Vitamins and allergies

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Allergy is translated from Greek as a stranger, another, alien. The organism reacts with an allergy to substances foreign to it. With the help of vitamins it is possible to smooth out these reactions, and also to adjust the work of the immune system. We will tell you how this happens.

What is an allergy?

This behavior of the immune system, which reacts the more strongly to the pathogen-allergen, the more and more often it enters the body.

Allergy is a disease that doctors put in the first place among the most dangerous. Allergy is the leader among the most common diseases. People who suffer from allergies, every year becomes more and more in the world. Over the past 10 years, the number of such people in the world has become 3 times more. How do you like this fact?

In order not to replenish the ranks of such people, it is very important to prevent the occurrence of allergies with vitamins from childhood.

Can the vitamins themselves cause allergies?

Yes, they can, but it all depends on how they got into the body. If the vitamins are eaten, that is, they got into the body through the gastrointestinal tract, they can not cause allergies (unless the dosage of vitamins is exceeded).

The fact is that when vitamins enter the body through the gastrointestinal tract, they become participants in the metabolism. Allergies are caused by substances with large molecules, and in vitamins the molecules are small, therefore as allergens they do not work.

But when vitamins enter the body intramuscularly or intravenously, they can cause allergies. The reason - obleplying blood proteins with molecules of vitamins, and in large quantities at once.

These complex molecular structures are perceived by the body as enemies and reacted by allergy. At the external level, it can be expressed as a rash (especially in children) or malfunctions in the respiratory system.

To mitigate the impact of pharmacy vitamins, it is important to use dairy products. They soften and neutralize the effects of vitamin molecules.

If you notice that you are allergic to a particular vitamin, you must first stop taking them, and then consult a doctor about a diet that you will definitely have to follow to remove the harmful effects of allergies.

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Vitamins and smoking

If a person smokes, he needs a lot more vitamins to neutralize the harmful effects of tobacco on the body. The fact is that smoking reduces the ability of vitamins to digest. And more smokers need an increase in vitamin doses.

For example, a typical non-smoker needs 0.6 kilograms of apples a day to replenish vitamin C. And if a person smokes, this will not be enough. He needs 1 kg of apples a day. The apple contains 10-15 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in 100 grams.

As for doses of vitamins, instead of 80 mg of vitamin C per day, a smoker will need 120 mg of this vitamin.

Why it is difficult to choose vitamins for allergy sufferers

There are a lot of vitamins on the market, a very large choice. But, nevertheless, it is very important to choose correctly, because a person may have an allergy not to the vitamins themselves, but to the additional substances of the complex. It is especially dangerous to choose a complex of vitamins of group B, and also to be mistaken with doses.

What vitamins will help against allergies?

Watching what manifestations of allergies you found in yourself or your loved ones. From this will depend on the method of treatment with vitamins. If, for example, you are constantly worried about a runny nose and a nasal congestion, moreover, you are constantly sneezing, this may be a manifestation of an allergy.

In many cases, panthenol, or panthenolic acid, helps. Within 30 minutes, doctors say, a person is greatly relieved. Start with 100 mg per dose, and if it does not help, the dose can be increased more than 2 times - up to 250 mg per reception.

Be healthy and do not get sick with allergies. Take vitamins for your own good and spiritual joy.

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