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Stroke can be diagnosed in half a minute

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 05.10.2018
25 July 2018, 09:00

The American designers have created a unique diagnostic device that looks like a visor: this simple device has the ability to determine the presence of a stroke in half a minute. The accuracy of diagnosis is estimated by specialists in 92%.
Physicians have already noticed significant differences in the functionality of the new device, compared with the usual diagnostic techniques. Earlier the accuracy of the established diagnosis was approximately 40-89%.

Stroke is a critical condition, which in many cases leads to the death of patients. It is very important to determine the presence of such a violation in time to start treatment - the sooner, the better.
The first clinical testing of the device was carried out with the participation of 248 participants: 41 of them already suffered acute cerebrovascular accident, 128 patients had some signs of a stroke at the time of diagnosis, and 79 participants did not suffer from any similar pathologies and were completely healthy. In the course of the experiment, the following results were obtained: with the help of the instrument, 93% of the patients managed to detect a stroke, and healthy participants were detected in 92% of cases.
Specialists explained: a unique device uses radio waves to monitor the movement of fluid in the brain. If there is a fact of a stroke, then the device determines the violation of vascular patency. The more significant such a violation, the more serious can be the damage to tissues.
To diagnose a stroke as early as possible - this task has been facing doctors for a long time. If the pathological condition is detected within 24 hours after the violation, the patient can undergo an operation that significantly improves the further prognosis for the patient's health. However, every 60 minutes from the time of stroke reduce the possibility of a positive outcome by about 20%. The researchers knew about this problem and set a task: to provide medical personnel with an apparatus that could detect cerebral circulatory disturbance as soon as possible and sooner.
As scientists speculate, a unique "visor" will be able to transform the mechanism of distribution of patients admitted to clinical departments. After all, in the case of a diagnosed stroke, doctors will be able to immediately send the patient to the necessary medical procedures, bypassing the long diagnostic confirmation phase.
"Transportation from the department to the department, or from the clinic to the clinic takes a lot of precious time," notes one of the authors of the development, Raymond Turner, "if the doctor receives the final diagnosis immediately, he can easily proceed to the treatment process, which will certainly save a lot lives ".
The first tests of the "visor" diagnostic device are described in the pages of the Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery.

Also you can find detailed information on the website about scientific discoveries www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2018-03/muos-pdd032618.php

It is important to know!

Stroke is an acute disorder of the cerebral circulation, which is characterized by sudden (within minutes, less often - hours) appearance of focal neurologic symptoms (motor, speech, sensory, coordinative, visual and other disorders) and / or cerebral infringements (impaired consciousness, headache, vomiting etc.), which persist for longer than 24 hours or lead to the death of the patient in a shorter period of time as a result of the cause of cerebrovascular origin.

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