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Herbal preparations can cause cancer

20 May 2016, 11:00

There is an opinion that plant-based medicines are safer for the body than chemical preparations, but American researchers have refuted it. According to them, such drugs are even more harmful to health than chemical, and can provoke serious diseases and mutations in the genes.

The results of their research scientists described in an article that was published in one of the scientific publications. Herbal medicine researchers were declared destructive to human health and the authors of the project called on their colleagues to conduct global studies in this area to determine the level of toxicity of such drugs, as well as their effectiveness.

As an example, scientists led the plant Aristolohia (Kirkazon), a study which showed that it contains a high level of carcinogens (it is worth noting that the Kirkason is used in medicine for several millennia).

Also in their work, scientists noted that about 5% of the population of our planet are genetically predisposed to the toxic effect of substances formed in the body when ingested inside the aristolochia. This interaction leads to different DNA mutations, and healthy cells can degenerate into atypical ones. Admission of an aristolochia can lead to severe disruption of kidney function, inflammatory processes, cancer of the urinary system. In addition, experiments have confirmed the relationship between the intake of plant drugs and liver cancer.

Treatment with herbal preparations is widely practiced in countries of Asia and Africa, it is in these regions that frequent occurrences of negative reactions occur after taking herbal medicines. According to Donald Marcus, professor of medicine and immunology, most of these drugs can cause serious pathologies, however, this does not mean that it is worth completely giving up such drugs. The goal of the authors of the new research project was to draw the attention of WHO representatives to the need for more in-depth studies in this field, to identify possible toxic effects of medicines based on plant components.

In another study, the researchers found that cold medicines could pose a health risk to children, especially for over-the-counter drugs that parents often buy under the influence of advertising.

Such conclusions were made after the survey by more than 3 thousand parents and their children up to 6 years old. Most of the scientists were interested in what drugs were given to children from colds and coughs between 2008 and 2011, and also how often parents gave such medications to their children. The survey helped to identify about 300 names of combination medicines that were most popular among parents. Also, scientists found that more than 15% of children take medications that were not prescribed by the pediatrician, and parents do not even realize that such treatment can endanger the life of the child and continue to rely on advertising, instead of seeking professional help.

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