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Hypodinamy is the main cause of arthrosis

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 31.05.2018
24 May 2017, 09:00

Scientists advise that in order to prevent the development of articular arthrosis, it is necessary to eat fully and regularly give joints a moderate physical load.

The slowing down of metabolic processes, which is typical for a sedentary lifestyle, gives rise to a genetic change in cartilage cells, and, as a consequence, to the destruction of cartilage. If a person can control the metabolic processes with arthrosis, then he will be able to slow down or even stop the further development of a dangerous disease. This conclusion was made by scientists from the English University of Surrey. They published their work in the publication Nature Reviews Rheumatology.

It is worth noting that arthrosis is an urgent problem for English scientists. In the UK, almost nine million patients with various arthrosis and osteoarthritis are registered , mostly women after 40 years of age.

For the normal function of cartilage, a qualitative metabolism is very important. If certain unfavorable conditions are created in the body, then the cartilaginous tissue passes into the "emergency" mode of operation - that is, its function is radically broken.

Such a process may be accompanied by an accumulation of inflammatory mediators and metabolic products in the tissues of the cartilage. Over time, catabolic reactions become more active and stimulate the onset of destructive processes in the cartilage.

Over the past decade, many studies have been carried out on this issue. Scientists from various parts of the world have repeatedly argued that disturbed metabolic processes are a trigger mechanism in the development and aggravation of arthrosis.

Hypodinamy, or a sedentary lifestyle - the scourge of our time - sooner or later leads to a disruption in the properties of cartilaginous cells to take energy from carbohydrates. Thus, chondrocytes have to look for other sources for energy feeding. As a consequence, an overabundance of unprocessed glucose, which goes into lactic acid. This is only one of the processes leading to the destruction of cartilage. According to scientists, there are many such mechanisms.

"Over the years, physicians have considered arthrosis a disease associated with" worn out "cartilage and joints. Such a pathology was considered normal for people of the age, and especially for the elderly. However, our studies have shown that this is far from the case: we underestimated the influence of nutrition and physical activity on metabolic processes. But these factors directly affect the state of each structure in the body. They can serve as a preventive measure, or lead to serious illnesses, "says Ali Mobasheri, a physiology physician of the musculoskeletal system, representing the University of Surrey.

Experts argue that their next experiments will be aimed at finding effective methods that will allow a person to control and prevent painful changes in metabolic processes. It is likely that this will be the newest approach for the prevention and therapy of arthrosis and osteoarthritis.

It is important to know!

Everyone will agree that a wide range of diseases affecting the human body are to some extent related to the food that people eat, the very image, the consumption regime is also important. Therefore, not the last value in the treatment or maintenance in the process of remission has a diet for joint arthrosis, which is aimed at establishing more efficient metabolic processes. Read more..

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