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15 January 2013, 10:13

Researchers from South Korea proved the most important fact for men all over the world: ginseng, whose medicinal properties have long been used in China, is actually able to cure impotence. Doctors from Seoul University are sure that in the near future pharmacies will be able to forget about the existence of such drugs as "Viagra" and replace them with natural medicines with ginseng extract.

Ginseng is a perennial plant, which is considered to be a tonic and firming remedy. The root of ginseng is recommended for normalizing the work of the nervous system, with mental disorders and stressful situations. In ancient times, the ginseng root was also used as a stimulant for sexual disorders or aphrodisiacs. Using this information, scientists decided to conduct a study and find out: in fact, ginseng can have a beneficial effect on the erectile function of men.

In scientific works that were conducted before, it was stated that preparations based on ginseng well affect the erectile function of the body, but this fact could not be considered up to the end authentic because the experiments were carried out exclusively on animals. The reaction of the human body could only guess or believe in ancient treatises on love, praising ginseng as a saving plant.

This time, for the study, more than a hundred men of about 40 years old were brought in, whom the doctors some time ago put a disappointing diagnosis: a violation of erectile function or sexual dysfunction. It is noteworthy that this time the drugs did not have the proper effect on the patients.

118 men aged 30 to 40 years were divided into two groups: one of the groups took daily medications on the basis of ginseng root, and another - a complex of vitamins disguised as the same drug. Two months later, the doctors checked the results of the sexual performance of the men being examined and were satisfied with the result. Only 8 weeks was needed to ensure that the erectile function of men unable to recover significantly restored. Changes in the sexual life of patients were significant, although not enough to call them completely healthy. Doctors believe that two months is too short a time to expect recovery. The forecasted treatment period is from six months to nine months.

Recently, more and more young men are suffering from sexual insufficiency. The reason for this is unfavorable environmental conditions, constant stress, poor nutrition, alcohol and caffeine consumption. The most popular medicine in case of illness is Viagra and similar preparations and preparations. Plus, these funds are that they are universally available, and the main disadvantage is that they are not effective enough (more than 30% of men who at least once took such a medicine say they did not notice the result). Pharmacists are sure that for drugs based on ginseng root, a great future. Despite the long process of treatment, ginseng will be able to guarantee almost a 100% result.

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