Diamond microdermabrasion of the face: protocol of procedure

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed skin of the face is half the success in the business of external attractiveness, the rest is given by mother nature. True, there are lucky people who get everything from her, but alas, not everyone is lucky. There is no need to despair, because in the modern cosmetic field there are various methods to improve the condition of the surface layer of the epidermis, including diamond microdermabrasion.


Indications for the procedure

Diamond microdermabrasion is a kind of facial peeling, or rather, gentle mechanical grinding. The indications for its implementation are various errors of especially sensitive skin: acne, comedones, oily seborrhea, age spots, scars, scars, fine wrinkles.

People in the age range of 50-65 years are also potential clients of such a beauty salon, because they are characterized by pronounced aging of the skin, wrinkles, atonia, the appearance of dark senile spots.

But most importantly, the skin gets the opportunity to be updated, because The procedure activates the process of production of collagen and elastin - proteins, providing its structural support and elasticity.

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The procedure does not require special preparation from the client, but 2 weeks before it is forbidden to visit the solarium and stay in the sun for a long time. It is necessary to inform the cosmetologist in advance about the treatment with any drugs, perhaps he will give separate recommendations on this matter.

The device for diamond microdermabrasion

To conduct diamond microdermabrasion in the salon by an experienced specialist is a reasonable solution, but time-consuming and costly. Since the session is absolutely painless and safe, devices for home treatment are developed:

  • The device “Diamond peeling” is packed in a convenient textile case with a zipper, with a handle. Included is the device itself, the power supply, 6 nozzles (half for vacuum cleaning, the other for polishing the skin), instructions. On the device itself there is a screen and 3 buttons: start / pause, time, rotation intensity (1, 2, 3);
  • “Reeling pro” - combines diamond peeling with a vacuum restorative effect. On its display, a hint is displayed, which areas of the face need to be processed, and the vibration of the device indicates the need to switch to another zone. There are nozzles with different diameters (3 pieces) and 1 massage.


Who to contact?

Technique of the diamond microdermabrasion

The tips of the devices are equipped with abrasive in the form of diamond dust that cleans the top layer of skin, then with the help of a vacuum, the horny particles are removed from the face through the central cavity of the nozzle.

The technique of diamond microdermabrasion in the beauty salon consists of three consecutive actions:

  • skin cleansing with an antiseptic tonic;
  • the use of the apparatus for mechanical grinding;
  • applying a mask or cream.

Such peeling can be applied not only to the face, but also to the décolleté, neck, hands.

Conducting the procedure at home, the skin is not only cleaned, but also steamed over hot water, soda solution or decoction of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, thyme, calendula, etc. This increases the effect of peeling. Different size of nozzles is provided for ease of use on different parts of the face. One of the three modes is selected based on their sensations and the thickness of the epidermis. The area around the eyes is not affected.

On average, the procedure lasts half an hour, it is carried out once a week, but with too sensitive skin, one is enough per month. The result is achieved after 5-10 sessions, depending on its condition.

Contraindications to the procedure

Diamond microdermabrasion is not carried out in the presence of skin lesions: allergic rashes, burns, including sun, scratches, herpes. It is contraindicated for diabetics, cancer patients with rosacea and dermatitis, and during pregnancy it is quite acceptable.

Consequences after the procedure

After microdermabrasion, slight redness and peeling is possible. But these are normal consequences that will pass by themselves. Complications after the procedure are possible if the recommendations for the care after it were not followed or if contraindications are not taken into account.

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Care after the procedure

The skin that has undergone microdermabrasion becomes very sensitive, and therefore special care and proper rehabilitation should be observed for two weeks. It includes the exclusion of ultraviolet exposure, intense exercise, because excessive sweating can cause irritation and inflammation, a ban on cosmetics, the use of scrubs, alcohol-based remedies.

It is necessary to take care of the face using moisturizers, and when going outside - sunscreen.


Many decide on the procedure because of its real results and the absence of pain. According to reviews, after it decreases the number of black spots, shrinks the pores, smoothes the skin's relief, scars become less noticeable, the greasy luster disappears and the skin color improves, the effect of rejuvenation is clearly visible, which lasts an average throughout the year. The disadvantages include the high price of a complex of sessions.

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