Beer helps to lose weight?

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Last reviewed: 20.05.2018

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18 May 2016, 11:15

American researchers have made an interesting discovery, which should please all beer lovers. As experiments have shown, this intoxicating drink helps to improve health and helps to lose weight.

This unusual statement was made by the staff of the research center at the University of Oregon after a series of experiments with laboratory rodents. During observations of mice, which were added to food beer compounds in large quantities, scientists noticed that the weight of rodents began to decrease.

In the course of the work, the experts divided all the experimental animals into two groups, all mice received high-fat foods, but the second group of rodents additionally received beer flavonoid (xanthohumol). After some time, scientists noted that the weight in the second group of experimental animals decreased by 22%, in comparison with the rodents from the first group.

In addition to weight loss, scientists noted another positive point in the "beer diet" - the level of cholesterol in rodents consuming beer, decreased by 80%.

American researchers are sure that a person will have a similar effect from drinking beer, but for this it is necessary to drink more than 1500 liters of beer a day, which is impossible even for the most ardent fans of this intoxicating drink. 

The author of the research project Cristobal Miranda noted that this study demonstrates for the first time such a vast effect on the health of one compound. In nature, xanthohumol is contained in hops, and in an experiment with mice, scientists gave rodents 60 mg of this compound for each kg of animal weight. For humans, this is equivalent to 350 mg per day (at a weight of 70-75 kg), however, this dose from the beer can not be obtained, as for this, as already mentioned, it is necessary to drink more than 1500 liters of beer per day.

In real life, a completely different picture is observed: beer lovers have a so-called "beer tummy", as well as extra pounds, so, according to American scientists, it's better not to abuse a beer drink.

But how many can a day to drink beer said a few months ago, Spanish experts, a unique study which literally turned the notion of beer. The Spanish explored more than 1200 people, among whom were both men and women, age from 50 to 58 years. In the course of the study, scientists tried to find the relationship between the Mediterranean diet and the consumption of intoxicating beverages, and also to establish the possible influence of nutrition on the development of various diseases. The condition of the volunteers was observed by various specialists who recorded the slightest deviations or violations. As a result, it was found that 500-600 ml of beer per day positively affects human health.

According to scientists, it is in this quantity that a drink has a preventive effect on the body - it helps reduce the likelihood of developing such diseases as hypertension, diabetes, and weight control.

No doubt, this study will please more than half the world's male population, but scientists emphasize that a day should drink no more than 600 ml of beer, otherwise there may be health problems.

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