Basic rules for skin care

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Last reviewed: 15.05.2018

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Care is needed for skin of any type. Cosmetic skin care is the maintenance of its normal functioning, protection from unfavorable factors and premature appearance of wrinkles. Do not wait for the skin to become problematic or when the age will make itself felt.

It is easier to prevent the problem than to look for ways to eliminate it. Sometimes these searches do not give a positive result.

Cosmetic care should be carried out according to some rules, without observance of which you can not improve the condition of your skin. Surely you've heard of dermal lines. These are certain areas where you need to rub the cream or apply masks, and the finger movements should be smooth and light. By doing this, you protect your skin from stretching. The direction of skin lines in the area of the lower jaw is from the middle of the lips to the auricle. Further from the middle of the upper lip to the upper part of the ear. In the same direction, that is, to the upper part of the ear, movements are made along the lateral part of the bridge of the nose. Working on the eye area, be very careful. Direct the movements of the upper eyelid from its inner angle to the outer one. In the lower eyelid, just the opposite - from the outer corner to the nose. In the frontal part, everything is very simple. Follow the direction from the middle of the forehead to the temples. In the same way, the hair grows in the eyebrows, and the dermal lines in this area repeat this direction. On the nose, smoothly move along its back to the tip. Massage the sides of the nose from the backrest down. Remember this basic rule.

Whichever cosmetic product you use, remember that intensive rubbing of the skin on the face and neck will cause it, and accordingly, you irreparable harm. To clean up these areas, you should never use too hard brushes and woolen cloths, as well as towels made from coarse cloth. There is an opinion that the skin can be hardened by such treatment. However, it is not. Women who think so, are very mistaken. Not getting proper care, our skin begins to age, fade. Cracks and wrinkles appear on it. Save youth and beauty of the skin with the necessary cosmetic procedures, properly feeding it and protecting it from meteorological factors.

Below are the rules that you need to adhere to every day, if you want to have fine skin.

    • First, try daily to consume about 2 liters of fluid, which is necessary in order to keep your skin supple and elastic.
    • Secondly, after returning home from work in the evening, do not forget to take off your makeup.
    • Third, the skin requires daily moisturizing. It is best to do this with a cotton swab dipped in mineral water.
    • Fourth, your face and body need nutritional cleansing at least once a week.
    • Fifth, you should take care of the skin of the palms and soles, applying a nourishing or moisturizing cream on them every day before going to bed.
    • Sixth, watch your food. You need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but sweet, as well as products containing fats, you need to reduce.
    • Seventh, be careful when applying makeup. If you do it wrong, you can face a lot of problems.

Cleansing the face

O cleaning of the face can be carried out in different ways. For example, washing with soap or milk.

You can cleanse the skin with vegetable oils, egg yolk, sour milk and the like. There is such a skin problem as comedones. This is the acne that is characteristic of adolescents in the process of puberty. However, such a defect may appear at a later age. He needs to be treated with permanent procedures for deep cleansing of the skin. And now let's talk in more detail about the remedies that can be used to purify the skin of the face.

  • Water treatment with soap

Cool water is 20-28 ° C; someone will like warm water - 28-37 ° C, and someone hot - 37-45 ° C.

For best results, use hot water. It promotes the flow of blood, and this, in turn, gives the skin firmness and freshness. But people in old age are not recommended to wash with hot water, as it promotes the expansion of blood vessels, giving the skin an unpleasant appearance. Skin tone weakens, the pores become dilated. To avoid this, do not abuse the washing of hot water - resort to this procedure no more than twice a week. While a young or oily skin, this washing is very useful. This makes it elastic and attractive.

For people with normal skin type, optimal washing with warm water. However, we do not recommend using it permanently, as this leads to skin flabbiness. To improve the tone and hardening of the face skin, it is good to wash with cool and cold water. This first leads to a narrowing, then to the expansion of the pores, thereby slowing down the flow and salinity. If you use constantly cold water, the skin will coarsen and begin to peel off. It can also cause dry and bluish skin tone. It is possible to use contrast washing, that is alternating hot water and cold. In this case, the upper limit of the water temperature should not exceed 45 ° C, and the lower limit is 12 ° C. This procedure is very useful in expanded pores.

The use of soap makes purification by water more effective, but not every soap is useful. When choosing such products, pay attention to quality, it is better to use soap with the content of lanolin and nourishing cream. But even the most good soap still dries the face, especially fading, so do not abuse soap in the process of washing, otherwise you will have a feeling of tightness of the skin after such procedures, which takes place only when the natural protective grease is restored.

If you want to have a supple, elastic skin, we recommend making compresses with salted water (1 teaspoon of salt per glass of water) alternately using hot and cold. To finish the procedure you need a cool compress. If there is no time, then just wash your face with salt water.

In the morning, you can apply contrast washing, ending it with cool water. This will help strengthen the walls of the vessels. For extremely dry and thin skin, we recommend washing with mineral water. You can also add tea soda to the water, thereby softening it. It is good to use a decoction of herbs to rinse your face after washing. For dry skin, the following herbs are suitable: parsley, sage, plantain, mint. For oily skin - dandelion and string.

White dry wine and dry champagne in a cooled form are not bad means for rubbing the skin. When washing is finished, lubricate the damp skin with a thick cream. After soaking the cream, pat the skin with a tissue to remove any debris.

  • Washing with the use of milk

Even in ancient times, women learned to use milk for cosmetic purposes. It is a natural valuable product containing many useful components that are necessary for our skin. For example, milk sugar helps moisturize the skin, and lactic acid - to retain fluid in the skin. Other components - milk protein, proteins and fats - make the skin supple, elastic, preserve the water balance. Dairy enzymes and vitamin E are excellent support for regenerative processes in the skin and help improve the process of cell renewal. Hence the conclusion that milk perfectly fights with signs of aging.

If your skin is very sensitive and dry, it is ideal for washing with milk. However, it is for this type of skin that milk should be diluted with half of water. The resulting liquid should have a comfortable skin temperature. It soothes the skin and relieves irritation. You can wash your face with whole milk, only after that you need to rinse your face with warm water without using soap and, drying your face with a towel or cotton swab, apply a nourishing cream. The procedure for washing with milk can be used only with healthy skin that does not have areas of peeling and inflammation, and if such defects are present, it is better to dilute the milk not with water but with a rich broth of raspberries, limes or chamomiles.

  • Purification with oils

Vegetable oils there is a huge amount: olive, corn, cotton, sunflower and others. All of them are used for cleaning procedures. Vegetable oil perfectly removes daytime makeup. If the skin is dry, then use vegetable oils is especially favorable, especially in the autumn-winter period. Stone oil, such as peach or nut oil, is also excellent for this purpose. For the purification procedure, one or two teaspoons of oil will suffice. The oil should be slightly heated in a water bath, moisten it with a cotton ball and soak through the face and neck with soothing movements, thereby purifying the skin. You can simultaneously do a light massage with your fingertips. It is very useful to massage your lips with oil - they will become soft, and their color will be bright. If your skin has been exposed to the sun and wind for a long time and you feel dry and uncomfortable, peach oil is an indispensable tool. The bottle with oil should be heated in a water bath to 37 ° C, moisten in it a thin layer of cotton wool and put on the face, leaving a free zone around the eyes and nose. Cover with parchment paper and a towel to keep the heat longer. After 15-20 minutes you can remove the mask and wipe your face with a dry napkin. This mask is recommended to be applied to the skin of the neck. At the end of the procedure, you should wipe the skin well moistened in salted water or tea with a cotton swab moving from the bottom up. Salt is added at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 0.5 liters of water. You can also use boiled water with the addition of fruit juice. The components must be mixed in half.

The benefits of butter can say a lot, but we only mention one thing: it is an excellent tool for softening and cleansing the skin. However, they should not use people who have such defects as acne and pustules. If you use butter to clean the skin, remember that its use should not be delayed for more than 10 days.

  • Cleansing action of sour milk

This sour milk product is indispensable for the care of face, head, hair. It can be applied at all seasons and for all skin types. It is advisable to use a non-perishable product, since on a very sensitive skin this can lead to reddening and peeling. Nevertheless, oily skin easily tolerates the acidity of the product, and many owners of this type of skin prefer milk whey for the procedure for washing. It helps to reduce fat and sweating. Also for this purpose, kefir or sour cream is suitable.

You can wash yourself in any way known to you - with a cotton swab or simply scooping up sour milk with your hands. After the application of sour milk, you can leave it on your face and neck for a while, then rinse the sour milk product with warm water. If you have a feeling of tightness of the skin, lubricate the face with a nutritious cream that acts on the skin soothing and relieves it of the burning that appears from the effects of acid. Owners of dry skin need to wash with warm water before applying the cream. If your skin is oily, leave the sour milk product on the skin until it dries completely. This will remove the pores. Cream in this case is applied to the forehead, neck and eye area. If this method of cleansing caused skin irritation, moisten it with tea or a small amount of fresh milk, then again use a fat cream.

  • Egg Yolk Cleansing

This remedy is indispensable for oily skin. To prepare the cleansing formula, take 1 yolk, mix it thoroughly with any vegetable oil and add a few drops of lemon juice. The received volume should be divided into two parts. Take one to the refrigerator. The remaining part can clean the skin. To do this, you need a cotton swab that needs to be moistened in water, squeezed and dipped into the yolk, then quickly applied to the face and neck. The mixture is left on the face for a while, and then removed and washed with cool water. Do not let the yolk mixture soak into the skin. When the procedure is finished, apply a cream on your face. Instead, you can take the vegetable oil. The second part, from the refrigerator, use the next time.

On the basis of the yolk, many different mixtures can be prepared. To cleanse the skin is suitable such a recipe: you need to take 1 yolk, add a little sour cream and 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil and carefully grind.

Apply to any type of skin, taking a break for half a month. Of course, the mixture should be stored in the refrigerator.

  • Cleansing the skin with bran and black bread

The procedure is carried out using any bran that is at hand. If not, then you can use a crumb of black bread, which contains a lot of bran. Or use oatmeal flakes "Hercules". Grind them with a meat grinder or grinder.

If there are acne on the skin, add a little baking soda or borax to the mixture. Next, mix the oatmeal with warm water and apply this slurry on a damp face, lightly rubbing into the skin, especially in the places of congestion. Usually it's the forehead, the wings of the nose, the chin. When you feel that your fingers move easily and as it slip, then it's time to wash the gruel. Do this with cool water. After such cleaning, the skin becomes soft, smooth and velvety. Procedures should be carried out for a month every day. If you have a fatty skin type, clean your face with bran once in a week or two, and at other times use the yolk or sour-milk products, as well as cream soap.

  • Cleansing with soap and camphor cream

The procedure for cleansing with soap and salt cream is used mainly for oily skin without damage and abrasions. If the skin is flaky, then the procedure should be abstained. This method is good in the presence of acne comedones. To prepare a soap cream, you need any shaving cream of domestic production. Add a pinch of extra salt, as well as some baking soda, and stir it gently. Put a little of this mixture on a cotton swab and apply on the face in circular motions, massaging the areas with acne. After 3-5 minutes, wash with hot water. Finish the procedure by rinsing with cool water.

Camphor cream is also one of the effective means for skin cleansing. You can prepare it yourself. You will need a baby toilet soap, a partial glass of water, 2 teaspoons of glycerin, 1 tablespoon of ammonia, 1 teaspoon of boric acid, 1 tablespoon of camphor alcohol and 0.5 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Soap should be grated and added water and glycerin. Stir everything and let stand one night. Then, mix this mixture homogeneously with steam and mix with ammonia and camphor alcohol. Boric acid, dilute 2 cups of boiling water and pour into the resulting mass, stirring it with a spoon. Allow the mixture to cool and, until it is too thick, add hydrogen peroxide. The mass must be beaten until it has a consistency of cream.

If the skin is often irritated, the camphor cream is prepared in the following way. Take a small piece of soap, half a spoonful of boric acid, 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon camphor oil and a half cup of water. The cream is prepared exactly as in the above recipe. Camphor oil should be added to the already cooled mass.

If the facial skin is not prone to fat, then we prepare another composition: instead of a soap cream, take 0.5 cup oatmeal, add 1 teaspoon of drinking soda and water so that it turns out gruel. Then it should be applied to the face, and after a couple of minutes, rinse with water.

  • Purification by corn-based flour formulations

In order to rid the skin of dead cells, cleanse with corn flour. You should use this method once every two to three weeks. What should be done for this? Pour a little corn flour into a deep plate, dilute with warm water, stir well to dissolve all the lumps. You should get something like a gruel to be applied to the face, and after a while (about 10 minutes), wash it off. It is desirable after the procedure to lubricate the skin with cream.

If there are acne-comedones on the skin, then use another mixture based on cornmeal. In corn flour, add whipped egg whites. Thoroughly mix everything and apply on face. When the mixture dries, you need to remove it from your face with a double-edged mitten. Do this carefully, so as not to stretch the skin, then it is better to wash with cool water.

Where acne-comedones are located, wipe with lemon juice or a weak solution of vinegar (you can use apple, table, etc.), using a cotton swab. When finishing the purification procedure, soften the dry skin with any vegetable oil or broth of wild mallow, and fatty can be wiped with any alcohol lotion.

  • Peeling and scrub

There are means for cleansing the skin, which are called scrubs or peelings. These are creams containing abrasives. The latter can be represented by crushed stones of apricot, peach and other similar crops. Their grinding should be very shallow. Peeling is an easier means, but in essence it is the same. The composition of the cream-peeling includes such components as seeds of raspberries, strawberries or the smallest fractions of sand or clay. Peeling has a gentle effect on dry, irritated skin.

Scrub exfoliates the dead skin particles. This procedure causes a rush of blood to the skin.

Peeling can be made as follows: take half a glass of any available berries at hand - raspberries, strawberries, strawberries. Griddle with a fork in the bowl, add a little sour cream and mix thoroughly. This composition should be applied to the face and neck area with a cotton swab, carefully making circular motions.

Massaging the skin, leave the area around the eyes and lips free of the mixture. After some time, after about 10-15 minutes, rinse the berry composition from your face and pat it with a towel. Apply a nourishing cream.

  • Medicinal decoctions for skin cleansing

This product is suitable for cleansing oily skin. Decoctions of medicinal herbs remarkably tighten enlarged pores, cleanse and nourish the skin. They are prepared simply: take 2 tablespoons of shredded collection, which includes mint, chamomile, sage, plantain, pour into suitable dishes and pour 1.5 cups of boiling water. The broth should be infused for 30 minutes.

P osle add a little potato starch to make a gruel. Apply on face and neck with light massaging movements. After 15-20 minutes the mask needs to be washed off.


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