Indications for liposuction on the face and neck

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Last reviewed: 14.08.2021

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Liposuction on the head and neck can also be used to resolve many other surgical problems. It can be useful for atraumatic dissection of soft-tissue flaps in facelift, for removing fat from flaps on the leg or for free flaps, and also effectively removes benign tumors from adipose tissue. When using the closed technique of liposuction, without manipulation of the superficial muscular-aponeurotic system, the greatest efficiency is noted in the lower jaw area, when creating changes in the contour of the cervical-chin angle. Open technique involves the removal of fat by suction under direct supervision, usually in combination with rhytidectomy. The results of the effect of closed liposuction on nasolabial folds and mandibular fat cushions are less predictable and have not been studied in the long-term period. The overhanging of the nasolabial folds is usually due to gravity, but despite the variety of liposuction results, its repeated execution can lead to success. The natural tendency to progressive fat atrophy on the face makes liposuction in the middle of the face risky. The concept of improving the face contour may even require an increase in its size; in lean patients or elderly patients with significant fat atrophy, rejuvenation actions can consist of injecting fat or subculture implantation.

Ideal candidates for primary liposuction in the face and neck should have enough elastic skin to ensure that it is well reduced after the procedure. In patients with reduced or poor skin elasticity, the removal of local accumulations of fat can predispose to an increase in its sagging. Liposuction is sometimes mistakenly suggested as a procedure that reduces sagging of the skin, although its performance can complicate the problem. Dedo believes that in people over 40 years of contractility of the skin may become unsatisfactory. Other authors believe that age should be taken into account, but it is necessary to base on an individual assessment of the state of tissues. Sometimes in young patients with a presumably good elasticity of the skin, not very good results can result. Patients should be aware that good results can not always be predicted.

As an additional procedure for surgical facelift or in combination with an increase in the chin, liposuction improves the cosmetic result. As a primary operation, liposuction on the face and neck also leads to a noticeable face rejuvenation, emphasizing angles and contours with minimal recovery time and minimal complications. Research in the field of liposuction significantly reduced the number of complications and continues to improve surgical results.

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