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Wormwood against cancer

04 April 2016, 09:00

In the United States, a team of scientists has found a new method that can fight cancer cells. The studies were conducted by specialists from the University of California, numerous experiments have shown that such a plant widespread in our country as wormwood can effectively fight the growth of a cancerous tumor. The researchers found that wormwood destroys 98% of cancer cells in less than a day. Based on their conclusions, the scientists suggested that a medicine based on wormwood can effectively cope with cancer cells and suppress tumor growth, while no harmful effects occur on the normal cells of the human body.  

Also, scientists have found that wormwood can be combined with other drugs, for example with iron, as a result of such a complex effect, the therapeutic effect only increases.

The therapeutic effect of wormwood is due to the substance contained in it - artemisinin. Studies have shown that this substance works best with lung cancer, but also on other types of tumors artemisinin acts as well.

American specialists studied one-year old wormwood, which was previously considered medicinal and was used to treat malaria.

The discovery of specialists from the University of California has already become interested in pharmaceutical companies, one of which has already expressed a willingness to produce artemisinin from wormwood.

It is worth noting that if the wormwood is one-year old and in fact has the stated potential, then medicine is on the threshold of a new stage of its development and will be able to defeat cancer, a disease that was sought after throughout the 20th century.

British specialists, who several months ago invented a completely unique method of combating cancer, did not stay aside - thermal "nano-grenades". A group of scientists from Manchester University presented their work at a conference in Liverpool.

The new method is based on the following - to deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to the tumor, under the influence of a certain temperature, the capsules with drugs will explode, and release the drugs that destroy the tumor from the inside.

Specialists have developed special nanocapsules in which microscopic beads with medicine are placed, the only problem was that the nanocapsules began to disintegrate as soon as they entered the human body. But scientists managed to overcome this barrier - the capsules begin to disintegrate only at certain temperatures. One of the researchers Kostas Kostarelos noted that nano-grenades are "programmed" at 42 0 C and have been tested only in the laboratory. The experiments showed a good result and the scientists noted that there are many ways to increase the temperature of cancer cells.

At the conference, scientists presented the results of experiments with rodents, where with the help of the new method cancerous tumors were successfully eliminated, as a result rodents lived longer, in comparison with the control group.

Scientists hope that soon they will be able to continue their research and begin clinical trials.

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