of postpartum complications is noted in all sources. Apparently, a woman should be guided by her condition and withstand the minimum period of abstinence. If she has any doubts, you can consult a gynecologist. After Caesarean you need to wait two to three months and it is recommended to do professional hardware massage. Restorative procedures after childbirth are performed cautiously, smoothly.

Vacuum anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen is considered not only cosmetic, but also curative. The therapeutic effect of this procedure is the normalization of the intestine, the activation of metabolic processes and the elimination of stagnant phenomena in the organs of the peritoneum.

To achieve the effect of tightening the abdomen and getting rid of fat deposits in this area can be without cans, creating a vacuum with the help of breathing exercises. Vacuum massage of the abdomen with breathing is practiced by bodybuilders. The simplest exercise "vacuum" its supporters consider more effective than canned massage. It has practically no contraindications, except for a dense dinner, pregnancy or a recently transferred operation. Fitness specialists believe that it is necessary to begin with strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press, performing banal retractions of the abdomen, and then proceed to can massage. This will help to avoid injuries to the internal organs, which sometimes occur in particularly diligent women with a weak press.

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When going to take a vacuum massage course, on the eve for a better effect it is recommended to cleanse the skin in a sauna or spa. If a woman is going to surrender to the hands of professionals, then this is enough. Throughout the course, you need to follow simple rules - to exclude alcoholic beverages, sweet soda water, pastries and confectionery, in addition - to drink about two liters of water per day.

Those who decided to do this procedure at home, you need to acquire inventory. Buy in a pharmacy special banks. It can be glass medical jars (maybe they even have one). Their advantage is strength. They suck in well and hold a vacuum, as they do not bend in their hands. However, to use them you need to have some skill in creating a vacuum. Oxygen from the can is burned off with a burning cotton swab moistened with alcohol on the wick.

Much easier to use massage jars made of other materials: silicone - vacuum is created by squeezing the jar (unclenching, it sucks); rubber - they work the same way, but they are heated, lowering before use in hot water, so that the rubber becomes more elastic; plastic - are sold complete with a rubber bulb for pumping out air (bruises remain from them most often).

You will also need a scrub and oil, which have anti-cellulite properties. Oil can be prepared independently on the basis of oil from grape seeds, peaches or olive, for which in 30ml of any of them to drip five drops of mint, grapefruit, bergamot, almond essential oils (two or three varieties of your choice). Essential jojoba oil or geranium oil is also suitable for these purposes. Stir the base with added fragrant droplets. The oil is ready.

It is not superfluous to begin training with several exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, then take a warm shower. Having heated, directly in a bathroom we put on a stomach a scrub, we mass in a clockwise direction and wash off by warm water. We moisten the body with a towel, take a horizontal position, apply the massage oil on the stomach and proceed directly to the massage. It should be noted that the oil should be well lubricated belly, not your hands. To the banks do not slip out of their hands, they can be wiped well with a pre-prepared dry napkin.

In the absence of time, you can shorten the preparatory procedure to a minimum - wipe the skin on your stomach with a cleansing lotion or alcohol and spread it with oil.

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Technique of the vacuum belly massage

Vacuum-roller massage of the abdomen is a procedure performed in the salon. The nozzles that perform the role of cans are provided with rollers which, in the created vacuum, further massage the surface of the body. This procedure enhances the circulation of blood in the vessels of the skin, which contributes to detoxification, improving drainage and reducing swelling. As a result of several procedures, the appearance of the skin will certainly improve, however, a hardware vacuum massage of the abdomen will not give the desired effect of getting rid of the "orange" crust, in itself, without increasing physical exertion and adherence to a carbohydrate diet. At least in a salon with a good reputation, you will do it with observance of all the rules and, even if not all expectations are justified, then a positive result will be noticeable. How correctly to do vacuum massage of a stomach or belly? Professionals know this, there are a lot of clips on the Internet on the Internet. However, I do not want to hurt myself.

At the forums, some ladies share the following experience: before you do the massage yourself, you should go through several sessions in the salon, carefully observe the actions of a specialist, evaluate your feelings, and then start self-massage. In this there is a rational grain, but it's up to you.

So, the instrument and the body are prepared - we begin a vacuum massage of the abdomen at home.

We attach to the greased anti-cellulite oil belly first one jar on the left or right of the navel (but not on the white line in the middle of the abdomen) and begin to describe it only in the clockwise direction. It should be ensured that the skin rises within the can no more than 15 mm. Initially, the bank will be detached from the body and slip out of hand, but eventually the process will be fine. During the procedure, painful sensations should not be. If they have appeared, it is necessary to rearrange the jar.

Then you can try to make circles in the same direction, but with two banks, trailing them from both sides of the navel.

Another movement - by attaching cans on both sides from the white line of the abdomen, shifting them towards the sides, then remove and, attaching slightly higher, repeat the movement. You can do zigzag banks on both sides of the white line. You can not drop the can into the pubic area, massage the inner thighs and the popliteal area.

The whole session should take about a quarter of an hour. After completing the exercises, you need to cover yourself with a blanket or a blanket and lie down for at least a quarter of an hour.

An alternative to canning massage is the "Vacuum" exercise. It can be performed without any preliminary preparation. Creating a vacuum with your own breathing and abdominal muscles is absolutely safe for the body. Time for its implementation will need very little, and the effectiveness will be higher than from the massage. You can combine these two procedures.

First you should perform this exercise, standing on all fours. We exhale completely the air from the lungs and maximally draw in the belly. We try to hold out in this state as much as we can (at first no more than 20-30s), considering ourselves. Relax for five to seven seconds, breathe and repeat the retraction of the belly a couple of times, resting after each retraction.

The next step is to do the exercise in the next posture: on your knees, straighten, put your hands on your knees, exhale and hold the vacuum as much as we can. Repeat several times, resting in between.

The last step is to keep the vacuum in the sitting position. Gradually increase the duration and frequency of repetition. However, do not bring to the point of absurdity, if you have a dizziness after exercising, or you breathe often, like a stalked horse, then you've overdone it, and you need to shorten the time for holding your breath.

Contraindications to the procedure

Absolute: moles and pigment spots on the skin in places of supposed massage, hypertension, mental illness, chronic systemic diseases in severe form.

Relative: pregnancy, menstruation, postpartum and postoperative period, neoplasms, skin integrity disorders, acute feverish condition, acute and chronic diseases of pelvic organs and peritoneum, bleeding, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, increased permeability of vascular walls.

It is not recommended to conduct a can of massage with discomfort in the abdominal area, dyspeptic disorders, acute hunger or after eating (must be at least two hours).

If you have any doubts about your condition, consult your doctor.

Exercise "vacuum" is not recommended for practicing with acute relapses of peptic ulcer, during childbearing and menstruation. With caution to master with large sizes of the abdomen, weakness of the muscles of the abdominal press; diseases of the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels; bodies adjacent to the diaphragm; hernia in the cavity of the peritoneum.

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Consequences after the procedure

Provided that you do not have any contraindications to the vacuum massage, its results can only be positive - an excess of intercellular fluid is eliminated and subcutaneous edema disappears, the breathing of the epidermis increases, blood circulation becomes active, the skin acquires a more even and healthy color. In addition, the tone of the muscle tissue and all internal organs increases, the work of the intestines improves, the waist size decreases.

The most common complications after the procedure are subcutaneous hematomas (bruises). Supporters of the method console that once the skin gets used to this type of exposure, the bruises will disappear. Here, too, should be guided by their own feelings, vacuum massage is not a panacea, there are other types of massage that are more gentle, for example, water or creating a vacuum with your own breathing. With these types of massage, bruises do not appear.

Skeptics argue that women with a weak press may have internal injuries, however, such cases are not known for certain.

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Care after the procedure

Compliance with any specific rules of care after vacuum massage is not required. It is simply recommended after the session to put on the stomach anti-cellulite cream and do not jump at once, taking up everyday business, and the heat to take cover, keep warm and lie for at least a quarter of an hour (and more).

Reviews about vacuum massage are mostly enthusiastic. Dissatisfied with almost no, many note that the waist was thinner, the skin became more elastic, the stomach was tightened. True, women usually did not limit themselves to only massage, but observed a diet and did exercises for abdominal muscles.

Vacuum massage of the stomach is favorably received by doctors, who note its therapeutic effect and anti-edematous effect.

It is worthwhile and once again to recall the recommendations at least once to attend a session of hardware massage before independent practice at home, this is not without sense.


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