Vitamin B12

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Vitamin B12 is very important for our body, because the harmonious intake of vitamins helps to look good. The word "vitamin" comes from the Latin "vita" - that is, life. The absence of at least one vitamin in the human body causes all kinds of failures and disturbances. Vitamin B12 is no exception, and its role is also very important.

Vitamin B12

General knowledge about vitamin B12

Other names of this vitamin sound like cobalamin, anti-anemic vitamin, cyanocobalamin.

Why is vitamin B12 said to be "anti-anemic"? The fact is that the discovery of this vitamin has become a real breakthrough in science and medicine. Thanks to the effect of this vitamin, the hematopoietic function of the body of people with anemia comes back to normal. Even one millionth part of a gram of this vitamin helps to improve the general condition of the patient. In the human body, a little cobalamin is produced with the help of the microflora of the intestine, and the rest comes with animal food.

This vitamin is considered soluble in water, but a small amount of it can be deposited by the liver, provided that it is completely healthy.

The daily need for vitamin B12

To the body does not give failures, you only need to consume up to 3 μg of vitamin B12 per day. There is no particular limit to its quantity, since the maximum permissible level of this vitamin is not determined.

Conditions under which the demand for vitamin B12 increases

As in any other vitamin, the need for vitamin B12 increases with excessive physical exertion, pregnancy and breastfeeding. And also when smoking and drinking alcohol in high doses.

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Absorbability of vitamin B12

Protein mukoproteid, contained in gastric juice (also called the internal factor of Castle) is combined with vitamin B12 (is an external factor of Castle), and from this a complex protein is formed. So, vitamin B12 is easily absorbed by the walls of the stomach into the blood.

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Useful effects of vitamin B12

The main "concern" of vitamin B12 is the management of the function of the blood. Cobalamin stimulates the growth of the body, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to it, protein is absorbed, the liver cells metabolize fat, and the peripheral and central nervous system is maintained in a healthy state.

Interaction with other body substances

Vitamin B12 interacts well with vitamin B9 in the process of hematopoiesis, stimulation of growth and development of our body.

Signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency in the human body

People with obvious shortage of vitamin B12 may have a variety of sores in their mouth, they can feel burning or tingling in the tongue. The body of such people has an unpleasant smell. If a person is very tired, feels weak and is suffering from headaches, then it is worthwhile to think about whether it is a deficiency of vitamin B12? With strong physical exertion, a person can dramatically change the rhythm of the heart and appear shortness of breath. If this vitamin is deficient, the appetite may lose, the skin may turn yellow. Sometimes there is a feeling of "goosebumps" and heaviness when walking.

Signs of an overabundance of vitamin B12

There were no signs of excess of cobalamin in humans.

What affects the amount of vitamin B12 in foods?

The amount of cobalamin in food can not be affected by high temperatures, even after the product boil, the vitamin will not lose its properties. At room temperature, the vitamin also does not lose it. Only sunlight can reduce its activity.

Why can there be a deficiency of vitamin B12?

Lack of cobalamin in the body can occur with diseases of the digestive system (gastritis, colitis, ulcers, with surgery to remove the stomach or intestines). If a person has helminths in the body, then the digestibility of the vitamin can also be disturbed. Diseases of the liver and alcoholism do not give cobalamin normally absorbed by the body, so with such problems it is taken in the form of injections.

Sometimes vegetarianism can have a bad effect on the body. People who only eat vegetarian food will necessarily suffer from a lack of vitamin B12, and this will have a bad effect on their body. So be reasonable, no prejudice is worth your health!

What foods contain vitamin B12?

You can supplement the amount of cobalamin in the body by eating rabbit meat, lamb, pork or beef - they contain 2 - 4.5 mcg of this vitamin. The liver of different animals contains vitamin B12 in different amounts: up to 60 mkg - beef, up to 30 mcg pork and up to 16.58 mcg - chicken. Speaking of fish, a large amount of cobalamin contains cod, mackerel, sardine, sea bass and carp - all of them contain from 1 to 12 mcg of cobalamin.

Octopus and crab also contain vitamin B12, so the presence of these foods your daily diet does not hurt. Among products made from milk, a large amount of vitamin B12 contains Dutch cheese and sour cream (0.4-1.4 mkg). Let's not forget about chicken eggs. They are also very rich in vitamin B12 (up to 0.5mkg).

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