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An important moment in the prevention and treatment of premature skin aging of the face and neck are external effects on the skin and proper care for it, which can be reduced to 4 basic rules:

  • The face skin needs to be cleansed (do not go to bed with cosmetics on the face).
  • To feed (application of masks, creams, etc.).
  • Protect from excessive exposure to external factors (sun, frost, wind, dust, etc.).
  • It should be remembered that all procedures (washing, rubbing lotions, applying masks or cream, removing and applying dry and oily powder, blush), in short, all movements on the face and neck should correspond to the direction of the main massage lines (skin lines) - lines the least stretching of the skin.
  • How and what to clean the skin of the face

A prerequisite for skin care is its purification. To go to bed with a crude face, with the presence of cosmetics on the skin is not recommended. Before going to bed, the face is wiped with toilet water. For wiping the skin is effective cucumber infusion, which cleans, tones, refreshes and bleaches the skin several times.

Preparation: grate 300 g of cucumbers, pour 250 grams of vodka, insist for 2 weeks, then wring out and strain. Before consumption, add an equal amount of glycerin and water to the cucumber infusion.

Instead of toilet water, it is also good, especially dry skin, to wipe with fresh or canned birch juice or decoction of birch buds (one tablespoon of birch buds per 200 g of boiling water) or infusion of chamomile flowers (1 tablespoon flowers per 200 g of boiling water). Chamomile infusion acts as a protozoal inflammatory agent, relieves irritation, softens and disinfects the skin of the face, or dill water.

To wash your face apply lotions: a richly juicy cotton swab rubs the skin in circular motions (gently, without stretching it). Your movements should correspond to the direction of dermal lines.

Recommended lotions, which you can prepare yourself:

  • Lemon juice 50 g, 3 egg yolks, alcohol 90 and camphor 200 g each, water 100 g.
  • The same, but simplistic. Lemon juice 25 g, 1 egg yolk, 100 grams of vodka, camphor alcohol 50 g.
  • Cream 100 g, 1 yolk, lemon juice 15 g, vodka 20 g, first grind the yolk, stirring, gradually add lemon juice, vodka, then cream.

A decoction or infusion of bean colors is used as a cosmetic for washing and wiping the face. Two tablespoons of crushed flowers pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 20-30 minutes and filter.

So, we have trained ourselves to cleanse the face in the morning and in the evening, have learned how to prepare wonderful lotions at home ... And now let's talk about how to nourish the skin of the face and neck.

  • Masks

Before applying the mask, you need to remove the remains of powder, lipstick, dust and face and wash your face with warm water. Hair comb back and separate them from the forehead with any cloth. Around the eyes lubricate a small amount of nourishing cream.

Masks are applied 2-4 times a week for 20 minutes, and then washed off with warm water with a cotton-tampon swab.

Dry dehydrated facial skin with pigmented spots is useful to wipe with corn or olive oil, then make a hot wet soda compress - 1 tsp. Drinking soda for a liter of hot water, and then apply a mask from the gruel of white cabbage or juice or the pulp of watermelon, cucumber, tomato, apricot, peach or strawberry.

When caring for oily skin use sauerkraut. Shredded leaves are applied a thin layer on the face, cover with a napkin and leave for 20 minutes. Then remove the mask, wash with cold water, apply face cream. If such masks are done once a week, the skin will become softer, fresher and will acquire a beautiful color.

To prevent flaccidity of both dry and oily skin, vitamin, toning masks from watermelon juice are recommended. 5-6 layers of gauze and a thin layer of cotton wool moisturize and impose on the face and neck. Then rinse with water, wipe and smear with cream. This mask improves skin color and refreshes it, makes it soft and smooth.

From the melon pulp, you can prepare nourishing face masks. It is good to exfoliate the flesh of the fruit and apply a thin layer on the face. With regular use of such masks, the skin becomes soft, supple and pink. And thanks to a set of vitamins, the consumption of melon in food contributes to the beauty of the body - it makes the skin smooth, gives the hair and eyes shine, and the lips - freshness. Broth melons are successfully used for pigmented spots, freckles, blackheads.

Potatoes are widely used in cosmetics. From boiled potatoes mixed with milk and egg yolk, prepare - nourishing face mask. After such a mask, the skin will become supple, smooth and tender, wrinkles will disappear. With inflammation of the eyelids or sunburn it is good to apply compresses from raw potatoes. They have an anti-inflammatory effect.

For the treatment of reddened and scaly skin, freshly brewed potatoes with milk in hot form are applied; remove the compress when the potatoes cool.

Also a positive effect is the use of a pot of potato paste for 10-15 minutes. (a tablespoon of starch is dissolved in 100 g of cold water, brought to a boil and diluted with one liter of warm water).

Potato mask. Boil one potato in a small amount of milk: when the liquid gruel cools, apply it to the face. Such a mask quickly removes traces of fatigue on the face and disengages wrinkles.

Vitamin mask. Smoothes wrinkles and prevents their appearance, moderately moisturizes the skin of the face. Take a tablespoon of cottage cheese, add a few drops of lemon juice or finely chopped orange slices.

Cucumber mask - cucumber juice refreshes, brightens pigmented spots, contributes to the disappearance of acne. Finely chopped cucumber and added a few drops of lemon juice. The mask is removed by a towel without resorting to washing your face with water. You can impose on the face of thin plates of fresh cucumber. Also, a fresh cucumber rubbed on a grater and mush is applied to dry or normal skin, greased with a nutritious cream.

With oily skin, cucumber juice is mixed with an equal amount of vodka. Insist 24 hours. Then moistened gauze is applied to the face, leaving the eyes, mouth and nose open.

There is such a recipe: whip the egg white and pour into it 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice, mix well and put on gauze to face. This mask is especially recommended for fading skin with large pores.

Slices cucumber 30 minutes in fresh milk (not boiled), and then they wipe dry skin.

Linen Mask. It is used for nutritious masks. To do this, 2 tablespoons of seeds are poured into 0.5 liters of water and boiled until the seed is boiled. Hot gruel (as it can only be tolerated) is applied to the face, then rinsed hot and rinsed with cold water. This mask helps to smooth the skin, helps fight premature wrinkles, protects the skin from inflammation. With dilated vessels on the face skin, cool masks from flax seeds are applied, washing them off with cold water.

Carrot mask. It is recommended for oily skin, covered with acne, pale and fading skin with large pores. Grate large carrots on a grater, if very juicy, then add a little talcum powder.

With dry and flaccid skin, carrot juice is used both inside and outside, for nutritious masks. When adding a few drops of lemon juice to the carrot juice, it is used to whiten the skin against freckles. And when rubbing carrot juice in a mixture with lemon juice in the scalp, the hair grows better and acquires a beautiful shine.

With flaccid skin with pigment spots apply the following mixture: 1 table, a spoonful of cream rubbed with one fresh yolk and one teaspoon of carrot juice, put on cleansed skin for 20 minutes. Then remove the warm vegetable oil and rinse with cold water. This mask rejuvenates, refreshes and gives the skin a beautiful shade.

Another recipe: two grated medium carrots mixed with whipped egg whites, 1 teaspoon of olive oil or milk and a very small amount of starch. Blend the mixture on your face for 30 minutes and wash it with warm water.

Beetroot mask. Its juice is used in the form of a mask, to give natural freshness and revitalize the skin of the face.

Masks from a tomato. Tomato juice refreshes, regulates the acidity of the skin and has a light whitening, biostimulating and soothing effect, and also prevents skin aging.

A mask with fresh tomato is indicated for oily skin with large pores. The face is covered with flesh or lobules.

Masks from cabbage. Its leaves are passed through a meat grinder and mixed with whipped protein. It is indicated for oily skin.

Two masks from cabbage for dry skin. Shredded fresh cabbage leaves boil in milk to the state of gruel, cool and in a warm form to put on the face. A few cabbage leaves to soften by scalding with boiling water, taking out of the water, grease with oil and cover them face and neck. It is advisable to wash the decoction of chamomile. For oily and acne, a mask of sauerkraut is used. It is applied to the face with a thick layer for 15 minutes, then washed off with sage infusion and lubricated with a nutritious cream.

Onion mask. Onions - possesses keratolic, phytoncidal and antisclerotic properties that are used in cosmetics.

Mask. Fresh onion grated on a grater and gruel mix together in equal quantities with cream and whipped yolk - for dry and normal skin, and with oily skin with whipped protein, put on the face for 10-15 minutes. For centuries, simultaneously apply a lotion with infusion of chamomile. Skin areas with freckles can be wiped with fresh bulbs.

Mask of dill. Infusion of dill leaves in the form of lotions is imposed on the inflamed and reddened with fatigue eyes. Before applying masks, to expand the pores, apply warm dill water.

Mask of parsley. Milk infusion of leaves for hygienic face care is used alone or in equal quantities with sorrel. Calculation: one tablespoon of plants is taken per glass of milk. At application the skin becomes smooth, fresh, elastic and elastic. Parsley juice in pigmentation is used as a bleaching mask 2 times a day or used as a poultice from cooked roots and leaves. Two tablespoons pea flour mixed in the same amount of whey and put on the face. When the mixture dries, it is washed from the face with circular movements of the fingers, after which it is washed with hot water and then with cold water. This mask cleanses the skin, smoothes it, makes it soft, supple and velvety.

Mask apple-milk: 1 apple is boiled in milk, gruel in a warm form is applied to the face. Acts softly, nourishes the skin, rejuvenates. Apply with dry, normal and oily skin.

  • Compresses

Well toned face skin hot and cold compresses. Hot is on the skin 2-3 minutes, cold 1-2 seconds.

To tone the skin of the face and neck instead of water, you can use a solution of sea salt (2 teaspoons per 1 liter of water), a cold tea solution (it protects the face from sunburn), a lemon juice solution (1 tsp per 1 liter of water).

For the purpose of toning the skin of the face and neck, wipe the frozen juices of strawberries, strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, parsley. In order to avoid scratches, the juices are frozen in polychlorovinyl boxes with a round bottom (for example, from under the tooth powder). Wiping with frozen parsley juice, cucumber not only tones up the skin, but also whitens, cleans from pigment spots. Before wiping, the cleansed skin is lubricated with a nutritious cream. Juices on the face, like with masks, left for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with cold water and lubricate with a nutritious cream in the form of an emulsion. Fruit-berry, vegetable, honey masks are widely used, which are applied for 15-20 minutes, then they are washed off with water.

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