Liposuction on face and neck: postoperative period

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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Patients should be warned about the natural postoperative changes associated with liposuction. The bruises and bruises after closed liposuction are manifold and run through 7-21 days. May, although rarely, there are long-term pigment changes in the form of hemosiderin deposits. Postoperative edema and infiltration can persist for weeks and months, and sometimes this swelling can mimic the original shape of the face and neck. A wide elastic bandage is used around the clock (with gaskets to prevent injury to the ears), then, for another 4 weeks, it is used at night. This dressing, apparently, really limits the swelling. After resolving the edema, small irregularities are often noted. Surprising irregularities are almost always temporary and can be corrected with the help of careful massage, soothing conversations and, sometimes, injections of glucocorticosteroids. Patients often complain of short-term numbness and tingling, but they are always warned about this before the operation. This is especially important for men - they must observe extreme caution when shaving in the early postoperative period, the severity of discomfort after primary liposuction is diverse. Most patients return to their previous activity 2-3 days after surgery and are reminded that it is necessary to avoid active head and neck movements for 2 weeks to ensure correct fixation of the split skin to the subcutaneous bed. The final result of liposuction becomes evident later. Sometimes it may take up to 6 months to reduce and shrink the skin.

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