Diet on pumpkin: useful recipes

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Last reviewed: 17.06.2019

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The banal pumpkin, which several decades ago in our country was fed cattle and cooked pumpkin porridge in the season, suddenly began to occupy the leading positions on the tables of high cuisine, as a useful dietary product. Probably, this fruit was received for good reason, and deserved popularity came to him, thanks to the discovery of geographical and culinary borders. At the moment, the pumpkin diet is very popular, in addition, and delicious.


Pumpkin is shown to everyone and always because of its useful properties, but in this case it will be a pumpkin diet for weight loss. Indications for the appointment is a lot of excess weight or a desire to lose just a few pounds and feel slimmer and fit. In addition, it will improve digestion, the condition of hair and skin. The diet is successfully used to prevent constipation, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation of the urogenital system.


General information of the pumpkin diet

The essence of the pumpkin diet is that the fruit is low-calorie (in 100g 23kcal), sweet, tasty, fills the stomach for a long time without causing a feeling of hunger, which means it is easily tolerated, replenishes the supplies of vital vitamins and micro-elements. It normalizes the digestive tract, slows down the absorption of fats and carbohydrates. The number of pumpkins is not limited. In fact 90% of the fruit is water with minerals and vitamins, it is the main ingredient in all dishes. Salt is minimized, sugar, alcohol, sweets are excluded, after 18:00  food is banned.

Pumpkin diet for weight loss of 5 kg

The authors of the diet for weight loss by 5kg promise this result in just 4 days. These days they eat only three times a day, they drink a lot of water and go in for sports. The pumpkin diet menu looks like this:

  • the first day - in all dishes there is a pumpkin: breakfast you need rice porridge with pumpkin. To do this, boil the pumpkin, add 3 spoons of brown rice, diluted milk with milk and on the stove or in the oven is brought to readiness. For dinner, soup-mash, dinner - baked pumpkin with cinnamon;
  • the second: in the morning salad from a pumpkin with an almond and a pear, to have dinner with vegetarian soup and pumpkin cutlets, in the evening baked apples, a glass of kefir;
  • the third: porridge with the addition of any cereal, except for semolina, in the morning, then soup with meatballs from dietary meat, a supper from a salad with ingredients such as pumpkin, pineapple, apple;
  • the fourth: in the morning a stew of vegetables and pumpkins, in the afternoon borsch with meat on a non-broth broth, pumpkin pancakes, in the evening baked in a half of pumpkin crushed eggplants, Bulgarian pepper, tomato, prunes, onions. 5 minutes before cooking sprinkle with grated cheese.

You can drink water, pumpkin juice, green tea.

Pumpkin diet for 10 days

If you failed to achieve the desired results within such a short period of time and if you do not bother with this useful but specific product, you can apply a pumpkin diet for 10 days. It consists of two four-day blocks, described above, and two days for gradual exit from it. The maximum period of stay on it is 2 weeks or 3 blocks. Each new block begins with the first day of the diet. What can you eat? In her diet soups are vegetarian or on a weak meat broth, porridges, casseroles, salads, baked vegetables, as desserts - fruit, fruit. The main role in all these dishes is given to the pumpkin. A small amount of meat is allowed, but with a pumpkin garnish. What you can not eat? Potatoes should not be used, for carbonated drinks, fried, fatty, high-calorie, hot taboos. After the termination of a diet also it is not necessary to attack these products, and a pumpkin completely to clean from the menu. You can leave in the diet juice, dessert, where different fruits are combined.

Recipes of pumpkin diet

There are many recipes for a pumpkin diet and often they do not require great skill in cooking. Here are some of them:

  • pumpkin juice - most useful freshly squeezed. For its preparation, the fruit is cleaned and either rubs on a grater, or sent to a juicer, then filtered. Juice can be obtained in another way. In the boiling water falls a warm pumpkin, a few minutes cooked and cooled, blender or mixer everything turns into a homogeneous mass. Before use, you can squeeze a little lemon juice to avoid being sugary. Juice is best served in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast;
  • pumpkin soup - the most delicious it is obtained on a weak chicken broth. Pumpkin pieces, carrots, onions are cooked until ready and blended with a blender. Before serving, low-fat creams, chopped dill greens, parsley, and a few dry crackers, dried by one's own hand, are added to the plate;
  • Pumpkin pie - there are many recipes for this pie, for Americans it is an invariable attribute of a festive table after a turkey, but in this case you need to take a diet. As ingredients, 200 g of pumpkin, egg, a cup of kefir, 80 g of oat flakes, vegetable oil (20 g), nuts, vanillin, a little honey. At the preparatory stage, the pumpkin is ground in a food processor, the flakes in a coffee grinder are turned into flour and attached to a pumpkin, as well as the remaining components. All thoroughly mixed until the consistency of sour cream. The oven is heated to 180 °, the mold is lubricated with oil and filled with a prepared test. Half an hour later the cake is ready;
  • pumpkin jam - a delicious treat as a dessert, you can eat separately, but you can put on diet breads or pie. To make it, you need 0.5 kg of pumpkin, a tablespoon of lemon juice, sugar substitute, cinnamon to taste, a teaspoon of grated ginger, a third of a nutmeg. To bring to the taste you need any favorite components. The peeled pumpkin is crushed and stewed over low heat with the addition of a small amount of water so it does not burn out. After its readiness is done mashed potatoes, everything else is added and still boiled to a dense state, then it is laid out on glass jars, cooled, hides in the refrigerator;
  • pumpkin pancakes - pumpkin (300g) and apples (2 medium) rub on grater, 100g of low fat cottage cheese, egg, a pinch of salt, a third of a teaspoon of soda, extinguished with lemon juice, are added to it. Instead of sugar, stevia is used to taste. Density should be regulated with crushed oatmeal (instead of flour), raisins can be added. From the cooked mass should be formed without spreading cutlets, which are laid out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and baked in the oven until cooked. Such pancakes are very good with aromatic herbal tea, rose hips broth or unsweetened fat-free yoghurt;
  • pumpkin, baked with apples - a low form or a pan greased with vegetable oil, thin slices are sliced pumpkin and apples. Initially, the pumpkin is distributed over the entire area of the container, apple slices are placed on it in the same way and are pricked with cinnamon. It is baked at a temperature of 180 ° for 30-40 minutes;
  • pumpkin porridge - the fruit is boiled in water, which then merges, a slightly welded brown rice is added. Everything is filled with low-fat milk so that the contents of the saucepan are covered, brought to a boil on fire and placed in the oven for half an hour.


The use of pumpkin diet is that its fruits contain a large amount of fiber (in 100 g of pumpkin 7g of plant fibers) with a daily requirement of 20-35 g. The orange color shows the presence in it of beta-carotene - a natural antioxidant and immunostimulant and its content is 5 times higher than that of carrots. Also the pumpkin is rich in vitamins of group B, iron, potassium, copper, protein. Pectins in its composition stimulate metabolism, reduce low-density cholesterol, stimulate peripheral blood circulation, remove toxins and other harmful elements from the body.


Pumpkin diet is contraindicated in the aggravation of diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, after an infectious disease, in old age. Possible risks and complications associated with exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach, intestines, pancreas, tk. There are many vegetable fibers in it. Like any mono-diet, it limits the intake of nutrients from other foods, so the shortest period of its use is best.

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Reviews and results

Reviews and results are fairly predictable, because the entire human community is divided into pumpkin lovers and those who do not categorically perceive this product. It is from the latter that the hula of diet comes. Well, there are many other options, although there are no restrictions without restrictions. Positive reviews emphasize the saturation of the pumpkin, which means good tolerance, its goodness, the absence of a depressive state. Results are also there, but in most of the reviews are not so impressive.

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