To sleep together or separately?

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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After some time of cohabitation, the couple begin to feel a certain coolness in the relationship. Creating a form that marriage does not exist, you can slightly warm your feelings. A dream on different beds in some cases can even save a married couple.

Almost every fourth pair sleeps separately. American experts in the field of sleep came to such conclusions. Given the fact that the studies took into account only cases when one partner is uncomfortable sleeping next to the other (snoring, talking in a dream, restless sleep), and people sleeping in different rooms because of different life circumstances (work schedule, coolness or heat in a room, etc.), were not taken into account, then we can conclude that the real number of such cases is much higher.

To sleep apart is to promote a strong marriage. So showed a survey, which was conducted in one of the popular American newspapers. They asked doctors, priests, ordinary spouses. The reason for this - the need for the human body in 7-9 hours of healthy and restful sleep. A dream next to another person decreases by approximately one hour. So, having set aside for sleep 8 hours, in the morning we feel sleepy and irritated, precisely because we managed to sleep only seven. Hence quarrels, bad mood, nervous behavior.

Romanticism is another reason why couples choose different beds. During the whole working week they sleep separately, and at the weekend they get tired of a joint dinner, smoothly passing into a shared bed. Removing aggravates desire, and many believe that such sex is much more emotional. But if such an option does not suit one of the spouses, then it is better to abandon experiments of this kind.

The church ministers with whom they managed to speak on this subject to the correspondents of the newspaper do not consider such cases as reprehensible. In their opinion, the main thing is to preserve spiritual unity in the family, and sexual relations are an integral part of procreation.

And yet there is a danger from spent nights under different blankets. It is in the psychological distance from each other. Once in a bed, the couple can feel close to a stranger, experience some discomfort, unusual novelty.

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