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Facebook becomes less popular among teenagers

19 December 2014, 09:00

Experts have long warned that social networks are dangerous to health. Some experts believe that to overcome dependence on social networks is almost as difficult as alcohol or narcotics.

A group of scientists from the GlobalWebIndex organization conducted a new study, which involved 170,000 users of the social network Facebook from different countries.

About 70% of young people (from 16-19 years old) from the UK and the United States noted that they began spending time on Facebook much less than before. Now more popular with young people are applications that allow instant messaging.

Half of the survey participants admitted that they were tired of Facebook. Now the social network uses more users, but, in general, experts noted that the exchange of messages and photos occurs in the social network by 20% less than a couple of years ago. About 30% of young people have stopped using Facebook for communication, as now mobile applications such as Instagram are more popular.

But, despite the fact that Facebook users have become less active, Messenger social network remains quite popular among teenagers. According to some reports, Messenger Facebook is more popular than WhatsApp (instant messaging application).

By popularity among the application in the first place now is Snapchat, which allows you to share short videos and photos (up to 40% of users in the US, Canada, United Kingdom).

Experts have already stated that Facebook has a negative impact on adolescents. In one of the latest studies it was found that young people under the influence of social networks use many unhealthy products.

Adolescents proved to be extremely susceptible to advertising harmful products, which is placed on the pages of social networks.

Also, experts have proved that Facebook influences self-esteem, for example in young girls who spend a lot of time on the net and look at other people's photos, there are problems associated with the idea of their own attractiveness.

Scientists suggest that the decline in the popularity of Facebook will improve the lives of many adolescents.

Also, in one recent study, the researchers found that there are more shy and withdrawn people in Facebook, but this type of people has little or no information about friends with friends and acquaintances, and they practically do not upload photos to their page and do not add entries to their friends' pages.

Open people are more pleased with the benefits that a social network provides (communication with friends, family, status updates, the ability to share photos or videos). As a result, scientists concluded that sociable by nature people who do not have a lack of communication in real life, more often use Facebook for their intended purpose.

It is worth noting that in another study, it was found that open and outgoing people less often control their partners in social networks and more often share with their friends the details of their personal lives, which can not be said about closed and closed people. Typically, shy and hidden people are more jealous and prone to neurotic states and partner control helps them reduce the anxiety that arises from a serious relationship.

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