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Sugar will help to identify cancer

08 April 2016, 09:00

New research in the field of cancer have shown that malignant tumors consume more sugar and scientists have suggested that it can be used in the diagnosis of cancer.

According to experts, the replacement of synthetic material for sugar not only helps in the diagnosis, but also have a positive psychological effect on patients.

The studies were conducted at Lund University, located in Sweden. Experts have stated that sugar can replace a contrast agent used during a diagnosis of cancer.

Their conclusions, scientists have made on the basis of experiments carried out with the participation of seven volunteers, of which three had been diagnosed with brain cancer, and the rest were completely healthy.

Studies have shown that tumors absorb a greater amount of sugar, in comparison with normal tissues that surround it.

According to scientists, there are several advantages of using sugar instead of the contrast agent. In the first place, sugar does not adversely impact on the patient's body, moreover, the cost of the sugar substances on the order of less contrast agents with synthetic components. Another advantage of using sugar may be its positive psychological effect that has on cancer patients - scientists believe that sugar-based substances have a calming effect on the patients.

Now sugar substance has only one drawback - this is unacceptable method of diagnosis for patients with diabetes , but the Swedish scientists do not intend to stop there, and they want to continue their studies in this direction. Soon, experts plan to start a new phase of research involving a new group of volunteers.

By the way, scientists believe that one of the rare types of sugar (L-fucose), which is present in fungi, algae, seeds, can help in the treatment of skin cancer ( melanoma ). According to experts, the spread of melanoma can be stopped, if I can change the metabolism of L-fucose.

At the University of California, a group of experts believes that cancer can be diagnosed on the human biological fluids. The method of diagnosing such scientists called liquid biopsy and have developed a special test that 10 minutes just one drop of saliva will help to establish the diagnosis, thus, the test can be carried out independently. According to scientists, the test shows the result with 100% accuracy.

Today, oncologists are using blood test, which is carried out after a biopsy, and shows the genetic profile of cancer. But is not used for some time for the primary diagnosis of cancer blood test. US experts believe that a saliva test can detect tumors at early stages of development, which is extremely important.

Professor David Wong, who led the study, said that in a few months will be organized clinical trials of new testing techniques. Now it is known only that the experiments will involve patients with lung cancer.

The researchers noted that they are interested in not only a test for detection of cancer, it is also important the absence of false positive results.

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