Products for the recovery of the nervous system, brain and memory

Modern man at every step is subjected to stress, acute impressions and nervous overload, often forced to save on sleep, rest, nutrition. With this mode of life, sooner or later, memory, attention, efficiency begins to fail, then there is constant fatigue, irritation and even depression.

To ensure safety is not exhausted, you need to ensure that the diet included products to restore the body, and the food was balanced and regular. From products for the restoration of the nervous system, meals are prepared, enriched with trace elements and vitamins. How useful are these products?

  1. Dairy products, cabbage, beets - for supply of calcium.
  2. Legumes, millet, bananas are sources of potassium.
  3. Nuts, buckwheat, oatmeal, yolk - contain magnesium.
  4. Sea kale and fish products are suppliers of iodine.
  5. Beef, spinach are sources of iron.
  6. Seeds, yolks - contain lecithin.

  1. Black bread, cereals, vegetable-fruit group - rich in vitamins B.
  2. Rosehip, citrus - rich in vitamin C.
  3. Herbs (teas, tinctures): mint, lemon balm, hawthorn contain soothing, restoring and other components useful for the nervous system.
  4. Folk recipes from products for the restoration of the nervous system: honey in combination with various ingredients - milk; garlic; beet; nuts with lemon and dried fruits.

Brain Recovery Products

The human brain provides information analysis and harmonious activity of the whole organism. For smooth operation, he needs a full-fledged food that saturates the body with substances such as glucose, vitamins B, C, PP, carotene, lutein, cobalt, iodine, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, lecithin, magnesium, omega-3 acids.

The most useful products for brain recovery are the following:

  • Walnuts

Increase brain activity, slow the aging of the body, replenish the stores of vitamins and trace elements, phytoncids.

  • Blueberries

It serves to improve memory, prevent cardiovascular pathologies.

  • Eggs

Lutein contained in this product to restore the body, does not allow the formation of blood clots, the development of strokes and heart attacks. A useful dose for the brain is 2 eggs daily.

  • Black chocolate

Stimulates brain activity, dilates blood vessels, which improves the flow of oxygen. Relieves fatigue, promotes recovery after a stroke, nourishes the brain tissue with phosphorus and magnesium.

  • Carrot

It stops aging cells, does not allow them to collapse.

  • Oily fish

Omega-3 acids are essential for the harmonious work of the brain.

  • Sea kale

A rich source of iodine, extremely important for the work of the brain; deficiency provokes anxiety, insomnia, depression and other nervous disorders.

  • Chicken

Replenishes tissues with proteins, selenium, group B vitamins.

  • Spinach

An important supplier of antioxidants, various vitamins, glands; performs preventive functions against cardiovascular diseases.

  • Honey with tangerines and dried fruits

Fruit-nut mixture is recommended by folk medicine as a means to normalize brain activity. For this purpose it is used on an empty stomach daily, for 6 consecutive months.

Memory Recovery Products

For active brain activity, concentration of attention, memory and thinking, pure air, saturated with oxygen, and a sufficient amount of water are essential. No less important place is given to food, stimulating blood circulation and supplying the brain with nutrients. Such food provides products to restore memory.

  1. Garlic: stimulates blood circulation, improves memory.
  2. Nuts: vitamins B, E support memory, brain work; fatty acids, microelements, amino acids have a beneficial effect on thinking and functioning of the brain.
  3. Milk: 2 cups a day provide the norm of vitamin B12, which develops the memory function.
  4. Honey, dried fruits: contain glucose, necessary for memory, stimulate brain activity.
  5. Sea kale: supplies iodine, important for clarity of memory and increased intelligence.
  6. Red grapes, purple berries: natural antioxidants, help store and process incoming information to the center; improve cell nutrition, protect against destruction.
  7. Lemons: vitamin C serves to prevent forgetfulness and stimulation of short-term memory.
  8. Rosemary: substances, and even the aroma of plants activate blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, increase brain efficiency.
  9. Water: highly organized brain tissue consists of 90% of the liquid; the slightest shortage adversely affects its activities. To prevent dehydration every day, you need to drink 8 glasses of drinking water.
  10. Coffee: increases efficiency, stimulates the cerebral cortex, prevents forgetfulness.

Of course, for the full-fledged work of the brain, other products are needed to restore the body: lean beef, salmon fish, leafy vegetables, various fruits. And also the restriction or refusal of food harmful to the brain: sweet drinks with gas and sweeteners, fatty foods, alcoholic beverages.

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