Отвислость кожи живота возникшая в результате похудения, возрастных изменений, беременности; дряблость и перерастяжение мышц живота, приводящие к опущению внутренних органов; образование рубцовых растяжек кожи; наличие на животе неэстетичных рубцов после других хирургических вмешательств? Все это можно исправить благодаря абдоминопластике!

Осложнения абдоминопластики

The plastic of the anterior abdominal wall is a highly effective intervention, but under certain conditions it can lead to the development of dangerous complications.

Сочетание абдоминопластики и липосакции

Variants of combinations of liposuction and abdominoplasty are diverse, and the choice of a surgeon is based on an understanding of those features of the influence of liposuction on the results of abdominoplasty, which are inherent in a particular operation performed.

Особенности абдоминопластики при наличии рубцов на передней брюшной стенке

The presence of scars on the anterior abdominal wall significantly affects the planners and the technique of performing the operation, since the existence of "avascular" zones of scar tissue within the cut out flaps can significantly worsen their blood supply and lead to the development of severe complications.

Вертикальная абдоминопластика

With vertical abdominoplasty, the surgeon uses a vertical incision along the midline of the abdomen, in conjunction with horizontal access, typical for classical or stress-side abdominoplasty.

Напряженно-боковая абдоминопластика

Stress-side abdominoplasty is indicated in patients whose flaccidity and relaxed muscular-fascial system are the main components of the anterior abdominal wall deformity.

Классическая абдоминопластика

The main conditions necessary for conducting classical abdominoplasty are: a significant excess of soft tissues in the hypogastric region with the presence of an overhanging skin-fat fold ...

Хирургические принципы абдоминопластики

The plastic of the anterior abdominal wall gives a significant cosmetic and functional effect, but can also lead to dangerous postoperative complications.

Первичный осмотр пациентов при абдоминопластике

During the examination, there are scars on the anterior abdominal wall, the number, distribution and appearance of the stretch bands, the degree of obesity, the presence of hernial protrusions.

Показания к абдоминопластике

A significant increase in the volume of contents of the abdominal cavity during pregnancy leads to a vertical and horizontal overgrowth of the musculo-fascial layer, the onset of diastase of the rectus muscles and the stretching of the skin.

Что такое пластика передней брюшной стенки (абдоминопластика)?

The main cause of stretching of the muscular-fascial layer and weakness of the skin of the anterior abdominal wall is pregnancy.
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