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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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The extraordinary properties of ginger have been known since ancient times. This is a useful spice that improves digestion, saves from attacks of nausea, strengthens the defenses of the body, and warms tea, and an important ingredient in the beauty industry.

Ginger for the face has gained popularity in cosmetology due to the unique effect on the dermis, namely:

  • suppresses microbial flora;
  • is an excellent antioxidant;
  • has strong antiseptic properties;
  • has a calming effect;
  • tonic;
  • rejuvenating agent.

Extracts, extracts of the root of ginger - components for lotions and tonics, as well as funds from stretch marks, as well as the basis for anti-cellulite products. Ginger for the face works great both in professional masks and home cosmetics - improves microcirculation, removes toxic substances from the dermis. Scientists have proven the ability of ginger to prevent skin microsurfaces, which are the main cause of the formation of small mimic wrinkles. The result of using cosmetics with ginger is radiant, healthy, young skin of face and decollete zone.

Masks made of ginger for the face

Despite the fact that making ginger masks for the face at home is easy enough, do not forget about the aggressive action of the composition, which can cause skin irritation, itching or burning. For this reason, the root is not used in its pure form and you should beware of getting the juice in your eyes. Before using the mask, an intolerance or hypersensitivity test should be performed in a small area (preferably in the elbow fold).

Contraindications to ginger treatment are:

  • individual intolerance;
  • couperose and rosacea;
  • presence of wounds, cracks, scratches in the field of application;
  • bleeding of different intensity and type;
  • bearing;
  • heat.

As a component of cosmetics, ginger for the face is considered a universal remedy, suitable for any dermis. The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the skin and the expected result. On average, the therapy takes a month, then take a break and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.

To avoid skin burns, ginger is used in combination with vegetable oils, honey, herbal infusions, herbal decoctions, green tea, etc. The amount of the root varies from the sensitivity of the skin, and the possible burning sensation should not cause a strong discomfort. An unbearable pain is a signal for an emergency flushing of a mask, the composition of which is better selected under the guidance of a cosmetologist. Ginger gruel is contraindicated for the eye area.

Ginger for the skin of the face

When revealing the first messengers of aging, sluggish or flabby skin, various skin problems (for example, acne), gray and dull color of the dermis use ginger for the face. Favorable action of the root is due to its basic properties:

  • increases skin immunity;
  • suppresses microbial flora;
  • regenerating and toning;
  • wound-healing;
  • eliminates boils and acne;
  • rejuvenating and stopping age-related changes;
  • activates blood supply;
  • returns the skin properties of elasticity and elasticity;
  • cleansing;
  • corrects the contours and complexion;
  • Smoothes wrinkles.

The most amazing thing is that it is suitable for face skin of any kind:

  • oily skin - clears from excessive salivation, removes shine, tightens pores, eliminates acne and acne, resulting in a complexion;
  • sensitive skin - helps better resist climate change (frost, wind, heat), saves from peeling, prevents wilting, removes redness and signs of lack of sleep. As a result, the skin shines and emits health;
  • normal and dry skin - gives a fresh and healthy appearance, increases tone.

Recipes for cooking masks from ginger for the face

From the variety of options for cosmetics based on the root of ginger should choose the most suitable for you. It is very important that the composition is liked, relaxed and gave pleasant sensations. Based on the situation, the state of the dermis and the desired effect, an individual care schedule is drawn up. Recommended intensity and duration of application of masks one or two times a week a month or a half. After an interval of one to two weeks, the sessions resume.

Recipes for cooking masks from ginger for the face:

  • nutrition and hydration - mix equal proportions of honey and grated ginger root, add three parts of sour cream (with oily skin with low fat content), add a few drops of vitamin E;
  • which removes toxins - mix a part of clay and a part of ginger gruel, dilute with chamomile broth or green tea to a consistence of thick sour cream;
  • the vitamin composition - apple and ginger root (equal parts) is finely ground, combined with a softened banana. If skin dryness is noted, it is better to put in a mask a couple of droplets of olive oil;
  • refreshing ginger for the face - a gruel of fresh root (2 tbsp.) or dry powder (1 tbsp.) is mixed with milled into flour by oatmeal (2 tbsp.). Brew the mixture with steep boiling water to a uniform thick mass, which is added to warmed milk, cream or sour cream (depending on the fat content of the skin). If desired, you can add your favorite essential oils;
  • to increase the tone - honey and ginger root (previously rubbed or passed through a meat grinder) are mixed in the same amount, sprinkled with lemon juice;
  • food and rejuvenation - equal shares of ginger ginger and olive oil;
  • with skin problems - grated root (5gr.) and strong welding of green tea (10ml.);
  • with boils, acne - an ideal remedy from a part of the ground ginger and a part of turmeric, diluted with water to a homogeneous paste.

Ginger is perfectly combined with freshly squeezed juices, berry and fruit gruel. Combine the spice with apples, banana, avocado, grapefruit, orange, pumpkin, parsley. The amount of spice varies based on skin sensitivity.

Masks are left for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water or herbal decoction. If there is a burning sensation, the compound is removed from the face immediately.

Ginger root for the face

Ginger is rich in essential oils, includes vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, PP), amino acids (including valine, threonine, methionine, leyzine, tryptophan) and minerals (source of calcium, zinc, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and other). Astringency and spice spice was obtained due to the ethereal constituents, and the burning taste is due to gingerol (phenolic substance). The active components and esters are concentrated under the skin, so they clean the root, minimizing peeling.

The miracle cure is the root of ginger for the face. A powerful antioxidant prevents and slows down the aging process, tones up, soothes, relieves of various skin problems (acne, boils, pustules, etc.). The result of the masks will be a smooth, beautiful complexion.

Indispensable ginger for the face, when signs of a lack of collagen are revealed - the face oval floats, a second chin appears, and the nasolabial folds hang. The root of ginger will not only replace expensive means, but also improve blood circulation, carry out detoxification at the cellular level, and also relieve excessive moisture.

Ginger juice for the face

Widely spread in the cosmetic sphere rightfully got a ginger root. Professional and therapeutic cosmetics include ginger extract. The strongest antioxidant favorably affects any type of dermis. Use ginger for the face in the regenerating creams, with fading and problem (fat, with dilated pores, eels, etc.) skin. Healing root is indicated for cellulite, stretch marks, to maintain the elasticity of the chest and strengthen the hair.

Extracted juicer, blender, mincers ginger juice for the face is added to natural home tonics, masks, scrubs. Shredded ginger and its juice can be stored in a closed container in the refrigerator. On the basis of ginger juice it is easy to make a mask with the effect of lifting, which will saturate the skin with vitamins, increase tone, improve the complexion. Take 1 hour. Juice of ginger root and as much olive oil. As you get accustomed, increase the amount of ginger to 1 tbsp. Add the gruel from a banana and an apple (by 1 tbsp.). If you want to achieve a whitening effect, enter into the mask several drops of lemon juice. The visible result will appear in a month, subject to a weekly use of the medicinal product.

Ginger for the face from acne

According to the content of vitamins and minerals, the root of ginger is inferior, probably, only to ginseng. A powerful antibiotic contributes to the natural cleansing of the body, suppresses the pathogenic flora in the intestines, removes toxins and poisons. Antibacterial action is caused by essential oil, which is directly under the brownish crust. An indispensable remedy is ginger for the face from acne, boils, wounds, acne, pigmentation and freckles.

The maximum elimination of skin problems can be achieved by simultaneous intake of ginger inside and external exposure. To "clean" from the inside, make ginger tea - add the crushed root of ginger (about 1 cm in size) and lemon to taste in the usual tea. And it will be useful to swallow ginger slices. Regular ginger tea will strengthen immunity, give strength, clean blood and give true pleasure to spicy spices.

Use ginger for the face, lubricating with fresh root slices the affected skin areas. It is good to apply a piece of ginger for a few minutes, of course, if there is no sensitivity or intolerance. Therefore, before use, make a test on the wrist / ulnar fold. Combining ginger with egg white, clay, lemon, vegetable oils, you can get miraculous, therapeutic masks.

Reviews of ginger for skin

As it turned out, ginger for many has become a real discovery and a true tool for the prevention and treatment of skin problems, as well as age-related changes. The magic root removes puffiness, makes the skin radiant, young and taut.

Numerous positive reviews of ginger for facial skin indicate that the constant intake of ginger inside and the application of the root in the form of masks give excellent results after a few sessions. The most important thing is to choose the composition suitable for your skin and case. You can do it yourself by sampling or contact a professional cosmetologist for advice.

It is important to make sure that there are no allergic reactions to ginger and remember the contraindications to which include:

  • gastritis;
  • liver dysfunction;
  • ulcer;
  • bleeding (any - from the nose, hemorrhoids, etc.);
  • diabetes;
  • stones in the kidneys;
  • cardiac disorders;
  • special care should be taken when carrying the baby and breastfeeding.

A unique source of youth, health and beauty is ginger for the face, decollete zone, hair and the body as a whole. The first, often random acquaintance, with the root turns into a long love, affection and veneration.

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