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Pure gestagene injection contraceptives


Mechanism of action:

  • suppression of ovulation;
  • condensation of cervical mucus, which prevents the penetration of spermatozoa into the uterine cavity;
  • change in the structure of the endometrium, which makes implantation difficult;
  • reduction of contractile activity of the fallopian tubes.

Advantages and disadvantages of injection contraceptives



  • Do not contain estrogen
  • High efficiency, IP <0.3
  • Fast effect (<24 hours)
  • Lack of communication with sexual intercourse
  • Do not affect breastfeeding
  • Long term (3 months after each injection)
  • Do not need daily control of the reception


  • May reduce menstrual bleeding
  • Can reduce menstrual pain
  • May reduce the severity of anemia
  • Prophylaxis of endometrial cancer
  • Reduce the risk of developing benign breast tumors
  • Provide some protection against pelvic inflammatory disease


  • Causes changes in the nature of menstrual discharge in almost all women (irregular spotting spotting during the first year of the method, followed by amenorrhea in 75% of cases)
  • There is some weight gain (up to 2 kg) for the first year of use
  • The method depends on the user (it is necessary to come to the injection)
  • Delayed (up to 18 months) fertility restoration
  • The need for continuous availability of the drug
  • Impossibility to interrupt the action of the drug after the injection in case of complications
  • Do not protect against STDs, including hepatitis and HIV infection

Rules for the use of injection contraceptives. The first injection of the drug is carried out from the 1st to the 7th day of the menstrual cycle. The drug can be administered on any other day of the menstrual cycle with the confidence that the woman is not pregnant (negative test and history data). Subsequent injections of the depot-provera are repeated every 3 months.

The injection is performed intramuscularly.

Symptoms of possible complications with the use of injection contraceptives

  • Pain in the lower abdomen (may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy)
  • Abundant or prolonged (> 8 days) bleeding from the genital tract
  • Severe headaches or blurred vision
  • Infection or bleeding at the injection site

Parenteral preparations

  • Injections (Depo-Provera).
  • Transdermal contraceptive system EURA.
  • Intrauterine hormonal system (Mirena).
  • Vaginal ring «NovaRing».

Injectable preparations (depot preparations)

Depo-Provera (150 mg of medroxyprogesterone acetate).

Advantages of injectable contraceptives:

  • long-term action;
  • Ease of use;
  • high reliability (no errors in use).

Disadvantages of injectable contraceptives:

  • postponement of fertility recovery;
  • the inability to stop contraceptive protection at any time desired by the patient;
  • the need for regular visits to the clinic for repeated injections.

In general, the use of these drugs is limited due to the listed deficiencies and the presence of side effects.

If any of the above symptoms occur, an urgent medical consultation is required!

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