Beautiful women cause impotence in men

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08 January 2013, 15:27

Beautiful girls and women have always enjoyed special success among the representatives of the male: it is logical, because it's nice to just look at them, be near, talk to them. Not so long ago, scientists conducted a study to determine the physical response of the male body to the presence of a beautiful woman within reach. Scientists from southern Spain, a country that is famous for temperamental men, have noticed that the emotional state of members of the stronger sex varies depending on whether an attractive girl is next to him or not.

The experiment consisted in that, in one small room, fifty male representatives aged 18 to 55 years old had to solve a mathematical problem. In one room with men was one objectively beautiful woman who was giving out the assignment. Before the experiment, men were measured the level of cortisol, which is also called the stress hormone. Another measurement was made at the beginning of the experiment, when the woman gave out questionnaires and assignments, and the next - 10 minutes after she left the room.

Comparing the results, the researchers noticed that with the appearance of a beauty in the field of vision, the level of cortisol increased significantly. And it increased so much that, judging by everything, the tested stress was equal in strength to that which occurs during a parachute jump.

Thus, we can trace this chain of interaction: the appearance of a beautiful woman causes the hormone cortisol to flow into the blood, cortisol causes significant stress, and stress, in turn, contributes to the decline of male power, and, more simply, causes impotence.

On the one hand, such hormonal bursts cause an unconscious and subconscious desire to communicate, or at least acquaintance with women who have bright external data. On the other hand, the effect is very unfavorable: the leaps of cortisol in the blood and its overabundance adversely affects the metabolism in the body, the level of sugar in the blood. In this regard, too emotional men have a chance to earn hypertension or even impotence only by communicating with women who are more beautiful than others.

Let's see: why beautiful women who please the eye and seemingly should have a beneficial effect on the male body, in fact, can destroy it, or rather, cause impotence? The main cause of male impotence is a psychological problem, which is caused, mainly, by a stressful situation. Contrary to the opinions of many, for the body, a stressful situation can be associated not only with unpleasant events: the release of adrenaline into the blood when practicing extreme sports certainly causes a pleasant sensation, but for the body this is stress. A similar mechanism is observed when a beautiful woman appears on the horizon: a man has a desire to get acquainted and talk to her, there is excitement, a large dose of cortisol is immediately released into the blood, which is responsible for stress in the body. So it turns out that the more beautiful girls a man meets, the more dangerous is the situation with his health.

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