What if my hair falls out after staining?

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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If the hair drops out after staining, then this is the normal reaction of the hair to chemical attack. Most often this way, the hair reacts to illuminators (hydroperite, for example), cheap hair dyes or too frequent staining.

What to do in this case?

It all depends on the degree of hair loss. If a woman watches "gaps" on her head, then a consultation with a specialist is needed.

If not everything is so bad, then the recipe is this: 

  • Do not dye your hair until they are fully healed. In those cases when a woman or a man can not walk for a long time with "overgrown roots", then it is possible to resort to dyes on a natural basis. And it is better to produce stains in salons; 
  • nutritious masks. Now there is enough of this good and enumerate every means there is no sense, especially since someone praises one, someone else comes up with something completely different. In general, everything depends on the individual characteristics. And yet the most popular ones are worth considering:
  1. MoltoBene Clay Esthe EX Pack - the mask contains components that purify the scalp and hair follicles from fat and persistent pollution, including chemicals, that are not eliminated by conventional means; have a nutritional and strengthening effect on the hair follicles; renew the vital functions of the scalp; exclude dandruff.

The composition of the mask includes: sea clay, extracts of algae salvia and matekaria, extract from the liver of the shark - skovolan, rosemary oil, menthol.

Method of application: applied to freshly washed hair for 5-7 minutes, after which it is washed off.

  1. Mask for hair "Ker-Nova" against hair loss. Is in demand due to its low cost, and judging by the reviews, good quality.

The mask is suitable for both men and women. It includes white clay, grapefruit essential oil, keratin, panthenol, vitamin E, red pepper extract.

The only negative of this mask is that it is difficult to wash out.

  1. "Optima Maschera Anticaduta" is a therapeutic mask that improves the activity of metabolic processes in cells, restores protective mechanisms. The downside is that the drug should be used in conjunction with other drugs to achieve the desired effect.

It is applied before washing your head on dry skin. The mask is applied by massaging movements. After 15 minutes, the product should be washed off. You can use the mask several times a week. The course of treatment lasts 1, 5 - 2 months.

The main components: 

  • provitamin B5, 
  • vitamin PP, 
  • Castor oil, 
  • menthol, 
  • glucose.
  1. The mask "Natur Vital" nourishes and restores the hair.

Ingredients that make up the mask: hydrolysed protein of wheat; phytoactive group: sprouted wheat, beans, soy, ginseng extract; vitamins: A, B3, B7, E, F, H, H '; provitamin B5.

Method of application: on washed hair, the mask is applied over the entire length of the hair. In this case, the scalp should be massaged for several minutes. After 3 minutes, the mask needs to be washed off.

There are some things that you really should pay attention to. At the time when the coloring of hair brought a person to the point that the hair is noticeably disappearing, shampoos and balms are purchased in pharmacies or in professional salons. Plus, you should read the annotation, which is written on each bottle of hair care products. It is mandatory for the bottle to indicate that its purpose is directly related to the restoration of dyed and damaged hair; 

  • folk remedies. Do not forget that the dyeing process in this case affected the scalp like a chemical burn. Accordingly, it is important here not only to strengthen the roots, but also to restore the natural process of vital activity of the scalp. Kalanchoe - the best alternative to all types of burns, but if the degree of burns III or IV, you yourself understand that there need more radical solutions to the problem, as urgent medical care. If, after all, the degree of burns is minimal, then it should be done this way: the Kalanchoe is crushed and filtered through the cheesecloth. And this (freshly squeezed!) Juice is rubbed into the scalp. At the end of half an hour, the hair is washed off with running water, but without using the means for washing the head. -

Freshly squeezed pumpkin pulp is applied to the damaged areas of the skin. Again, if the degree of burns is not the last. -

Raw potatoes grate on a large grater and apply to the problem area of the skin. To fix the "mask" it is necessary to bandage your head or to put on a handkerchief. Once the potatoes have heated, replace it with a new mixture. Very simple and effective means not only from chemical burns, but also from thermal ones. -

Sour cream helps even with sunburns. Sour cream is lubricated by the skin and wrapped around the head for 15 minutes. Then wash off with water. Hair after such manipulations become soft and silky.

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