Homemade onion hair masks: recipes

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Make any of the homemade hair masks for hair, which recipes offer the Internet, simply and inexpensively. After all, honey, butter, mayonnaise, garlic, egg, kefir, yeast, carrots, lemon and similar products are in every kitchen, and if something is missing, then buying is not a problem. By the way, they use not only white bulbs, but also green feathers, as well as husks.

  • For the fastest growth, clean onions and mixtures of various products with a bow for hair are recommended. Simple medical weight - the ground or ground white onion ground. Gruel is evenly distributed over the skin and leave for an hour.

A more complex mass consists of several components: for 2 parts of onion juice, take 1 part of honey, kefir, burdock oil, brandy and sea salt. Stir until smooth mixture is applied to the skin and hold for 60 minutes.

The composition of yeast, yogurt, carrot juice, burdock oil and lemon and onion juice is distinguished by high efficiency. First, insist yogurt-yeast mixture (for 2 hours) - hold for 20 minutes. In a dark place. Then add 1 part of the remaining ingredients. The remedy is applied for 20 minutes.

In the same list - a mask with aloe. 2 tsp. This substance and honey mix with 1 tsp. Lemon juice and 1 tbsp. - onion. This mixture is recommended to keep for about half an hour.

Hair masks from onions

It is easier to prepare masks for hair from onions if you hold the vegetable for half an hour in the freezer. Frozen vegetable is not so aggressively acting on the eyes. A lot of hair bows should be applied to dry skin and roots, without smearing over the hair. Wear a bathing cap, warm with a towel.

To obtain the desired effect, it is recommended to sustain the mask for 20 minutes. Wash off before allowed if unbearable to endure burning sensation and discomfort. To enhance the beneficial effects of honey, brandy, burdock oil, aloe and other ingredients are added to the onions.

Rinse off residues with running water at a comfortable temperature and shampoo, and remove the smell by rinsing in water with lemon juice or fragrant oil. The course is 10 or more procedures, followed by a long break, and you can repeat the same procedure again.

  • Many believe that the tried and tested alternative hair enhancement product is better than modern industrial cosmetics. Onions are useful for hair and when consumed inside, and when applied to the roots, the effect increases many times.

Hair grows faster, heals, becomes stronger and thicker, get shine and vitality. A particularly effective combination of methods: eat 0.5 bulbs daily, at the same time prepare masks and husk decoctions for external use. Alcohol tincture of onion for rubbing into the skin is also suitable.

The secret of onion strength is that it is stuffed with vitamins of several groups that enhance immunity (C), warn of early gray hair and dandruff (group B), improve the nourishment of hairs. Causes a burning sensation, onions stimulate the blood flow to the roots, which promotes growth. The microelements contained in the spicy vegetable also have a positive effect.

Hair mask with honey and onions

If nobody argues about the benefits of onions for hair, then how is a product like honey useful? Why is natural sweetness included in cosmetic products, and in home remedies for skin and hair care?

The composition of natural honey contains hundreds of micro and macro elements, antioxidants, vitamins. With regular procedures, such as wraps or hair masks with honey and onions, follicles and rods become stronger, growth is accelerated, elasticity and density increase. The skin is healed and refreshed, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, dandruff disappears. Honey-onion procedures are used to prevent fragility and hair loss [1], increase elasticity, give a healthy and well-groomed appearance. In fair-haired women contribute to the delicate natural whitening.

  • The double effect is obtained from a simple mask of two ingredients. At the same time, the stimulating properties of a sharp vegetable help to better absorb the beneficial components of the sweet product.[2]

One of the recipes consists of a half-onion, passed through a blender, 3 tablespoons of honey, 1 tbsp. Vodka and the same amount of sea salt. A little heated mixture should be rubbed into the roots and spread on the strands on then rinsed with clean and rinsed with mint water, neutralizing the smell.

Hair mask with bow and burdock oil

The use of hair bows is enhanced with additional components with a similar effect, for example, vegetable oils. Especially popular hair mask with bow and burdock oil.

  • Burdock oil is rich in fatty acids, protein, vitamins. They improve the structure, resist loss, return shine. It improves blood circulation on the surface of the skin, improving the quality and texture of the skin, and is effective in treating skin diseases, including eczema.[3]

Onion juice and oil are mixed in equal proportions, applied to the hair for half an hour. The head is warmed with polyethylene and a scarf. Wash off with neutral shampoo.

If you add a variety of ingredients to onions and butter, you can enhance the effect. Thus, a vitaminized mass to stimulate growth is obtained by adding yeast, carrot and lemon juices. Dry yeast 1 tsp diluted with warm water, after five minutes add the same burdock oil, equally onion, lemon, carrot juice.

  • Healthy hair also needs vitamin support. Make a night mask according to the following recipe: yolk, onion juice, calendula tincture, burdock oil and honey (take it evenly), stir in a drop of vitamin A, apply to hair and wrap securely. In the morning, rinse with shampoo.

The odor problem is solved by washing the hair in half with apple cider vinegar, and then abundant rinsing with clean water.

Hair Mask bow, honey, egg

Independently improve the condition of the hair can be home remedies, for example, natural masks. Hair bow is the number one product to achieve this. It is combined with other natural ingredients. Hair mask bow, honey, egg - an effective procedure available. Water soluble peptide hair growth in chicken egg yolk stimulates hair growth by inducing the synthesis of vascular endothelial growth factor.[4]

The onion-egg-honey mixture is enriched with vitamins and has the following properties:

  • nourishes the roots with nutrients;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • bactericidal;
  • improves growth;
  • resists baldness;
  • tones up;
  • cures dandruff.

The main rule of using this mask is perseverance and consistency. For a full rehabilitation course, it will take two to three months.

After applying the onion remains an unpleasant smell. To avoid this, it is better to use juice than gruel, and wash your hair with vinegar acidified water, special shampoo and conditioner. Or rinse with herbal decoction. When drying, apply a flavored combing agent. In the mask itself drip a little bit of your favorite essential oil.

The mask will require the juice of 2 onions, yolk, 3 spoons of honey. Rubbed together products rubbed into the hair roots, cover for 40 minutes with polyethylene and a towel made of natural fabric. Careful rubbing promotes the active absorption of the beneficial components of the mask.

Means with eggs and honey on the basis of onions washed off with water with the addition of lemon. The multiplicity is twice a week for 2 months or more. Repeat allowed after the same break.

The following recipe is more complicated, especially for people with weakened dry braids. Take a spoonful of onion juice and olive or other oils and 2 tsp. Honey, knock the egg. The mass is applied to the head, covered with a film on top and wrapped with a towel. Hold for a long time, up to 2 hours. Apply weekly. Essences, extracts, herbal extracts can be mixed into the mask, changing them from time to time.

Hair mask from onion juice

Whole groups of vitamins, minerals, organic acids - priceless wealth, which has a bow for hair. It is so useful that even an unpleasant consequence - the smell does not stop people in the fight for beautiful hair on their own heads. 

  • Fortunately, empirically found ways to prevent or eliminate this effect. One of the rules is to prepare hair masks from onion juice, and not from pulp, pieces of which get stuck in the hair and emit particularly strong fluids.

It is not always necessary to distribute the mass over all the hair. For the prevention of loss and growth are the roots, so it is in them that substances useful for the hair should be rubbed.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to warm the onion juice or mixtures based on it to the temperature of the human body. Keep the shower cap with a natural handkerchief or towel.

If the recommended time from half an hour to an hour cannot be sustained (due to a burning sensation), then stop the procedure, and next time use a half lower concentration of juice. When the skin gets used, the amount of juice in the mixed masks increase. Juice can be mixed with alcohol, oils, yeast, honey, yolks, kefir, citrus juice.

  • For rinsing the smell using rinse. Vinegar is suitable for greasy hair, honey and colorless henna for dry hair. Universal remedy - a decoction of green parsley.

Hair treatment with onion juice is carried out by courses: two or three times weekly for one month. If necessary, repeat therapy after a month's break.

Mask of onion and garlic hair

Garlic is a powerful remedy against bacteria, which are often the cause of low immunity, diseases of various organs, as well as problems with hair. When applied locally, the juice or pulp of garlic increases blood circulation, promotes the growth and health of hair. Provides immunomodulatory, antioxidant effects, protects against ultraviolet radiation, improves skin microcirculation, by increasing perfusion of skin capillaries by 55%.[5], [6]

Dual power has a mask of onions and garlic for the hair. It also adds lemon juice, mayonnaise (preferably homemade) and honey. All the ingredients are mixed in equal parts, garlic and onions for the hair are taken in this case in the form of pure juice, without pulp: there is less smell from it. For one procedure for medium length of braids, a large onion and three cloves of garlic are enough.

  • Garlic-onion juice is applied along the entire length, and not just on the skin and hair roots. Hands protect with gloves. Wrap a head with a warm scarf.

The time depends on the type of hair and individual characteristics: from 12 minutes to an hour or more. Then the head is thoroughly washed and rinsed with acidified water.

The only minus of spicy-vitamin remedies is a persistent odor that cannot be washed off with plain water. Various methods have been developed to neutralize unpleasant fluids: from fragrant oils to henna and mustard. Specifically, in this mask, partial neutralization occurs immediately, due to the presence of lemon juice and honey. If you add 5 drops of two or three types of essential oils to the shampoo, the smell will decrease even more significantly. But long hair beautifully falls off the shoulders, and short shine and grow faster.

Hair mask with onions and cognac

There are varieties of hair masks with onions and brandy. The function of the noble drink (when applied externally!) Is to return natural strength and beauty to hair, increase growth and reduce fat content. The effect of irritation causes a rush of blood to the roots and follicles.

Cognac alcohol removes excess lipids from the surface of the skin, dissolves the remnants of detergents and care products, solid salts contained in water. Due to this, natural shine and healthy shine are returned.

  • Cognac enhances the beneficial effect of other components contained in natural oils and medicinal broths.

Shampoo is made from the drink, it is mixed with honey, yolks, salt, aloe, carrot, lemon juice, olive oil, and oak bark is drawn on it. Cognac is also able to touch up hair: light brown - to rich chocolate, black gets chestnut highlights. The addition to the ground coffee mass will not only refresh the color of the braid, but also give a delicious aroma.

If instead of an onion for the hair to use the husk, then the product made according to the following recipe has a high efficiency: the broth is wrapped overnight, filtered in the morning and mixed with brandy in equal proportions. Then chop a pod of hot pepper finely, add to the liquid and again set aside for several hours. Rubbed filtered. The course is every day for a month. The procedure requires patience, but it is worth it: this mask strengthens the roots, stimulates growth, and improves the structure of the hair.

Hair mask with vodka and onions

Alcohol is part of many cosmetic products, including elite. And it is not by chance, because alcohol is an active chemical substance that enhances the effect of other components. Vodka is a popular ingredient in home cosmetics, including hair and scalp healing. Using an inexpensive hair mask with vodka and onions, you can achieve results no worse than from branded lotions and shampoos.

Hair bow stimulates growth, improves condition and structure, strength and thickness. Vodka in recipes is completely safe, it dries the skin, reduces the amount of dandruff, warms and speeds up the metabolism. It has a beneficial effect on the bulbs, the renewal of epidermal cells and hairs. Mixes on alcohol help to treat seborrhea, promote the absorption of beneficial substances, do not cause allergies.

  • Contrary to the hobby of some supposedly healing properties of moonshine, neither moonshine nor other low-quality alcohol is recommended for hair care. The reason is that they may contain components that are harmful to the hair and to the body as a whole.

You can include various products in an onion mask with vodka: lemon juice, mustard, kefir, honey, egg, cocoa, vegetable oil. The simplest recipe is juice, honey, vodka in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. Knead the mixture is applied to the hair for 20 minutes. The course is a few months with one or two procedures weekly.

Hair mask with kefir and onions

The recipe for hair masks with kefir and onions is the following: 1ch.l add to a broken face. Cocoa, 0.5 cup of yogurt, 1 tbsp. Vodka. The onion is rubbed and juice is squeezed from it. The feature of the mask is that it gives room for imagination. You can only give the yolk, not the whole egg. Or add burdock oil. Or do only onions and kefir.

This mask with a bow for the hair and the rest of the ingredients is applied in two layers: the second - when the first one dries. An hour later, washed braids with warm water. Thanks to kefir, the smell of onion is not felt as strongly as in other cases. To achieve the desired result, the mask must be performed twice a week, a total of 30-40 procedures.

  • Kefir is useful not only because it softens the sharp onion smell.

Dairy product contains proteins, calcium, yeast, beneficial microorganisms, vitamins; all this nourishes, strengthens, restores hair, moisturizes with excessive dryness, prevents fragility and loss. On the hair, a film is formed that protects against the adverse effects of external factors.

Masks with kefir lighten hair, including dyed. This should be remembered in order not to wash out the paint in vain. If lightening is desirable, then the plus is that kefir does not dry out or weaken the hair, unlike peroxide and chemical dyes. For dry hair is better to take the most fatty product, for oily - non-fat.

How much to keep a mask for hair from a bow?

Recommendations on how much to keep a mask for hair from a bow depend on the presence of additional ingredients, the type and condition of the hair, the purpose of the procedure, the individual characteristics of the skin. The main threat is that high concentrations of aggressive substances can cause burns to the epidermal cells.

In general, the exposure time ranges from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Some masks are used for the whole night, but in such compositions, not softer, but softer components predominate.

  • To bow for the hair did not bring harm, it should be used regularly, but not too often. Before the first procedure, do the testing, and then follow the sensations: does pain, burning, itching bother you?

The effect is noticeable after the first procedures. At a minimum, the number of fallen hairs decreases, and soon the braids fed by useful components begin to look much more beautiful and well-groomed. Organic acids accelerate the regeneration of damaged cells, potassium moisturizes, niocin strengthens the follicles, and trace elements improve the structure.

Depending on the scale of the problem, the treatment is carried out for about 2 months, carrying out measures to eliminate the smell. It is better not to wash the head before applying, in order to preserve the natural protection against aggressive impact.

How to get rid of the smell after the onion hair mask?

Persistent pungent odor, which the procedure inevitably leaves, many have discouraged them from strengthening their hair with this method. Therefore, the question of how to get rid of the smell after the onion mask for the hair comes to the fore. To use the bow for the hair without unpleasant consequences, practical recommendations have been developed.

  • The procedure does not require pre-washing the head.
  • Juice leaves much less smell than pulp.
  • Hair absorbs stronger and exudes a spicy smell than the skin.
  • The longer the procedure, the more stable the flavor.
  • First wash the mask with clean water and shampoo.
  • Then rinse your head with acetic water.
  • Essential oils added to water neutralize onion odor, have a positive effect on the bulbs and skin.
  • Decoction of rosemary eliminates odor and makes hair shine. Mint infusion is also useful.

Effectively lemon-protein mixture: citrus juice mixed with egg white, put on hair and skin, distribute the comb and leave for a few minutes. Wash off with water.

How often do?

Hair bow masks should be applied regularly for a month and a half to two months. Perseverance is rewarded with a lasting result. How often to do depends on the specific situation and characteristics of the hair. But there are general recommendations.

For example, at the beginning of baldness, the procedure should be performed daily for 2 weeks in a row. Onion masks from the juice do every other day, for unwashed hair. More often - if no discomfort occurs. For the prevention of hair loss is 2 times a week for two months in a row.

  • Recommendations on how much time to devote to the procedure are as follows: like other burning substances (pepper, mustard, garlic), onions are safer to under-hold than to re-hold. Optimally - from 30 minutes to an hour, in the presence of softening components. If the skin is sensitive, and the strands are dry - 15 minutes, maximum - half an hour.

It is desirable to reduce the first procedure, and to start testing on the delicate area of the skin. It is unallowable to keep the mixture hot all night. It needs to be enriched with various ingredients - softening, nourishing, complicating. In general, a full course of up to 15 procedures, with 2-3-day breaks.

Speaking of the smell, which inevitably accompanies onion procedures, let's say that it lasts longer on the hair with a damaged structure, thinned by chemistry or frequent staining. If the onion is rubbed only into the skin, then the smell will be less.

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