After 15 years, people completely lose interest in sex

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09 March 2017, 09:00

In the UK, scientists conducted an experiment that allowed them to draw an important conclusion: in 15-20 years, sex will simply disappear from people's lives.

Specialists representing the University of Cambridge, investigated the lifestyle of a large number of young people and married couples. As a result, it became clear that loving men and women are less likely to have sexual intercourse. Sex in the life of modern man is successfully replaced by watching TV shows, serials, computer games and social networking. Young people in many cases go to bed in the same bed, but they do not have sexual desire.

If you compare the statistics on sexual relations, which was conducted 30 years ago, it becomes clear that during this time people began to divert sexually into 2 times less time. Previously, the average love couples in the UK had sex, at least 5 times a month. To date, this indicator has fallen to 2-3 times.

If this trend persists, people will simply stop giving time to sex in general, which will invariably provoke the predominance of the death rate over birth rate.

A similar study was previously conducted by Australian scientists. It is interesting that they also came to such a disappointing result. Specialists-sociologists associate such trends with an accelerating pace of life, with "workaholism," with chronic fatigue syndrome, and with rapidly changing priorities of today's youth. It's no secret that a large percentage of people in our time already suffer from the so-called "Internet addiction". Sometimes such dependent people still have families. But, returning home from work, they, first of all, sit down at the computer. Browsing e-mail, social networking, computer games and just Internet surfing prevent you from concentrating on close people, including your second half.

It is interesting that almost all men interviewed by the specialists assured that they do not experience any dissatisfaction from the lack of sexual life, compensating for the lack of physical proximity with network games or virtual communication more than compensated. Women, in turn, often prefer sex watching favorite and endless series, as well as TV shows.

Scientists give a disappointing prognosis: maybe in 20-30 years, married couples to conceive a child will simply bring sperm and other biomaterials to the Reproductive Centers. The mother's biomaterial will be used for the cultivation of stem cells, which, accordingly, will serve as a building material for the production of ova. They will be artificially fertilized, and as a result, a couple can have a healthy child without resorting to direct sexual contact.

Of course, I really want to think that such forecasts of scientists are just a figment of their imagination. However, the share of reason in this all the same there. Therefore, before it's too late, it is better to draw certain conclusions: after all, to correct the situation, humanity still has time and opportunities.

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