Flabby skin on the neck

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Last reviewed: 22.10.2021

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Many forget about the neck, caring only about their face. After all, flabby skin on the neck can be hidden behind a scarf or a high collar of sweaters without problems, but in the summer you will definitely want to wear a sundress or an open dress, but you will not get an unpleasant appearance of it.


Causes of flabby skin on the neck may be different, but the most popular of them can be called:

  1. Age changes in the body. Usually, in women after 35 years, the skin loses its elasticity. In addition, the amount of collagen after the arrival of menopause gradually decreases and this can not help but affect the skin.
  2. Diseases inside the body, disruptions in the work of the endocrine and digestive system. Often negatively on the appearance of the neck affects stomach diseases and malnutrition.
  3. If you spend a lot of time in a room with dry air, it will also negatively affect the condition of your skin.
  4. Flabby skin on the neck often appears in those people who abuse tanning or love to apply creams for autosunburn.
  5. Stress, overstrain, depression, irritation and nervous breakdowns also have a negative effect on the condition of the neck.
  6. A sudden change in weight can lead to stretching of the skin, so it loses its elasticity.
  7. If you do not use cosmetics correctly, it can also affect the condition of the skin of the neck.

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What if my skin is flabby?

If you do not want your flabby skin to appear on your neck, you should stick to several important rules. First of all, adjust yourself to a healthy lifestyle, regularly take care of the skin, maintain its nutritional and water balance, perform some physical exercises, so that the neck always stayed toned.

Probably, many of us notice behind themselves not the best or particularly bad habits. They should be carefully monitored, because they often cause the appearance of the first wrinkles (in 25-30 years). What is not worth doing?

  1. You can not sleep on high pillows or read in a lying position, because this leads to the appearance of horizontal folds.
  2. Try to keep the correct posture constantly: shoulders should be straightened, and the head even.
  3. Proper nutrition plays a very important role. Be sure to include in your daily diet vegetables, fruits, cereals and food, rich in minerals and vitamins.
  4. Try to go in for sports every day.
  5. To flabby skin on the neck did not appear before your time, you should stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  6. It is very important to drink up to 2 liters of water per day (not including different juices, teas, coffee).

How to get rid of sagging skin around your neck?

If you want to get rid of flabby skin on the neck, you need not only use a variety of creams and expensive masks, but also do special physical exercises. But doing such exercises is necessary every day for four to six times, gradually increasing the load. Of course, on the first day you should not strain your body too much, do all exercises calmly and moderately.

  1. Do slow circular turns with your head in a sitting or standing position. After that, tilt the head and hold it in this state for up to 10 seconds.
  2. Tilt your head slowly one way, then the other (four or six times), and then do the same, only more sharply (ten times).
  3. Put the palms on the back of your hand and clasp your fingers. Lower your head forward, and then swing it back sharply. It is important to overcome the resistance of the hands.
  4. Sit straight and tilt your head back. Look at the ceiling and do chewing movements.
  5. Lift your chin up, cover your upper lip with the lower one, and try to smile. In this state, you need to stay up to ten seconds, then repeat.

How to tighten flabby skin on the neck?

If you want to know how to tighten flabby skin around your neck, then you should learn about the various masks and creams that various cosmetics manufacturers are offering today. To properly take care of your skin, you need to carry out a variety of procedures. It must be cleaned, moistened and softened. For this purpose, nourishing masks, special wraps, massages, various compresses are perfect. But it's worth to follow the procedures very carefully. Do not rub the neck skin too much or scratch it. Remember that there is a region of the thyroid gland, so you need to be as accurate as possible.


The most important vitamins that help fight the flabbiness of the skin are vitamin E and vitamin R. This is why correct nutrition plays such an important role here. It is necessary not only to try to add to your daily diet products in which you can find these vitamins, but also try to drink special courses (of course, after consulting a doctor).

Vitamin E can be found in such products: any vegetable oils (sunflower, olive, soybean, peanut), sunflower seeds, nuts, apple seeds, milk, liver, wheat germ, egg yolk (small amount), spinach, sea buckthorn, bran, broccoli , different grains.

Vitamin P can be found in such products: orange, lemon, dog rose, sweet cherry, apricot, grapefruit, lettuce, buckwheat, chokeberry, black currant.

Procedures for flabby neck skin

There are various procedures for flabby neck skin that help to cope with this unpleasant problem and again look young and beautiful. Among the most popular today is worth highlight:

  1. Mesotherapy is also called microcurrent therapy. It is based on carrying out injections in tissues on those sites that differ too much flabbiness. A variety of drugs are used for the procedure, which are prescribed by the doctor for each individual case. Usually it is microelements, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. They help moisturize the skin, activate collagen synthesis, provide a tightening effect. As a result, you get a tight and supple skin.
  2. Contour plastic - during this procedure, subcutaneous and intradermal injections are used. For injections, drugs with absorbable gel and hyaluronic acid are used. Due to this in the dermis, the production of collagen increases, which also restores the balance of water. The skin quickly smoothes and becomes velvety in appearance.
  3. Biorevitalization - this procedure is often used together with contour plasty. It is suitable for thin and over-dried skin. It uses two types of drugs: IAL-system ACP and IAL-system. They are based on hyaluronic acid and are administered alternately. Thanks to biorevitalization, the skin acquires a tight, beautiful and elastic appearance.
  4. RF-therapy - this procedure is often recommended for those who have heavily sagging skin around their neck. It also allows you to remove its flabbiness, improve the appearance. During the procedure, the main effect is on the tissues (dermis and subcutaneous layer) by means of radio wave radiation. Wave impulses act on the skin in such a way that denature the protein compounds in the dermis and stop the stretching of the collagen fibers.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

Physiotherapeutic treatment of flabby skin on the neck includes the following procedures:

  1. DOT-therapy is the full name of the procedure "Dermal Optical Thermolysis". It is also known as fractional photothermolysis. This procedure is considered one of the most promising in cosmetology in the fight against flabbiness of the skin. This process is based on the use of laser beams, which spread to the affected areas of the skin. In these areas there are micro-traumas that trigger the natural processes of skin regeneration.
  2. Photorejuvenation - is based on the effects of light waves from the wide-frequency range. They help stimulate the production of collagen. After the procedure, the skin processes take place that help to replace collagen fibers, remove old cells, improve metabolism inside cells, reduce flabby skin on the neck. The main principle of photorejuvenation is the stimulation of the body's natural systems.
  3. Lifting with threads Aptos is a non-surgical procedure that helps tighten the skin. Also after it you will notice that the skin on the neck has become more elastic, young, less flabby. Thanks to the threads of Aptos, you can not only eliminate flabby skin on your neck, but also get rid of the "second chin". The procedure is based on the introduction of special threads into the skin, after which they are fixed there.

Alternative treatment

Alternative treatment of flabby skin on the neck is often more effective than buying expensive drugs. After all, you make all the preparations yourself from natural and safe products. The most popular for today means against a flabby skin on a neck are:

  1. Make a special lotion for daily use. For him, you need to take a raw egg white and whisk it until the foam forms. Add 1 tablespoon of glycerin, lemon juice, a solution of burnt alum (2%), any cologne and some castor oil. For oily skin, only 1 teaspoon of castor oil is needed. Twice a day, rub the skin around your neck with this lotion. Keep the product in the refrigerator.
  2. A popular lotion for the prevention of sagging skin in the winter is a cucumber and dog rose remedy. These ingredients must be crushed and poured with alcohol or vodka (per 100 grams of mixture - a glass of liquid). This lotion is infused for two or three weeks in a dark place. Use twice a day.
  3. In hot water, dilute a small amount of sea salt. Soak the towel in the resulting broth and put on the skin of the neck for three minutes. Then wipe the neck with a second towel soaked in cold water with lemon juice. Apply a nourishing cream.

Masks for flabby neck skin

  1. Mask of lemon - peel the fruit and cut it into small thin circles. If necessary, remove the bones and mix to make a gruel. Apply on the skin of the neck first a fairly greasy cream, and then a small layer of cotton wool. The lemon mask should be applied to this layer. Hold the mask for 20 minutes, and then rinse with warm water and wipe with a cosmetic disc, first moisten it with water with lemon juice. Apply any nourishing cream.
  2. Mask from a banana - cut the fruit into small rings and rub it into a gruel. Moisten the skin with a cream and apply a mask. Wash off after 20 minutes.
  3. Mask of cucumber - grate the cucumber on the grater, put the resulting gruel onto the skin of the neck. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water and apply any nourishing cream.
  4. Mask of potatoes - cook one potato and make a mashed potatoes. Add the yolk of one egg, a teaspoon of honey, glycerin, vegetable oil (preferably olive oil). Gently put on the skin, cover with nylon. Wrap in an extra towel and leave for 30 minutes.

Herbal Treatment

The most popular alternative remedies based on herbs to improve sagging neck skin are various compresses. To use them you need two towels. The first is soaked in a decoction of herbs, and the second - in cool water. The towel moistened in cooked broth is usually kept on the skin for up to 10 minutes, and then it is replaced with a second for 1-2 minutes. The most popular decoctions for compresses are:

  1. A compress with chamomile and milk will perfectly help if your skin is stretched and lost elasticity. Pour milk a handful of chamomile flowers and bring to a boil. A little more cook, leaving on a small fire. Dampen a fairly dense napkin in the resulting broth and attach to the skin of the neck. Wrap food film and towel. Leave it for 15 minutes. After that, wipe with a clean towel and apply any nourishing cream.
  2. Suitable for decoction are tonic herbs - sage or rosemary. It will help improve the production of collagen and reduce the flabbiness of the skin.
  3. An excellent tool for compresses are hot decoctions based on mint or linden.

Operative treatment

Operative treatment of sagging skin on the neck is carried out with the help of a brach. Here the most effective are such procedures:

  • Altera Systems (Ulthera System) is the use of an ultrasound device that acts on the deepest layers of the structure (dermis and subcutaneous fatty tissue). This system is compared with plastic surgery, but does not require a long recovery. Apparatus Altera Systems uses point ultrasonic pulses, which immediately reach the deep layer of the skin. Because of the heating, elastin and collagen fibers begin to contract, from which the fabric skeleton is formed. This device is the only effective procedure that helps to get rid of the "second chin" completely.

  • Lipofilling - procedure of surgical intervention, which helps to improve the elasticity of the skin around the neck, remove its flabbiness, create a more attractive and youthful appearance. To conduct such an operation, you must first conduct special studies. The patient gives a blood test, a urine, an electrocardiogram. The main feature of this procedure is its complete safety. Usually for transplantation adipose tissue is taken from the abdomen, hips or waist. After that, it undergoes special treatment. In the skin punctures are made in the right places. It is through them that the fat tissue is then introduced. After the operation, bruises remain on the skin for 2-3 weeks, a small puffiness. You will see the result immediately. Sometimes two or three lipofilling procedures are necessary to achieve the maximum result.


To prevent flabby skin on the neck, there are several popular and fairly effective methods and procedures. They help moisturize the skin, increase the production of elastin and collagen, tighten tissues in the affected area. Among them is the following:

  1. Cosmetic procedures for neck care. For them, home masks, lotions, compresses, as well as preparations from well-known manufacturers are used.
  2. Massages.
  3. Various physiotherapy (microcurrent lifting, radio frequency lifting, ultrasonic lifting).
  4. Procedures based on lymph drainage, which help to remove toxins, harmful substances, increase the outflow of lymphatic fluid through the vessels, moisturize the skin and remove puffiness.
  5. Injection techniques - biorevitalization, mesotherapy, thread tightening, bioremediation, botulinum therapy.


If you forget about your bad habits, start eating properly, lead a healthy lifestyle, do specially designed physical exercises, perform preventive maintenance with various physiotherapy procedures, you can easily improve the appearance of the skin on your neck, relieve its flabbiness, enhance the production of natural collagen for a rather short period of time. But it is worth understanding that to maintain the result you will have to continue to do sports, make masks and compresses, massages and other procedures.

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