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Sex change - a serious operation, not shown to everyone. With age, problems with gender identity usually disappear, but a certain percentage of people in adulthood continue to feel uncomfortable in their own body.

It all starts from childhood. The boy puts on dresses, and the girl plays football and wears pants. So that the shell reflects the inner essence of the transsexual, they take this risky step - sex change. The average age of those who decided on the operation is 35 years.

Do not confuse transsexualism and homosexuality. Homosexuals normally feel in their bodies and, as a rule, do not want to change their sex.

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How to make a sex change?

Sex change always begins with a psychiatrist's conclusion that the person is really transgender. It is necessary to be examined, to assess the state of health. Such a lengthy preparation is necessary for the reason that nothing can be done if a person suddenly regrets it after the operation.

If sex change is really the only way, and this will be determined by the medical board, hormonal preparations are prescribed to the person. In women, menstruation disappears immediately, body hair increases, and men acquire features of women. Civilian floor has to be changed before the operation. This, of course, is rather humiliating, looking at the "applicants" with pity, and who openly despises.

It is always more difficult for a woman to be a man, the percentage of successful operations in this case is lower. It is very difficult to replace the female genitals with the male ones. Nevertheless, many in need of surgery gain mental balance only after its implementation.

In Israel, the waiting time for a decision has already been reduced to 9 months. Many countries are going to meet transsexuals. The resolution commission consists of several people: a plastic surgeon, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist, a gynecologist (or a urologist for men). The operation lasts 7-9 hours. Doctors use part of the penis to create the vagina. From the skin of the scrotum creates the labia. As a result of external differences, men do not - even gynecologists take them for women. Of course, if the operation is successful.

After the operation, a liquid diet and a lot of sleep are shown. Extract occurs after 10 days. If the operation is done in a good clinic, the risk of bleeding and infection is minimal.


Sex-change operation

Some people in their body feel very uncomfortable. Such people are called transsexuals. Transsexualism is a behavioral disorder. But thanks to modern medicine, such people have a chance to change their lives. Sex change is a long and laborious process. And such patients require an ethical and attentive approach. A lot of money is required to change the sex, the permission of the authorities and the passage seem to go through all the circles of hell, because not only some painful operations but also a long paperwork is waiting for those who want to change sex. Life expectancy after surgery is reduced, until the end of days the person who has passed through it, drinks hormones, which strikes at the internal organs.

Thailand is the leader in the number of such operations. In Thailand, the lowest cost of a sex change operation. Officially, there are 15,000 transgender people in the country.

Why do people decide on this? Because gender defines individuality. Before the operation, the person has to go through several stages of preparation. Over the course of a year, a person takes hormones and lives as a member of the other sex. Permission is granted only if a person from an early age feels sexually inconsistent, causing him suffering. In this case, the "candidate" should not have other deviations in the psyche.

If the operation is successful, the person receives new documents. To adapt, family support is very necessary.

Any operation is the risk of bleeding and infection, death from anesthesia. You need to weigh all the risks before you decide on this, because there will be no turning back.

Hormone therapy when changing sex

Hormone therapy in transsexual women includes estrogen and antiandrogen therapy. In some cases, progestogens are also prescribed. In general, estrogens are taken in pill form or they stick a special patch to the skin containing them. Tablets suitable for hormone replacement therapy: Diane 35, Logest. The dosage of these drugs is individual. You can not change the dose or stop taking.

Hormone therapy begins 9 months before surgery and is discontinued within a month.

The appointment of hormone therapy begins with a blood test to determine the initial amount of hormones. Examination takes place every 2 months. This frequency is minimal, if necessary, the analysis should be taken more often.

Important for MtF transsexuals is a decrease in testosterone close to the lower limit of normal in women.

After 6 months after the start of therapy with female sex hormones, tests for hemoglobin, lipid profile and liver enzymes are taken.

After surgery, once a year you need to check the level of hemoglobin and free testosterone (for men who have changed the sex to female).

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Change of male to female

Changing gender from male to female is common. The surgeon has the task of forming the vagina from the scrotum tissue. In addition, make breast augmentation and give the face a more feminine look due to changes in the cheekbones and chin, rhinoplasty.

Before surgery, the patient passage is long (about 3 years) preparation period. It includes psychological adaptation to a new gender role and hormonal intake. Lack of a confirmed diagnosis of transsexuality, homosexuality and childhood (until adulthood) are contraindications for changing males to females.

After surgery, the patient is in the hospital for 5-6 days.

External genital organs are formed either by transplantation of the skin of the penis and scrotum, or by using sigmoid tissue.

After surgery, it is recommended to limit physical and sexual activity.

Why are so frequent cases of sex changes from male to female? In recent years, women are becoming more and more powerful, while men turn from cats like lions to cats. But it's not only that. Scientists have shown that the causes of transsexuality should be sought in the period of fetal development. Sometimes a woman has a hormonal failure. This is the reason for the "substitution of consciousness."

Even after a person goes through these many sufferings, sometimes problems do not end. For many representatives of the strong half of humanity it is difficult to cope with the condemnation, which is constantly expressed to them by society in connection with the change of sex. With relatives and friends can happen just a shock.

The success of the operation depends on age and health. After surgery, the patient is under the supervision of a surgeon.

Medicine over the years of the practice of conducting such interventions has developed specific techniques for transgender patients. The problem is that sex can be mental, genital and physical. The purpose of the operation is to eliminate the contradiction between the biological and mental sex.

Hormone therapy before the operation suppresses the secondary signs of the “initial” sex - the one that the patient wants to change. Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed for life.

How is the vagina recreated? There are several methods: 

  1. Penal inversion method. Vagina for 5 hours is modeled from the skin of the penis. The method is the simplest and is widely used. After surgery, a minimum of side effects and rapid recovery of working capacity. The method is shown if the length of the term is more than 12 cm. 
  2. Penis and scrotum skin graft method. A long operation allows you to create a normal vagina and labia. The operation is long - about 7 hours. Forearm skin can be used if there is not enough material. The method is practiced with a small penis size. 
  3. The most difficult method is modeling using a sigmoid fragment. After this operation, there is no danger of tightening the vagina. But nausea and subsequent bowel complications may occur.

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Change of female to male

The change of sex from female to male involves the removal of the mammary glands, the uviation of the uterus and the fallopian tubes and the creation of the penis. The procedure for changing sex from both male to female, and from female to male always takes place in several lengthy stages. The presence of transsexuality is confirmed by a psychiatrist. Then the patient drinks hormones for a long time. And only after that a number of operations are done.

First, the mammary glands are removed, then the ovaries and fallopian tubes, then the testicles and penis are formed. Rehabilitation after removal of the breasts lasts about 3 weeks.

The operation to remove the ovaries and fallopian tubes is performed laparoscopically or abdominal. Rehabilitation after it takes about a week.

In an operative way, a penis with a length of about 8 cm can be formed. Falloplasty is a very difficult operation. For transplants take the skin from the hips or abdomen.

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Sex change in children

The number of adolescents whom doctors help in changing sex increases. In such people, the structure of the brain is always closer to the other sex. Some children are trying to get rid of secondary sexual characteristics, mutilate themselves, are subjected to ridicule. Therefore, from the puberty period to 18 years, these adolescents take medicines to stop sexual development, and then, as adults, they perform a sex change operation.

If the newborn has deformed genitals, it is necessary to immediately select the sex for it and operate on it. Usually hermaphrodites are transformed into women. But, of course, such children become infertile in the future.


Forced sex change

History knows cases of forced sex reassignment. Similar experiments were carried out in the Nazi concentration camps. Josef Mengele is a doctor who used thousands of Auschwitz prisoners to conduct mocking experiments, cut off parts of the liver in children, infected people with typhus and performed forced sex reassignment operations.

Unfortunately, such wildness in some countries is flourishing now. Due to the peculiarities of culture in India, it is better for the family when a boy is born. Therefore, some parents find doctors going to the crime - the change of sex to a child who was not born with signs of both sexes.

Sex change clinics

Sex change is carried out in Moscow, St. Petersburg. In Moscow, the service is rendered by the “SM clinic”. Surgeons with many years of experience work here. The clinic has a modern operating room with high-tech equipment, and being in the hospital will be comfortable for the patient. The SM clinic is a universal family clinic with a department of plastic surgery. In the clinic before the operation, you can undergo an organism diagnosis using MRI, CT, endoscopy, you can undergo all the necessary tests. Here people from all over the CIS operate.

Also in Moscow, a sex change is done at the medical center Medstyle Effect. It is located in a picturesque corner of the city. At the center, doctors give everyone a very careful reception and help to solve the most delicate problems. The sex change operation is carried out by candidates and doctors of science.

In St. Petersburg, the sex change is done by the Rami Clinic. This is a multidisciplinary clinic. Here, about 79% of patients are satisfied with the work of the surgeon. Doctors will not take up the operation if you do not have a certificate from a psychiatrist that you are a transgender person. Also within one and a half years before the operation you should drink hormones. After the sex change operation it is impossible to go back, weigh your decision.

Also such operations are carried out by the City Hospital №9 of the city of St. Petersburg. The department of aesthetic and plastic surgery employs qualified surgeons. Before the operation, registration with a psychiatrist for a period of 1 year and receipt of a certificate stating that a person has a diagnosis of transsexualism will be required. First, make the reconstruction of the genital organs, then both men and women require mammoplasty. If a woman wants to change the sex to a male, she is removed the uterus, fallopian tubes, close the vagina, create a scrotum, penis and testicles, remove subcutaneous fat from the thighs using liposuction.

The operation is carried out on reaching a mature age - 21 years. You have to undergo a comprehensive psychiatric and somatic examination and 1 year of hormone therapy (sometimes more).


Sex change in thailand

The leader in conducting sex change operations is Thailand. Thai surgeons have a lot of experience in this area. In Thailand, a sex change operation will cost three times less than in the United States, and the quality will hardly suffer. In Thailand, sex change surgery is performed by persons over 18 years old. More often men want to change their sex than women.

The patient spends a month in Thailand after surgery for rehabilitation.

Successfully carried out a sex change by the doctors of the Pattaya Bangkok Hospital.

The initial price of a sex change operation in Thailand is $ 5,000. In recent decades, medical tourism in Thailand has become very popular. Here people combine rest with useful things.

Plastic surgeons in Thailand are professionals in their field. Low price due to high competition. Many surgeons lecture at US universities. Hospitals have excellent service, clean wards. The climate of Thailand is accelerating recovery after the operation: it is warm here, the sea is near.

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Sex change in Russia

There is no gender reassignment in Russia. First you need to be registered with a psychiatrist for up to 3 years. At the end of this period, the medical commission must issue him a certificate stating that he is really transgender. Only then can hormone therapy and preparation for surgery begin. It takes about another year.

If a woman wants to become a man, she needs to undergo several operations: remove the breast, close the vagina, lengthen the clitoris, remove the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus, create the scrotum, testicles and penis. As a result, it is at least three stages.

In Russia, a patient under the age of 21 does not perform a sex correction. Elderly people, people with alcoholism and children do not change their sex.

Gender reassignment occurs in homosexuals and schizophrenic patients. Therefore, only one of the 4 requests is granted.

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Sex change in Belarus

The change of sex in Belarus is free for its citizens, and for foreigners the price is $ 3000. To change the sex, you need to be observed for a long time with a psychiatrist, and then pass a commission of 15 people: it includes doctors and lawyers. About 50% of applicants receive permission to change their sex. In Minsk, sex change operations are done by Ukrainians and Russians.

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Sex change in Ukraine

Sex change in Ukraine is possible for persons over the age of 18 who have no children or family after a psychiatric examination and undergoing hormone therapy. A person must have a job and housing, do not abuse alcohol.

The number of people willing to change the floor is growing. However, in no country in the world do they change gender for everyone. Doctors first find out why a person needs it. In the presence of schizophrenia and other mental disorders, surgery is denied. A psychiatrist, a surgeon, a gynecologist, an endocrinologist, a lawyer participate in the commission, which decides whether or not to have surgery.

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How much does sex change cost?

A sex change is carried out in many countries of the world and, of course, it depends on how much this operation will cost you. Operations are carried out in Iran, Thailand, Europe, Russia. In Russia, the operation will cost about 600,000 rubles. It is necessary to carry out several stages of reconstruction. 600,000 rubles is only a surgery on the genitals. In Germany, the price can reach 30 000 Euro. You should also consider the rather high cost of compulsory hormone therapy.

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Free sex change

In Russia, women who want to become a man are given phalloplasty for free. Men who turn into a woman are given a free vagina. Only hospital stays, hormone therapy, and mammoplasty are paid. Foreign nationals change of gender is paid. The cost of the operation is 600,000 rubles or so.

The same applies to the Republic of Belarus. Also, free sex change operations are done to Brazilian citizens. True, in this country the term of observation by psychiatrists is very long - 3 years. Since 2000, 300 sex change operations have been performed. The authorities believe that if transsexualism is a violation of sexual identity, the only possible treatment of which is often a sex change operation, then not giving citizens the right to change their sex for free means to ignore the Constitution. In these countries, medical care for residents is free.

At the expense of the state, sex change operations are carried out by indigenous Israelis. As of 2014, 27 citizens are waiting for permission to conduct a sex change operation.

The decision is yours - maybe, if you think well, you will realize that there are many other ways out of the situation, not just a change of sex.

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Sex after sex change

Change of sex, if it is carried out normally, has little effect on the quality of sex, it is close to normal. However, it still happens that such an experience ends in disappointment.

The transsexual girl is not a man. Gender identity always depends not on the genitals, but on the brain. Transgender women are not homosexuals. They are women in every sense of the word, born in a male body. We all fall in love not only with the body, but also with the soul. You can assume that the transsexual nature mistakenly sharpened into the body of the other sex, and the operation only corrected this error, finding a way to harmony with itself and the world.

Problems can arise when the desires of partners do not match. The transsexual sexuality is different from the male in the same way as in women.

If a woman turns into a man, then the base of the penis is formed from the remnants of the genital organs and during the next operation a prosthesis is attached to it, or the member is formed from its own tissues. “Grown” penis has only slightly reduced sensitivity.

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Orgasm after changing sex

Sex change makes it possible to orgasm. This can occur immediately or after some time, sometimes several years. Most patients are satisfied with the results that can be achieved.

Sex change is a serious change, many people going to it build illusions about their new body, soar in the clouds, they do not understand what they will face after the operation. If you have such a desire, be prepared for hatred, aggression, rejection of others, even relatives and friends. Be prepared for a job change. All the necessary tests and examinations will take one and a half to two years. It will cost you a tidy sum, about a thousand dollars. Hormone therapy begins 9 months before surgery and is prescribed for life. The operation costs $ 7000-20000, but some countries have made it free for their citizens. After the operation, you will have to change your passport, diploma, medical insurance, go through a huge number of bureaucratic procedures. This is about a year.

If you are experiencing sexual satisfaction with wearing lingerie, this is fetishism, not transsexualism. You do not need to change the gender in this case.

Your libido and even the orientation of sexual attraction after surgery will change. As a result of taking hormones, your kidneys and heart will fail faster. Hormones in such quantities in any case harm the body, even if you have good health. Hormones are poison. They cannot be poison only when produced naturally. There is no need to avoid problems in life with the help of sex change, because psychologists and psychiatrists will notice this for sure when they will give you a “verdict” - to be or not to have surgery. Yes, and no problem can be solved by changing the floor. If you are a man, and you want to become a woman, then we will answer you that you will never become a woman in the full sense because of infertility. The whole transformation takes 2-5 years. Sometimes you need a lot of surgery on the face, because hormones can not make you a woman, they can only help you to become like a woman. Relatives and friends always react to this negatively, that is, having solved one problem, you can acquire many other psychological problems as well. And again you will beat the thresholds of the offices of psychologists and psychotherapists.

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Clinic sex change

Change of sex is held in Moscow, St. Petersburg. "CM clinic" gives service in Moscow. Surgeons with years of experience work here. Clinic has modern operating room with high-tech equipment, and stay in hospital will be comfortable for patient. "CM clinic" is universal family clinic with department of plastic surgery. You can be diagnosed with help of MRI, CT, and endoscopy, can pass all necessary tests before surgery in clinic. Here people from all over CIS are operated.

Also sex change in Moscow is done in medical center "Medstyle effect". It is located in picturesque corner of city. Doctors have very friendly welcome to everyone in center and help to tackle most sensitive issues. Sex change operation is carried out by PhDs.

Sex change is made in clinic "Rami" in St. Petersburg. It is multisectoral clinic. There are about 79% of patients are satisfied with result of surgeon. Doctors do not make operation if you will not have notice from psychiatrist on your hands that you are transsexual. Also you should drink hormones during year and a half before surgery. It is impossible to go back after sex change surgery, so weigh your decision.

Also, such operations are conducted by city hospital №9 of St. Petersburg. Experienced surgeons work in department of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. You will require registration with psychiatrist for term of 1 year before operation and receive certificate stating that you are diagnosed with "transsexualism". First reconstruction of genitals is made, and then both men and women need implants. If woman wants to change sex on man, uterus, fallopian tubes are removed, vagina is closed, scrotum, penis and testicles are created, subcutaneous fat is removed from thighs via liposuction.

Operation is carried out on reaching age of maturity - 21 years old. You have to undergo comprehensive psychiatric and physical examination, and 1 year of hormone therapy (sometimes more).

Sex change in Thailand

Thailand is leader for sex change operations. Thai surgeons have very great experience in this area. Sex-change operation in Thailand will cost three times cheaper than in United States, and quality is almost not affected. Sex change operation is performed for persons older than 18 years old in Thailand. Most often men want to change their sex than women.

Patient spends one month in Thailand after surgery for rehabilitation.

Sex change operation is successfully carried out by doctors of clinic "Bangkok Hospital of Pattaya."

Starting price of sex change surgery in Thailand is $5000. Medical tourism has become very popular in recent decades in Thailand. Here, people combine holiday with useful things.

Plastic surgeons of Thailand are professionals. Low price is due to high competition. Many surgeons give lecture at US universities. There is excellent service, clean rooms in hospitals. Climate of Thailand speeds up recovery after surgery: it is warm here, sea is close.

Sex Change in Russia

Change of sex is not carried out to everyone in Russia. First you need to be registered by psychiatrist for up to 3 years. Medical commission shall issue certificate at end of this period, stating that person is really transsexual. Only then hormone therapy and preparation for surgery can be started. It takes about a year.

If woman wants to become man, she had to undergo several operations: remove breasts, close vagina, clitoris is extended, ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are removed, and scrotum, testicles and penis are created. There are at least three stages as result.

Sex correction is not performed for patients younger than 21 years of in Russia. Sex change is not carried out for old people, people with alcoholism and children.

Desire of sex change occurs in homosexuals and patients with schizophrenia. Therefore, only one of four requests is satisfied.

Change of sex in Belarus

Change of sex in Belarus for its citizens is free of charge, and price is $3000 for foreigners. You need to be seen by psychiatrist for a long time to change sex, and then pass commission of 15 people: it consists of doctors and lawyers. About 50% of applicants receive resolution on change of sex. Sex change operations are done by ukrainians and russians In Minsk.

Change of sex in Ukraine

Change of sex in Ukraine is possible for people after 18 years without children and family, after psychiatric examination and hormonal therapy. Person must have job and house, should not abuse alcohol.

Number of people willing to change their sex is growing. However, no one country in the world changes sex to everyone. Doctors first find out why person needs it. Operation is denied in presence of schizophrenia and other mental disorders. Commission, which decides about operation, consists of psychiatrist, surgeon, gynecologist, endocrinologist, and lawyer.

How much does sex change cost?

Changing of sex is conducted in many countries around the world and, how much operation will cost you, depends on it, of course. Operations are carried out in Iran, Thailand, Europe, and Russia. Operation will cost about 10 000 Euro rubles in Russia. It is necessary to conduct several stages of reconstruction. 10 000 Euro is only operation on genitals. In Germany, price can reach 30 000 Euro. You should also consider rather high price of mandatory hormonal therapy.

Free sex change

In Russia phalloplasty is free for women who want to become man. Vagina is formed for free for men, who are turning into woman. You pay only for hospital stay, hormone therapy, and implants. Foreign nationals pay for sex change. Cost of operation is 10 000 Euro rubles or so.

The same applies to Republic of Belarus. Also, free sex-change operations are done to citizens of Brazil. However, observations of psychiatrists in this country are rather very long - 3 years. 300 sex change operations were conducted since 2000. Authorities believe that, if transsexualism is violation of sexual identity, sex-change operation is often only possible treatment, then not giving citizens right to change their sex for free is ignoring of Constitution. Health care for residents is free in those countries.

Sex-change operations are carried out for native Israelis at expense of government. 27 people are waiting for permits for sex-change operations as of 2014.

Decision is yours - maybe if you think carefully, you will realize that there are many other ways out of situation, not only change of sex.

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