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Salvation for patients with arthrosis: only one shot can restore the affected joint

17 May 2017, 09:00

Arthritis or arthrosis is a very painful and common defeat of the joints. Pathology can develop for many reasons: some people have congenital dysplasia, and others - the result of excessive physical overload. But in any case, the disease gradually leads to the loss of the full functionality of the joint.

To date, arthrosis is considered almost incurable. Even a rich complex treatment does not always make it possible to achieve persistent relief: often patients are decided on the procedure of endoprosthetics.

According to statistics, in the world more than 10% of people aged 60 years suffer from one degree or another of arthrosis.

American specialists have developed an innovative drug whose single administration can save the joint from the used cells and start the process of cartilage restoration, which will stop the further development of the disease.

The study of scientists began with imitation of joint trauma in experimental rodents. After the initial development of degeneration of the joint tissues, the mice were injected with an experimental preparation that received the UBX0101 encoding, its task was to selectively destroy the sensor cells that accumulate in the tissues with age.

The result of the experiment literally stunned the researchers. Already after a single administration, the population of cells of senescent cells decreased by half. In addition, the activity of genes responsible for restorative reactions in the cartilage has significantly increased, which significantly accelerated the process of convalescence.

After the first stage of the experiment, the second one followed: now the scientists introduced the drug to elderly rodents suffering from severe arthrosis with thinning and weakening of the cartilage. After injection, there was a significant improvement in the state of mice, which became noticeably more mobile and calmer. With the help of diagnostics, it was possible to confirm the increased activity of tissue repair in the joint.

Then the specialists began to test the new drug on the person. It was confirmed that UBX0101 positively affects the tissues even at the stage of advanced arthritis. The authors of the study argue that the formation of a new healthy cartilage began on the fourth day after the administration of the drug to patients with severe degree of arthrosis.

However, one problem for scientists still remained unresolved: the drug only acts for a short time, since it does not possess the property of accumulating in the joint. At the moment, Unity Biotechnology has started to develop specific molecular carriers, which should prolong the action of the innovative tool.

"We need to do everything possible so that doctors can conduct only one single injection to fully restore the joint. This will allow to abandon the ineffective and long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, from all kinds of punctures, joint flushing, and other procedures. Our task is to stop the development of arthrosis forever, "the study authors state.

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