Make-up and color of clothes for pale skin

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Make up for pale skin is not particularly difficult. Modern industry has presented a large number of colors and shades that will present pale skin in a winning light.

Of course, bright makeup will look ridiculous on alabaster skin. Do not use bright blue and blue, brown and pink shades. It is necessary to give preference to pale colors - light sand, soft pink, light gray, beige and brown shades. In this range you can use cold and warm shades. Pearly shadows should be used with caution: they can lighten the inner corners of the eyes slightly or put shadows of ivory under the eyebrows to make the eyes visually larger.

If you use podvodku to guide the clear arrow above and under the eyes, it will look spectacular on the pale skin of the face. You can make thin curved hands, and straight, and zadekorirovat eyes in the manner of cats.

In combination with porcelain skin color, black mascara will look great. Do not use plum, blue and blue hues of carcass, as these colors will give the alabaster skin a faded look.

Cream for pale skin

There is an opportunity to emphasize the porcelain skin tone, using modern means of decorative cosmetics, for example, foundation.

The tonal cream for pale skin is represented by the following brands: Chanel, Dior, Clinique. For pale skin, it is not necessary to select shades of tonal means with a yellow base and bronzers. There is a trick that will help make the complexion even. It is necessary to mix in a proportion of 3: 2 tonal and moisturizing cream and apply to the face.

Blush for pale skin

Bright shades of pink blush are forbidden for the owners of alabaster skin. Preference should be given to soft pink or peach hues.

The use of blush can transform a woman's appearance. First of all, blush should be put on cheekbones and shade. Then a small amount of blush is applied to the upper eyelid. Some makeup artists recommend using blush only in the upper part of the cheekbones, away from nasolabial folds. Such a reception will give the person a more youthful and fresh look.

Lipstick for pale skin

Pale skin needs refreshment and a healthy appearance. Using lipstick is an ideal way to achieve this.

Possessors of porcelain leather are suitable for soft shades of lipsticks and glosses, namely, peach, pink and sand. Thanks to them, the lips will become a seductive color, and the skin will become radiant and fresh.

Powder for pale skin

To choose a powder for a pale skin is uneasy enough. You can recommend the products of the following manufacturers, which are ideal for porcelain leather:

  1. Lumine, tone "0".
  2. Marie Kay, the color of "ivory 1".
  3. Max Factor № 01, 20, 85.
  4. Bourgeois Biodetox, there are several suitable shades.
  5. L`Oreal Alliance Perfect, tone R1.
  6. Vivienne Sabot, moisturizing powder of the lightest shade.
  7. Chambord, light shades.
  8. Iza Dora, the anti-glare.
  9. Pupa silk tach, No. 1.
  10. Triumph, light shade.

Hair color for pale skin

Owners of pale skin often suffer from their lack - the excessive pallor of the skin of the face and body seems to be a manifestation of soreness. But, having a creative approach, you can turn any disadvantage into dignity. This is the choice of a successful hair color in the presence of pale skin.

The most successful combination is a dark hair color and pale, porcelain skin. And brunettes with brown eyes, endowed with very light skin, are very popular among men. Therefore, the owner of pale skin can compensate for this deficiency and emphasize their "raisins" by changing the color of hair with the help of color. The first time this procedure should be done with the help of an experienced hairdresser who advises you to choose the right tone of paint, as well as its manufacturer. It should be noted that "pale-faced" women, as a rule, have very sensitive skin, which can react with allergic rashes to any aggressive cosmetics and household chemicals.

Most often the natural color of hair in healthy women with pale skin is red. Although there are also blondes (blondes) with blue eyes, which nature has given light and sensitive skin. If the fair sex does not consider it necessary to change her hair color, then they need to brighten up the excess of pallor with the help of make-up and the appropriate color of clothes.

Colors of clothes for pale skin

Very many people with fair skin are faced with the problem of selecting clothes. For example, a light range of colors can blur the facial features of the owners of porcelain leather and make them look like ghosts. Therefore, designers of clothes have developed certain rules, which should be followed, if desired, to create an attractive appearance.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to use dark color in the clothes - dark blue, various shades of blue, emerald.
  2. Bright, pure colors of clothes for owners of pale skin, for example, red, yellow, green, will also look good.
  3. Fans of black clothes should wear bright accessories, for example, red tones.
  4. Do not use clothes of white, beige, orange, cream and terracotta. Such shades will make the light skin visually even paler.
  5. Clothing pastel colors, too, is not suitable for owners of porcelain leather. But if, nevertheless, bright colors are not favorite, then it is necessary to resort to pastel colors of cold shades, for example, to turquoise.

Color of swimsuit for pale skin

The color of the swimsuit for pale skin should emphasize the dignity of its owner, and not vice versa. Therefore, the most preferred are swimsuits of neon colors that enhance the brightness of the sun's rays and make pale skin owners more attractive.

For "pale-faced" women, blue and turquoise swimsuits are most suitable. Everything that resembles the color of the sea wave is ideal for very light skin.

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