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Demodekozny mite - a microscopic living organism, which lives in okolofollikulovoy zone and the sebaceous gland on the body of almost the entire population of the Earth. Another question is that with proper care of your body and body, a person can never encounter this problem. But at the confluence of certain negative factors, the tick is activated, while the effects of its vital activity begin to be observed visually. Mostly in most cases, experts diagnose demodicosis of the face. This disease is, in fact, both a medical and a cosmetic problem.

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Causes of demodectic face

Several different factors can serve as a catalyst for the problem in question, therefore, in order to prevent the onset of the disease or to help a speedy recovery, it is necessary to know the causes of demodicosis of the face, and after analyzing your lifestyle, try to eliminate possible sources of its provocation. Even if the infection has passed, and the doctor has prescribed a course of treatment, then maintaining the recommendations with parallel closure of the source, if this is possible, will help to quickly fix the problem and save yourself from subsequent relapses.

The risk factors for the development of the disease include:

  • Decrease in the patient's immune status. With high immunity, the parasite can not overcome the basal membrane.
  • Diseases affecting the digestive system and the endocrine system of the patient.
  • Finding a long time in a closed dusty and gassed room: work in a dyeing room, electroplating, construction work and so on.
  • Increased use in the daily or professional life of decorative cosmetics. Especially such negative consequences can be manifested when using a substandard cosmetic product, or if the cosmetics includes various dietary supplements (hormonal substances), intolerant to the skin, as well as in case when the means of beauty are overdue.
  • The patient's elderly age.
  • Stressful situations.
  • Different phobias.
  • Diseases affecting the human nervous system: neuroses, psychoses, excessive emotional exhaustion.
  • Provoke the parasite to action may also be an improperly balanced diet:
    • "Love" for fatty dishes.
    • Abundance of spicy condiments.
    • Strongly or slightly carbonated drinks.
    • Different marinades.
    • Addicted to fast food.
    • Poverty of the diet for vegetables and fruits.
    • Excessive passion for sweets.
  • Failures in the functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • Dermatological diseases.
  • Unfavorable living conditions.
  • The presence of bad habits: nicotine, drugs, alcohol.
  • Insufficient time spent in the fresh air.
  • Pathological lesions of the liver.
  • Biological disorder of the components of sebum.
  • Increased predilection for baths, saunas, insolation.
  • Love of sunbathing and prolonged exposure to the open rays of the sun.
  • Admission of hormonal drugs.
  • Combing and traumatizing the epidermis.
  • There are cases when the diagnosis is established, and the source of the pathology is not explained by any of the reasons given earlier.

The effectiveness of eliminating the disease will largely depend on the definition of the source. If only the consequences of pathology are eliminated, the disease will return again and again. According to the research, the risk group for this disease is a weak half of humanity aged 30 to 50 years.

The male population of the planet is much less affected by the disease in question. Physicians explain this phenomenon simply: when shaving, along with the hair, the micron layer of the skin, where the insect predominantly lives, is scraped off.

Demodecosis is a superficial pathology that does not penetrate deep into the body. But its course and consequences significantly change the appearance of a person, making his skin, and, consequently, the whole appearance, unattractive.


Demodecosis of the skin of the face

A person's life is diverse and there can be a situation that awakens this insect. The tick begins to go deeper into the skin layers, causing an inflammatory reaction of the epidermis. It is the inflammatory process, with a lot of local foci of doctors and called demodicosis of the facial skin. This disease brings an uncomfortable sensation to its owner. Thus the person receives both physical, and emotional sufferings.

This insect has a sufficiently high survival threshold, managing not to lose its physiological characteristics in vegetable oil, glycerin, cosmetic ointments and creams.

But not such a great danger is the primary surge of parasite activity, as a secondary infection of the skin, as well as the consequences of the disruption of the structure of the epidermis: the formation of colloid scars and "pits."

The causative agent of this disease in humans is the mite Demodex folliculorum, which was discovered and described by physicians back in 1842. Modern medicine knows 65 types of this insect, but only three of them are able to infect the skin of a person, causing the corresponding diseases.

The "favorite" place of their disposition is mainly the nose and chin of the human face. In this case, he often parasitizes near the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, but is quite capable of settling on eyelashes, eyebrows.

The dimensions of the parasite are rather modest (0.4 mm), it is almost impossible to examine it with the naked eye. Taurus parasite is covered with small scales, with the help of which it is attached to the human body. The mite feeds on the sebum, which produces glands, as well as hormonal substances of the human body.

As the researchers have established, mites do not tolerate daylight, so they begin to intensify closer to dusk, which gives the patient many unpleasant hours, as the itching intensifies.

The mite's life span is short, only a few weeks, but during this short period the female parasite has time to bring offspring several times, producing several dozen new parasites. And so the reproduction occurs in a geometric progression. Against the background of "young individuals" old mites die. Dissolution takes place in the hair follicle, which provokes the development of the inflammatory process.

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Symptoms of demodectic face

Progression of pathology begins to manifest unpleasant cosmetological defects. Symptoms of demodectic face include:

  • Acne rashes and red inflamed pimples.
  • There may appear small sores and ulcers, gradually increasing in size.
  • Intensive work of the sebaceous glands, areas affected by the pathological process, become more glossy and greasy.
  • The skin of the face acquires a painful greyish-earthy or purplish-red hue.
  • There is an itch, which gradually intensifies its intensity.
  • The texture of the epidermis becomes bumpy.
  • Eyelids swell.
  • The nose can become slightly puffy and swollen, changing color to unnatural bard, or even red - blue.
  • There is a contraction and inhibition of the facial mimicry.
  • If the localization of the lesion affects the scalp, if untimely taking adequate measures, hair and eyelashes begin to fall out.
  • Hyperemic spots appear.
  • There is a visual expansion of the pores of the epidermis.
  • At the tips of the eyelids can be observed plaque.
  • The eyes are more tired by the end of the day.
  • The peak of activity of an insect is fixed in the spring-autumn period of the year. It is at this time there is a surge of relapses.
  • Progression of inflammation, can provoke the development of concomitant pathologies, such as conjunctivitis (conjunctival inflammation) or blepharitis (often chronic bilateral inflammation of the eyelids).

In order to take the necessary measures in this situation, you first need to make sure the diagnosis is correct by consulting a qualified specialist who will confirm or deny it, as well as give the necessary recommendations for resolving the problem. After all, the symptomatology of the lesion in question is quite in tune with other dermatological diseases, for example, trivial acne or rosacea.

Diagnosis of demodectic face

Perhaps, it sounds strange, but the ophthalmologist (oculist) is conducting the examination and setting the disease. But not a mistake will apply to the dermatologist. Diagnosis of demodectic face is simple enough and can be carried out even in the presence of the patient. The method of diagnosing does not require additional complicated medical equipment.

If the doctor suspects the patient of the disease in question, one or more cilia is taken for the study. As already noted above, the parameters of the insect do not allow distinguishing it with the naked eye, but quite a standard laboratory microscope.

For the study, a "live" freshly removed eyelash is suitable. It is placed between the slides and is attached to the laboratory table of the magnifying device. For a qualitative study, a solution of 10-20% alkali, or glycerin, kerosene, gasoline, is applied to the slide with eyelash, then covered with a second glass.

After that, under the microscope, the eyelash is examined for the presence of pathogenic insects.

Practice and consultation of other, specialized, specialists: a surgeon, an endocrinologist, a neuropathologist.


Facial cleansing with demodicosis

Cosmetic care for the body is positive in any case. He has his own therapeutic effect and on the process of the fastest recovery of the skin with the violation in question. Cleansing the face with demodicosis is carried out twice a day. In this case, the procedure should be performed only by a qualified cosmetologist. Self-cleaning or a procedure performed by an amateur can only worsen the clinical picture. An unprofessional person can aggravate the situation by spreading the infection across the entire area of the treated area.

The very same procedure is aimed at cleaning the skin, removing from it the result of the vital activity of the parasite, an excessive amount of sebum and the product of sweat glands. In this procedure, PH neutral chemical compounds that do not have fading characteristics are mainly used.

A little less often, but a person with this pathology can be found on a deep face peeling. Such cleaning is carried out by special medicinal scrubs, enzymes or special chemicals. The procedure should be carried out only on the basis of the beauty salon.

To moisturize the layer of the epidermis, cosmetologists use hyaluronic acid or urea-based drugs.

When treating the disease, use alginate masks, which basically have alginic acid, without other additional additives. This procedure should be carried out only in the walls of the beauty salon.

And as it is possible to pass other physiotherapeutic measures:

  • Cryomassage - procedures using cold.
  • Ozone therapy is a modern physiotherapeutic method of treatment, which is carried out due to the application of the ozone-oxygen mixture.
  • Mesotherapy - subcutaneous or less deep - intradermal administration of active components of medicinal products and vitaminized complexes.

During the treatment period it is necessary to refrain from using cosmetic products: tonal creams, powders, shadows and the like. Since it is an excellent nutrient medium for the development of subcutaneous mites. And after the termination of therapy it will be necessary to get rid of all cosmetics, replacing it with a new one, since in old copies there are larvae of demodex, which is the source of disease return.

Do not self-squeeze inflamed pimples, such a desire to get rid of the problem as soon as possible, will only prolong the course of therapy. You should not smoke and you should avoid smoke-filled premises.

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Treatment of demodectic skin

A person who faces this problem faces a dilemma as to get rid of discomfort, but to engage in an independent diagnosis and treatment should not be. Primarily it is necessary to make an appointment with a doctor - oculist. Only a specialist is able to correctly determine the disease, find the source of the pathology and paint an adequate effective treatment of facial skin demodectic.

One of the items of therapy is drug treatment of the disease.

  1. In the protocol of therapy, drugs that increase the immune status of the patient are administered: immunal, thymogen, viferon, lokferon, bronchomunal and others.

A drug that stimulates the process of immune immunization is prescribed by a doctor, both in the form of tablets, and with a solution.

For adults, the drug is administered 20 drops three times a day, after diluting it in a small amount of water. When clinically necessary, the amount of drug administered can be increased to 40 drops, but after relief of the severity of the disease, the dosage is reduced to 20 drops and is taken at the recommended frequency.

For small patients, the dosage of the medication varies with age:

  • from one to six years - 5 to 10 drops three times a day.
  • from six to 12 years - 10 to 15 drops three times throughout the day.

Duration of treatment from one week to eight.

This drug is contraindicated if there is a history of a patient with tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, leukemia, allergic reactions to the constituents of the medication.

  1. Appointed as drugs that normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract: polyphepanum, bimeral, hilak forte, lactonorm, dehistal forte, trimedate and others.

Probiotic hilak forte is injected into the patient's body in conjunction with food or before a meal. Before taking the drug dilute with a sufficient amount of liquid (except milk).

The medicine is taken three times throughout the day in a dosage:

  • - Adult patients and adolescents over 12 years - 40 - 60 drops. - Children from two to 12 years - 20 to 40 drops of the drug. - Babies from birth to two years - for 15 - 30 drops.

If the condition is somewhat stabilized, the dosage should be halved. Contraindication to the use of the drug is the individual intolerance of the components of hilak forte.

  1. Antiparasitic medicines: tinidazole, basimix, trichosept, metronidazole, metroxane, trichopolum, metroseptol and others.

Metronidazole is taken orally directly with or after a meal. The tablet is not chewed. Adult patients and adolescents who are already 12 years of age, the drug is prescribed in a dosage of 0.25-0.5 g three times a day for seven to ten days. To children from two to 12 - to 7.5 mg per kilogram of the weight of a small patient, separated by three daily doses.

The maximum permissible daily dosage for adults is 4 g.

The facts that do not allow the use of this drug include an increased individual sensitivity to the components of the medicine, as well as if the patient has a history of leukopenia, a propensity for epilepsy, severe hepatic insufficiency, nitroimidazole, the first trimester of pregnancy, lactation, age of 2 years.

  1. Antiseptic ointments from demodicosis : ichthyol, yellow mercury, sulfuric.

Ointment is used only externally in a small layer. The lubricated area is covered with gauze. The procedure is repeated two to three times throughout the day.

Contraindication to the use of this ointment is the individual intolerance of the components of the drug.

  1. Medicinal antiparasitic drug permethrin, aversect.

Ointment is applied to the affected area two to three times a day. Duration of treatment is up to five weeks.

  1. Cream-gel "Dexodem Fito" - therapy of demodexis lesions of the eyelids.

Before applying the medicinal product, the skin of the face should first be thoroughly washed, after which the preparation should be applied with a thin layer. For the duration of treatment it is necessary to use only disposable towels to prevent re-infection. The procedure is carried out twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). The only thing, it should be clarified that the duration of treatment is at least one and a half months.

Sequence of the procedure:

  • Wadded or gauze swab dipped in any alcohol tincture, we spend on a tightly closed eyelid. The procedure is repeated after a quarter of an hour. This method allows you to more efficiently remove the products of the vital activity of the parasite. The procedure should be done carefully, so that the liquid does not get into the eyes.
  • Only after such treatment it is possible to apply a medicinal cream-gel. The eyes are tightly covered again and a medicine is applied with a cotton swab.
  1. With a deep lesion of the epidermis, a dermatologist or dermatocosmetologist can appoint a special ethereal chattle that is ordered and prepared in specialized pharmacies. Even a slow application of the drug is enough to get rid of the tick.

Other methods used in the treatment of facial demodectomy are:

  • Electrophoresis - physiotherapeutic methods of treatment, the essence of which is the introduction of a drug into the body with the help of a weak electric current. Shows good therapeutic results.
  • Microdermabrasion is a mechanical peeling or micro-grinding of the skin, which involves the removal of the upper microlayer of the skin, in which, predominantly, the demodectic mite settles.
  • The method of laser coagulation is similar to the previous one, only grinding occurs with the use of a laser.
  • It is necessary to draw the attention of the attending physician to adjusting the diet and introducing a corrective diet.

Masks for face with demodicosis

There are numerous alternative drugs, the use of which allows you to get rid of the problem, using face masks for demodicosis.

  1. The parasite under consideration does not tolerate an acidic environment that blocks its access to food. Therefore, almost all fruit and berry masks that have natural acid, are effective in fighting this insect. It should only be taken into account that if the patient's skin is of a fatty type, then no additional additives are required, and if dry, then it is necessary to introduce an egg yolk into the fruit pulp to prevent a strong drying of the skin.
  2. To soothe skin irritation, you can use compresses made of gauze soaked with decoctions of medicinal herbs: sage, apothecary chamomile, string, oak bark, calendula and others.
  3. You can use a mask of two parts of sour apple and one piece of horseradish. Products grind and apply to cleansed face. It is necessary to withstand 15 minutes. If baking too much, you can remove it before the due date. After cleansing procedure, rub the face with milk whey, and apply a disinfectant - Lassar paste - from above.

But home masks should not be the only way to treat a disease, it should be mandatory to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe the basic treatment.

  • When treating the disease, clay masks are also used. The therapeutic blue clay is taken in the amount of one tablespoon and diluted with a small amount of pure water until the pasty state. Here you can add a teaspoon of 5% natural apple cider vinegar. All the mix well.

Substance is applied a small layer on the face, without touching the lips and eyes. Mask hold for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. During the procedure, the clay on the face will dry, so it is advisable not to talk or use facial expressions during this period.

Instead of vinegar, you can add to the clay a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide or three to five drops of iodine. The procedure is the same as described above.

Similarly, yellow clay works.

  • You can try using another composition: take in equal proportions olive oil and pounded garlic. "Medication" should be applied to damaged areas. The procedure is better to lie down. Top cover with food film. Soak for 25 to 40 minutes and rinse with warm water. Apply a moisturizer on top. If you conduct the procedure yourself, it's worth asking for help.

High efficiency shows an ointment, prepared on the basis of a small amount of Vaseline and a couple of crushed trichopolum tablets. This composition is carefully lubricated by the affected eyelids (they process the lower and upper eyelids). Ointment is typed on a stick, lubricate the skin. It is necessary to watch, that the structure has not got to eyes.

  • In the role of the basis for the therapeutic mask can act and laundry soap (better tar). Spoon it on a grater and mix in a little water. In the role of additional input substances can come out: a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil or hydrogen peroxide, three to four drops of iodine. The solution is applied only to the affected areas, when the patient lies. Top of the "medicine" is a polyethylene film. After the procedure, the composition is washed off with warm water.
  • A napkin, saturated with tomato juice, can serve as a compress. Such procedures during the day are carried out to twenty, 15 minutes each.
  • Aloe vera juice, diluted 1: 1 with water, is also effective. Fluid soak gauze and put on face for a quarter of an hour. Mask should be done daily. The course of treatment - 25 procedures.

Nutrition for demodectic face

Not the last place in the therapy is nutrition with demodicosis of the face. Correctly composed mode of input of useful products can significantly reduce the parasite's potential for reproduction and further life.

After diagnosing the disease, the patient should be excluded from his diet:

  • Smoked and fatty foods.
  • Sweets and any products with a high content of glucose.
  • Spicy condiments.
  • Minimize the intake of salt.
  • It should be ensured that as little glucose as possible is fed to the patient's table, which is the food for the parasite.

These products can lead to irritation of the mucous membrane of the digestive organs, which only activates the inflammatory process.

In this case, the basis of the menu should be composed of such foods:

  • Varied vegetables. Fiber helps to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract from food residues.
  • Fruits that have a sour taste.
  • Fermented milk products: kefir, ayran, cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yoghurt.
  • Cereals: whole grain bread and various cereals: millet, buckwheat, pearl barley, oatmeal.
  • It is necessary to increase the amount of liquids drunk per day: juices, milk, teas, compotes, mineral water.

This nutrition helps to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances, which makes it possible to stimulate the immune system of the patient, causing his body to intensify the invasion response. Such nutrition introduces an imbalance in the vital activity of a demodekoz insect. Not getting enough nutrition subcutaneous mite dies, which leads to a speedy recovery.

Diet in case of demodectic face

The diet for demodicosis of the face plays not the last, but, perhaps, even one of the main ones, the role in the therapeutic treatment of the disease in question. Physicians have long established that malnutrition, the predominance of certain foods in the diet, is one of the factors that can become a catalyst in the process of awakening and rapid reproduction of subcutaneous mites.

Those people who have already had to deal with the pathology in question are well aware of the value of the diet and the limitations that it introduces to the patient's diet. Dietary nutrition makes it possible to improve digestion and cleanse the body, which invariably affects the growth of protective forces and the ability of the body to combat invasive lesions.

At the time of treatment should refuse to accept such foods:

  • Smoked and fried dishes.
  • Those that contain a large amount of sugar and salt.
  • Chocolate.
  • Sour cream, hard cheese, rennet cheese.
  • Foods that contain a large number of animal fats.
  • Weak and strong alcoholic drinks.
  • Beer and confectionery yeast.
  • Soy sauce.
  • Citrus fruits: pamela, mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, svitti, lemons and other similar fruits are strong allergens.
  • From vegetables: aubergines, tomatoes, avocado.
  • A number of legumes, including capsicum.
  • From fruits - sweet fruits: bananas, figs, grapes, melon, apricot, red plums, raisins.
  • To exclude from a food strongly strong spicy products.
  • Do not allow very hot dishes.
  • Honey and products of beekeeping.

Products that must be present in the patient's diet:

  • It is necessary to increase the volume of consumed vegetables (white potatoes, cabbage, carrots) and sour fruits. These foods are rich in plant fiber, which helps to normalize the digestion and purification of the body.
  • It is necessary to increase the amount of consumed liquid: soups, soft drinks, fresh, compotes, juices.
  • Bread is coarse.
  • Nuts: almonds, peanuts.
  • Drinks without caffeine.
  • All kinds of greens.
  • Dairy-free cheese.
  • Grain cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, wheat, pearl barley, rice.
  • Sour milk products and milk.

The approach to solving the problem should be comprehensive and on a par with medical, physiotherapeutic and cosmetological treatment, the patient should receive a full, but dietary diet rich in plant fiber, micro- and macro elements, vitamins, so necessary for normal functioning. It is the adherence to all nutritional recommendations that allows to accelerate recovery and reduce the risk of re-infection to a minimum. Against the background of such a diet, the general condition of the human body improves, which is important for maintaining physical and emotional health.


More information of the treatment

Prevention of demodectic face

To subsequently do not suffer from treatment and do not experience a lot of unpleasant minutes in front of the mirror, prophylaxis of demodectic face is necessary. To reduce the risk of activation of the parasite, one should adhere to a number of simple recommendations.

  • Cosmetics, which a woman uses, should be of high quality, not overdue and not contain hormonal substances.
  • Do not get involved in the sauna, sauna and hikes in the solarium. Limit your stay under the scorching rays of the summer sun.
  • Avoid dusty, fouled rooms.
  • Look after, clean pets.
  • If there was a precedent, get rid of cosmetics and things infected with ticks.
  • Monitor the immune status of the body, maintaining it at a high level.
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle, removing smoking (even passive), alcohol, drugs.
  • Balance the food.
  • After washing, the bed linen should be ironed on both sides.
  • Regularly wash and clean things, especially if the disease is diagnosed and the patient is being treated.
  • Periodically disinfect glasses, shaving accessories.
  • Do not ignore the morning and evening wash.
  • If the family has a patient on demodicosis of the face, limit his close contact with other residents of the apartment. To allocate to it individual ware, bed-clothes and means of personal hygiene.
  • Avoid overheating or hypothermia of the skin.
  • Avoid stressful situations, excessive emotional exhaustion.
  • To exclude physical overstrain, alternating heavy loads with rest.
  • Carefully monitor your skin, with the slightest deviation from the norm to attend a consultation with a dermatologist or oculist.

Observing these wishes, a person can avoid or significantly reduce the risk of developing the disease.

Prognosis of demodectic face

If a person has high enough immunity, and his history is not burdened with a "bouquet" of serious diseases, then the prognosis of demodectic face is favorable, enough to stay on the diet for about three months.

Depending on the type of skin, remission can be observed from three years to a year, and in some cases even more. After passing the treatment course, every tenth patient has relapses. In most cases, the return of the disease is associated with late appeal to a specialist, neglect of the disease, incompleteness of medical therapy, that is, a patient, simply did not cure the disease.

Demodectic face - this is not a life sentence, unless you certainly ignore this fact and promptly seek the advice and assistance of a qualified doctor. Self-medication can significantly aggravate the situation, only a specialist is able to deliver the correct diagnosis and give the necessary recommendations. But much depends on the patient. In the conduct of a healthy lifestyle and adhering to a balanced diet, a person is able to protect himself substantially from the activation of a demodex mite. Dietary nutrition will not only prevent the disease or accelerate the healing process, but also significantly improve the overall body.

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